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April 2010
Vol. 2
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"I hope as I go through life
I touch in some way those I meet
I may not know them long
I may not know them well
But if I can leave
A small part of myself with them
I hope to leave them love
For love is the best of oneself
And to love someone is to touch them most of all."
Patricia Barry Turriff

This poem was written by my sister Pat, and her words describe beautifully what I would like to convey to all of the horses and people who have touched me and taught me so much on my journey. I received incredible support and updates from family, friends, colleagues, clients, and students when my first newsletter went out. Thank you all so much!

When we were preparing the materials for the first Epona Apprenticeship class to begin in January of 2003, I was challenged with the task of designing a curriculum which would include basic psychological principles and concepts as they relate to Equine Facilitated Learning. Much of the material I utilized then I still incorporate when I teach what I call the psychospiritual foundations of EFL. I believe this foundational piece is necessary for a complete understanding of what happens when we engage with horses in this aspect of advanced human development. In the programs where I am adjunct faculty, Horse Spirit Connections, Equine Alchemy, and Authentic Horse Human Organization, as well as the HEAL program, which I co-facilitate with Leigh Shambo, I have the opportunity to integrate these concepts and principles with the students and my colleagues. Over the years I have found that the best facilitators are the individuals who are willing to be in what the Buddhists call "Beginner's Mind." The silence and pause in an exchange with another human or species gives the space for deep listening. How often have you missed the feeling and the tone with a loved one or a colleague by only paying attention to the words? I have found that listening deeply to the horses' needs and input allows for inspiration and guidance from the heart and souls of these magnificent teachers. The horses are helping us find the still point. From this place we can shift into a fully embodied presence and allow new learning to emerge for lasting change.

I have been involved in so many life changing experiences in just the past few months that it is difficult to highlight just one. However, the following short description may give you an idea of the quality and professionalism I see in individuals studying with my colleagues and myself to become adept facilitators of this work:
A simple exercise to do with horses is to give the client the opportunity to groom a horse with some safety guidelines and see what the horse and client do from there. A woman, a leader in her company and chosen field, worked with a horse who exhibited a background of trauma. As we were observing the interaction I was struck with a few things: she knew intuitively how to pace herself, when to back off gently, when to allow a breath between a touch, and how to establish a container of safety and trust. What I was most impressed with was the respect and natural ease and grace she showed in this simple exchange. If she could do this with a horse she did not know, and take what she has learned as a corporate executive to this work, I know that the expanding field of EFL is in good hands. Seeing her reflection in that beautiful horse's eye and the healing between them in that present moment affirmed the "rightness" of this work. It reinforced my dedication to all of the horses and people who come to learn from us.  

This issue will highlight some of the events and workshops I will be part of this spring and summer in the UK, Germany, and the United States. I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and we would appreciate any comments, questions or stories of inspiration you would like to share.  

May your life be filled with love and many blessings,
In This Issue
Sacred Space: The Zone of Intuitive Knowing, May 2010 - UK
Trauma Information Workshops, June 2010 - UK
The Power of Horses, June 2010 - Germany
Kathleen on Travels & EFL Training Programs
Energy-Grace, July 2010 - WA
Transitions: Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs, August 2010 - CO
Forrest Gump Is My Role Model
Sacred Space: The Zone of Intuitive Knowing
Exploring the Scientific, Psychological, and Spiritual Dimensions of EFL and Psychotherapy
May 22-25, 2010 - East Sussex, England
Suntui and Lozen
This is a non-riding workshop wherein participants engage with the horses in experiential exercises in order to rediscover their innate knowing selves and find that part of the self that resides in the "brain in the gut" and the "brain in the heart."

Through these exercises the horses will help you engage and connect with your powerful organs of perception and reveal the sacred space deep inside yourself: the zone of intuitive knowing. Living with such knowing and self-awareness will beautifully spill into all aspects of your daily life as you engage and interact with confidence and authenticity. This engagement is hosted by my dear friend and colleague Sun Tui pictured above with Lozen. Learn more

This workshop can be used as a qualifying workshop for approved EAP/FEAL Qualification Training. It is suitable for business and life coaches, counselors, psychotherapists, healing therapists of any discipline, teachers, business managers, trainers and consultants, all horse professionals, or ANYONE interested in human growth and development.
Trauma Information Workshops
June 1 and June 14, 2010 - United Kingdom
Private Consultations with Kathleen May 26-28; June 3, 2010

hand on horse
TUESDAY, JUNE 1: This informal open day is offered as a fact finding and information sharing opportunity in order to gather data to help develop relevant programs for all those suffering with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and also for those interested in learning how to come to terms with any kind of trauma.

MONDAY, JUNE 14: This informal open day is offered as a fact finding and information sharing opportunity in order to gather data to help develop relevant programs for successful returns, reunions, and reintegration of all military personnel and their families both post- and pre-deployment. Please contact Sun Tui to register for either discussion.

MAY 26-28 and JUNE 3, 2010 in the UK
CURRENTLY SCHEDULING - Please contact Sun Tui.

The Power of Horses
June 18-20, 2010 - Dusseldorf, Germany
Eva & Jola
Eva Balzer, the host of this workshop, completed the HEAL Facilitator Training Program with Leigh Shambo and myself in October 2009.

I am happy to reunite with Eva once again to share for the first time with a German audience, the latest psychological and scientific research that substantiates the experiential findings of equine facilitated learning and the growth and healing that occurs as a result. Learn more and contact Eva directly to register.
Travels & EFL Training Programs
Kathleen and Gem
Since I last wrote I have been traveling and teaching in Canada and the United States. Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux and their amazing herd at Horse Spirit Connections outside of Toronto, Canada, included me as adjunct faculty in their FEEL training program where I taught two wonderful groups. I even participated in my first sweat lodge presided over by their mentor and friend, Gael Carter, author of Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World. From there I traveled down to North Carolina to meet with ten other EFL facilitators for support, guidance, and fun at Karen Head's magical retreat Equinection. I came home for a few days to make sure my dog Grace was okay and to get some rest, and then I was off again to work with Lisa Murrell in Florida and her herd and some amazing women who attended the Master Mind course. I just returned from another trip to Lisa's (equinealchemy.com), where I am adjunct faculty for her EFL coach training program. In May I will teach with Sun Tui and Barbara Murray in their training program in the UK as the students from 2009-10 graduate. I will join them again in the fall for the beginning of another training program (authentichorsehuman.org).
I co-facilitate The HEAL training program with my friend and colleague Leigh Shambo and our newest addition, David Young, our researcher and scientific advisor. When we work and learn together, we have the opportunity to incorporate the latest psychological and scientific research on the brain and the healing power of relationship. Our third class of students will begin their journey in May at HEAL in Chehalis, Washington.
See www.humanequinealliance.org.

I encourage you to visit the links provided if you want more information about these programs and their unique contributions to the field of EFL.

Energy & Grace: Human & Horse (6th Year!)
July 23-25, 2010 - Chehalis, WA
Kathleen David Leigh
With Leigh Shambo, MSW, LMHC and
Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA

This popular (non-riding) workshop goes in depth on the energetic aspects of relationship building with horses and ourselves. Learn energetic awareness and practical energy management. You will learn about horse and human energy fields and boundaries, how to protect and clear yourself energetically, and how to communicate with horses and people from this nonverbal place. We will incorporate the ancient practice of Qi Gong and lots of horse play!

Click HERE for more information and to register.

CE credits for counselors and therapists through NASW-WA and CA-BBS

Transitions: Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs
August 14-15, 2010 - Parker, CO
Donna and Ka Ching
This summer will mark Kathleen's return to the Denver area for the first time since graduating from the University of Colorado. She will join Donna Martino in beautiful Parker, Colorado, for this mind-opening event.

Among many things, Donna is a graduate of the EFL Facilitator Training program. Attend this workshop and let Kathleen, Donna, and the horses help you remove obstacles standing in the way of YOUR best life.

Donna breeds and sells fine Arabian horses. Click on the picture and treat yourself to stunning video of beautiful Arabian horses at Donna Martino LLC. A better future begins with a single thought.

Please contact Donna directly to register for this valuable event.

"Where in this world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity?
Here, where grace is served with muscle
And strength by gentleness confined.
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.
There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.
There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient."
--Ronald Duncan, The Horse, 1954
Visit my CALENDAR for summer and fall workshops and please contact me with any questions, comments, and suggestions. We love hearing from you!

Until next time, many blessings,
Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA
Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA
Kathleen in Jersey
and her colleagues
can help you look at possibilities and turn them into probabilities that will enrich and enhance your
professional and
personal life.

 Would you like to obtain knowledge and clarity? Take the step to where you are no longer just surviving but THRIVING!

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Horse Spirit Connections-Toronto, Canada
Miss an issue? See the Archives for valuable and insightful data about this exciting field of EFL. And find information about dynamic programs and workshops such as the following three which are scheduled for 2010 all in the United States:
Collaborative Partnership
October 24-29, 2010 Antioch, IL
Collaborative Partnership
We've designed this program
to promote collaboration
and understanding for the partners of EFL instructors
  meaning partners in business, love, or any other significant relationship or capacity in life.

The horses, along with your working partner, will help you develop and expand upon mutual respect, trust, intimacy, and unity  to
build a successful and satisfying collaborative partnership. Full Details

Group Dynamics & Process
The Art, the Heart, and the Science of Deep Listenng
October 3-7, 2010 Chehalis, WA

Kathleen.Ruth in Jersey
This program promises to give you valuable information and increase your confidence and skills in facilitating the group process and understanding group dynamics. Kathleen and Leigh Shambo will provide solid, proven information and techniques for groups of all kinds. Full Details

HEAL Facilitator Training Program in EFL
2010 Program full
2011 Dates TBA

Chehalis, WA

This exciting program is designed for post graduate level professionals and provides qualified individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate the horse as a co-facilitator in their current practices. All classes for 2010 are full, but 2011 dates will be announced soon! Learn more

Forrest Gump Is
My Role Model
Forrest Gump
It's early on Easter morning, April 4, 2010, and I woke up thinking about life and all of the challenges we are facing with the global economic crisis, environmental changes, poverty, war, competition for limited resources, and just, well, all of it! I am used to asking for answers to these kinds of unanswerable questions by paying attention to what floats through my mind in the early hours before my rational mind takes over. What a surprise to see an image of Forrest Gump running in the desert. It came to me then that I want to be more like Forrest and remember what life was like in the innocence of youth before my ego and my rational mind hijacked my spirit and my soul. Read more
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