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Christmas 2010
Advent & Christmas 2010
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Away in a Manger...  Pageant Sunday at Grace
Sunday, December 19, 9:30 am
Christmas Pageant Sunday is always a special one in our life together at Grace. This year Pageant Sunday takes place during the 9:30 am worship service on December 19. Our Kids Sing group will provide music and be the kings. The little ones are ready to be angels and shepherds, to sing, and to share with us the good news of great joy. Please come to watch, to listen and to wonder with our children as they tell the beautiful story of the birth of a baby.

The Feast of the Incarnation! (Christmas Eve)
Friday, December 24, two services: 5:30 pm & 9:30 pm
This night, Christmas Eve, never fails to capture memories and create new ones. We plan for two services, and both will be full. Pick the one that fits. Both services will have special music, and gifts for children. Past experience tells us that the later service does have a bit more room, and "older" children who would like that special chance to stay up late and enjoy the candlelight may find this to be a lovely service for them.  Put another way, the early service is often so full that early arrival is helpful! Whichever service fits your schedule, know that you will find friends, warmth, music and hope. And bring  a flashlight to navigate a long driveway-or to light the way for others!

Christmas Morning
Saturday, December 25,  one service, 9:30 am
This marvel of a day finds us scattered like the bright ribbons torn from packages, and yet somehow together. We begin Christmas Day with a simple Eucharist, gathered around the fireplace to hear the old story again. Bring cookies to make a Christmas Day Coffee Hour.

Holiday Office Schedule:
The Grace office will be closed December 25 to January 2. For pastoral care during this time, please contact Arienne Davison at 206.499.5939, arienne@gracehere.org.

Faith, Arts, NewsGrace Faith Arts News Winter

"The "doing" of Christmas is upon us again. And so my advice this year: "Don't. Just don't do it." Sure, yes, I could explain that a little more. I could say that this isn't a call to keep the lights and trimmings in the attic. And I don't mean we shouldn't let our kids sleep with dizzying dreams of sugar plums and stars and sheep and babies in mangers and jolly red strangers..."  READ MORE of Bill Harper's Dear Friends and then take some time to also catch-up on  the latest in Faith, Arts and News at Grace!

Giving at Grace

Grace Brought Me Here: Meet Jan & Tom

Ringo family
Julia, Stephen, Elise, Tom & Jan

"Once established, it's like breathing - it's just the way you do things. An amount right off the top goes elsewhere, you live with what's left." Tom Ringo's voice sounded quiet and confident (and not a bit deprived), as he described his and Jan's tradition of tithing. 

How many in your family?
Three of us at home - Tom, Jan and Elise, who's a senior in high school. Stephen lives in Seattle, Julia is a sophomore at Pomona College. Sadie is our 14-year-old Border Collie and Keely, four, is our English Shepherd. 

What brought you to Grace, and when did you arrive?
Our first time was in the summer of 2003. We'd been long-time members of another church on the Island, but found ourselves feeling restless. So we made a contract to visit three other churches three times each. Grace was an instant "Wow!" We loved the new space, the worship in the round, and the music. The liturgy hearkened back to my Lutheran roots - I realized how much I'd missed it.

We fulfilled our contract to visit other churches that summer, but we chose Grace and never again darkened the door of our former church.      

What keeps you at Grace?
What drew us in keeps us. The worship experience, the music, friendships, a community open to spiritual exploration - the greatest gift a church can give. Bill provides lots of latitude for people to co-exist under one tent; he's comfortable with lots of ambiguity.     

Why do you pledge?
It's not very complicated - my Dad was a pastor and I grew up with the notion of tithing. We endeavor to keep up with that idea.



Grace Brought Me Here ~ Annual Giving for 2011 

Grace Brought Me Here 

 What draws you in? The worship experience, the music, friendships, a community open to spiritual exploration? You know what brought you here... and keeps you coming  back. And we're glad you're here! We hope you'll join us in supporting the ministries of Grace by making a financial pledge.


Prefer a pledge card and don't have one?
Contact Candee, candee@gracehere.org, 206.842.9997, she'll be happy to help.

First Time Pledging?

An anonymous donor promises to
match 10% of all First Time Pledges
received by December 31, 2010.  

Thank you!

Love Revealed: Advent Calendaradvent calendar

Created and graciously shared by Trinity Wall Street, this year's 2010 Advent Calendar, Love Revealed, takes a look across America at young people who are growing into wisdom, advocating for change, and creating a better world, particularly through partnerships with churches and church programs. Stories this year are drawn from the Episcopal Service Corps, the All Our Children public-school advocacy program, and other innovative church initiatives involving youth and young adults. You can find a link to the calendar on the Grace website home page at >> gracehere.org


Helpline House/Grace Food Basket

Please bring your holiday basics to restock the shelves at Helpline on Bainbridge for the month of December. The Food Basket is right by the name tag "tree" at Grace, waiting for your donations!


What they need most:cannde food for Helpline

  • Canned hearty soups
  • Canned meats and fish
  • Cereal
  • Cat and dog food
Fresh & frozen foods are appreciated as well. You may directly donate frozen vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy items, etc., or Helpline House will do the shopping for you with your donation of cash or grocery store gift card. Thanks!

Find out More about Helpline and What They'll Accept
Visit their Webiste at helpline.org

Cedars Unitarian Alternative Gift Project 

For several years Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church of Bainbridge Island, WA created an alternative gift catalog to provide its members and community friends with alternative means to gift giving. This year we are launching this endeavor for the first time online!

In past years, members of other Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap faith communities have purchased meaningful holiday gifts through this program. We hope that you and your communities will take advantage of this unique opportunity. For detailed information and access to the catalog please got to >> cedarsuuchurch.org