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 Kathleen in Jersey

Kathleen and her colleagues can help you look at possibilities and turn them

into probabilities that will

enrich and enhance your professional and personal life.

Would you like to obtain knowledge and clarity? Take the step to where you are no longer just surviving but THRIVING!

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"The Way of the Horse"

"The Way of the Horse,"
a Horse Spirit Connections interview with Kathleen Ingram

Program for Returning Vets
Kathleen is Co-Creator, 

Mental Health and PTSD consultant for IFEAL's "Dare to Live" programme.

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"From the moment I met Kathleen I could feel that there was something special about her, something many of us don't get to experience often enough in our personal or professional lives. Kathleen's wisdom, experience, and dedication to this field radiate acceptance and a genuine willingness to share her knowledge. Her philosophy of "holding the sacred space of possibility"  and encouragement to challenge your learning edge creates an environment for personal and professional growth that is open, warm, and most of all inspiring! It was truly an honor and a blessing for me to have her as my EFL facilitator trainer and to have experienced her gift of mentorship."     ~ Drea Bergquist Bowen, Silverdale, Washington



I am happy to announce that I received my official designation as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education (www.cce-global.org). 


I feel that the last 10 years of working as a mentor and coach have enhanced my life, and the lives of my clients.  Coaching and mentoring allow me to work in collaboration with my clients in a way that is enriching to all of our lives.  Naturally I continue to draw on my years of experience as a psychotherapist when needed.  I also have a wide national and international network of mental health professionals to which I refer clients when appropriate. 


My gratitude extends to Lisa Murrell and Susan Casteneda for their efforts in obtaining international accreditation for their Equine Assisted Coach Training program (www.EquineAlchemy.com) through the International Federation of Coaching Professionals (www.CoachFederation.org).


As Spring fills the air, I am off to Europe for a workshop on The Zone of Intuitive Knowing with Sun Tui in the UK (www.IFEAL.me) and a series of workshops on the Epona Approach with Eva Balzer in Germany (www.Zentaura.de). Towards the end of April I will be in Toronto for FEEL Certification program at Horse Spirit Connections (www.HorseSpiritConnections.com).  June will find me in New Mexico with Lisa Murrell, Susan Casteneda, and the Ranch DuBois herd for a Master's course in Team Coaching and Group Process (www.EquineAlchemy.com).


In this newsletter I have also shared the story of Licensed Acupuncturist, Christy Allen.  Christy is a dear friend and colleague, who I believe is the best practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine.  Her skill and gentle touch have been a part of my healing for the past 15 years, especially recently with my ankle surgery and full knee replacement.  


I credit Christy and my other healing colleagues to my full recovery from both surgeries.  I asked Christy to give me a short description of her work and was surprised and pleased to see the integration of her early years with horses.  Christy is  another great example of our co-therapists, the horses, and their wide range as teachers and healers.


Kathleen in England

Many Blessings,
United Kingdom Workshops
March/ April 2013

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing, an Intensive with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui, March 19-21, 2012

Exploring the Scientific, Psychological and Spiritual Dimesions of Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy  

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Connecting the Pieces,  April 2-5, 2012/ UK or Cypress

Private Sessions with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui     

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Dusseldorf, Germany Workshops

April 2012

The Power of Horses: An Introduction to the Epona Approach ™ with Kathleen Ingram, April 12, 2012

A full day of learning, horse experience, and the basics behind the Epona Approach ™.  

More information... 


Connecting with the Heart - Yours and the Horse's, April 14 - 15, 2012

A 2 day workshop advanced workshop for those already familiar with the Epona Approach™.  
FEEL Certification Program
April 26-29, 2012
Toronto, Canada

In April, I will once again be joining with Horse Spirit Connections and the students in Toronto, Canada.  I teach what I call the "foundational pieces" from psychotherapy, science, and spirituality in this exciting and thorough program.  Below is a short description of the program.  To find out more about the program and to register contact Wendy@HorseSpiritConnections.com 


Horse Spirit Connections founded the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Certification Program in 2008.  FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential.  Participants learn to create a horse-centered, experiential learning environment that supports personal growth.  Throughout the training, prospective FEEL facilitators gain self-knowledge and acquire skills and experience to develop their own FEEL programs where horses are valued for their roles as teachers and therapists.


This comprehensive training program is suitable for coaches, educators, facilitators, equine professionals, wellness practitioners, and other individuals who are looking for practical training and experience in developing Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning programs in the expanding field of Equine guided healing.


The FEEL Certification Program is six months in duration.  It consists of sixteen days of on-site instruction spread over three sessions. Many dynamic teachers, with an incredible array of knowledge, are present to support the journey.


During the six months, there will be individual and group assignments integral to a deeper understanding and first hand experience of this new modality. In between program sessions the participants are required to practice and complete assigned horse related activities and log their experiences.  A program mentor is assigned to each participant for the duration of their training.

The Art, The Heart, & The Science of Deep Listening through Team Coaching and Group Process:
A Master's Course
June 5-7, 2012
Corrales, NM

A 3 day Intensive training in Group Process and Dynamics in Corrales, New Mexico with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Lisa Murrell, Susan Castaneda, and the Ranch DuBois herd.


group process Lisa and Kathleen, leaders in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning, Team Coaching, Coaching and Psychotherapy, will use their expertise, combined 30+ years of experience, and the latest scientific research to teach and encourage participants in the effective use of team coaching and group process. 


As a therapist, counselor, coach or personal growth teacher you understand the "double edge" power of human groups.  Groups can create a transformative container for growth and self-discovery, but when groups go wrong they can destroy trust and leave participants more defensive than before. This is even more true for groups organized around EFL/EFC experiences, where the horses create moments of great transformative potential.  Masterful group facilitation is critical to successful and safe Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching. 


This dynamic and intimate intensive will help you learn to masterfully facilitate the challenge of fully engaging both individuals and the group.  Through dynamic teaching and learning techniques you will discover powerful ways to get out of the 'story' and into the heart of the matter.  These tools will enable you to use the energy of the "difficult" client as a tool for monitoring the emotional safety of each group member. 


jan 2012 new mexicoThis training is for counselors, therapists, coaches, health care practitioners, and anyone currently teaching and facilitating Equine Facilitated Coaching/Learning and psychotherapy in groups.  Whether you work with adults or youth, closed or open groups, or whether your scope of practice includes Psychotherapy/Learning or Coaching-this training will give you valuable information and increase your confidence and skills in facilitating group process and understanding group dynamics.


Cost: Early Bird Price $797 (Before March 30, 2012)

Price after March 30: $1297


To register: www.EquineAlchemy.com

Questions? Contact Lisa :Lisa@EquineAlchemy.com


Fast Action Bonuses (Act before March 30, 2012):

*The first 2 participants to register will receive a private coaching session with Lisa or Kathleen!

*The first 4 participants to register can bring a friend for 25% off!


***International Coaching Federation CCEU's available

***CEU's available

Healing Intuition Learned from Horses

Christy Allen: Acupuncturist and Chinese Medical Practitioner

Christy Allen, Lic. Ac.
Christy is a friend and colleague who I believe is the best practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine. Her skill and gentle touch have been a part of my 
healing for the past 15 years.  I credit Christy and other healing colleagues to my full recovery from my recent ankle surgery and full knee replacement.  
I have asked Christy to share a description of her work -  Christy is a fine example of our co-therapists, the horses, and their wide range as teachers and healers. 
One of the most frequent questions I've been asked over the 17 years I've practiced Chinese Medicine is: "How did you develop the exquisite energetic skills you have, to perceive and treat the human energy field?" Over time, I've realized that horses played a major role in my earliest development! By age 5, I was riding in Western-style horse shows; and between the ages of 7 and 16, horses were my constant companions. Through them, I learned how to "listen" to nonverbal communication, to sense their moods and anticipate their desires. During hours of grooming, I learned the art of palpation - and I loved to drape my body over a bareback horse, and imagine that I could merge with its horse nature... and see the world through its eyes. I also learned to watch horses move, and observe subtle changes that suggested an injury or strain might have occurred. Decades later, I would find the same skills applicable to my work with humans.


There are many different traditions and approaches in Oriental Medicine - in this respect, it is similar to the martial arts: innumerable styles and forms, all combinations of technique and artistry. As the medicine of ancient China spread across the globe, its comprehensive approach to understanding not only the mechanisms of disease, but also ways to prevent illness and enhance strength and endurance became legendary. But less well-known in the West is what I like to call the Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine - the vital role of the spirit; the knowing of the Heart; and the roadmap to illumination that dots the human form in what we now call "acu-points." These points have ancient names (pictograms, actually) -- like "Encircling Glory," "Spiritual Soul Gate," "Palace of Weariness," and "Inner Frontier Gate" - and describe states of being that can be woven into a unique treatment that touches Body, Mind and Spirit, equally.


In my role as Practitioner, I seek to generate vitality and clear perception in all of my clients - for even as they work on the mundane issues of the body, patients can simultaneously benefit from the transformational capacities of this Classical approach I practice. Healing dreams often appear, populated by symbols that relate to the 5 Elements and/or the "spirits" of the acu-points. Patients also speak about a sense of personal "authenticity" they feel re-awakening, as their Qi (vital energy) becomes stronger and more balanced. Moods and cognition typically improve; chronic health problems can be resolved; and the higher virtues of existence become actualized.


If you seek to complement the work you are doing with horses by working on your own inner journey - and feel I can help in any way -- please don't hesitate to call on me! Many blessings!!


Christy Allen, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.(NCCAOM) - Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


EnerQi Health, Tucson, AZ