Our Souls in Stillness Wait for Light

The Advent Season at Grace

Grace in Winter

Advent & Christmas 2010Advent & Christmas 2010

Wouldn't it  be nice if the culture around us could help us find times to rest, wait, believe, trust. It would be even better if the Light we long for was as evident as the lights strung all around us. But because that's not the case, we have to look and choose and plan in order to find those times that will ground us in the true Grace of this season. You can do just that.

For our Christmas & Advent programs and service schedules Link >> Here and scan, read, mark, note. Check dates and times. You'll find the essentials, and lots more details. Find those times and moments that will bring you some true soul food-and let the Light come!

(please note, the link to this pdf takes about a minute to load)

The Feast of the Incarnation! (Christmas Eve)
Friday, December 24, two services: 5:30 pm & 9:30 pm
This night, Christmas Eve, never fails to capture memories and create new ones. We plan for two services, and both will be full. Pick the one that fits. Both services will have special music, and gifts for children. Past experience tells us that the later service does have a bit more room, and "older" children who would like that special chance to stay up late and enjoy the candlelight may find this to be a lovely service for them.  Put another way, the early service is often so full that early arrival is helpful!
Whichever service fits your schedule, know that you will find friends, warmth, music and hope. And bring  a flashlight to navigate a long driveway-or to light the way for others!

Proposed Governance Changes for 2011 

The Vestry, our governing body, has proposed some significant changes for 2011 in the way we oversee the activities of Grace Church. The Warden Letter in the December/January newsletter talks about what is being proposed and why.  You can read an overview of the proposal, some anticipated FAQs, and the complete proposal on the Grace website at gracehere.org/news_archives

All Encouraged to Attend an Informational Meeting

Sunday December 12 following the 9:30 am Service

Please plan to attend a Parish Meeting after church on Sunday December 12 to hear more about the proposal, hear the views of the Grace community about what is proposed, and help the Vestry decide on adopting governance changes for next year. We value the voices of all in the Grace community and hope you can join the Vestry for this important session.

Summary of Proposed Changes  

  • To move from our current model of a single governing body (formerly called the Bishop's Committee, now called the Vestry) to a model with two governing bodies:
    • A Vestry -- with Trustees who oversee our resources and direction
    • A Program Ministry Council -- with Ministers who oversee our programs.
  • To add three new leadership positions:
    • Trustee for Development - to coordinate all programs that ask for financial gifts
    • Trustee at-large (2) - to act as stewards of Grace's mission and values and speak for the community of Grace.
  • To expand the  Vestry Membership role to include leadership in the area of Service. A knowledge of the people of Grace and their gifts in the area of service will be beneficial in matching them with service roles at Grace and in projects supported by Grace.

Grace Brought Me Here ~ Annual Giving for 2011 

Grace Brought Me Here 

 You know what brought you here... and keeps you coming back. And we're glad you're here.
 Please join us in supporting the ministries of Grace by making a financial pledge today.


Prefer a pledge card and don't have one?
Contact Candee, candee@gracehere.org, 206.842.9997, she'll be happy to help.

First Time Pledger?

An anonymous donor promises to
match 10% of all First Time Pledges
received by December 31, 2010.  

Thank you!

Grace Giving 

Grace Brought Me Here: Meet Mary Kay & Chris

Mary Kay, Chris & son Brad.

"The programs for kids and youth really worked for us - my boys were willing to come to church!" Mary Kay Dolejsi  describes how she and husband Chris Russell knew they'd found a home at Grace.

1.  How many in your family?
Chris and I have 2 sons - Billy at 21, in college and now in the National Guard; Brad is 17 and a senior at BHS.

2.  What brought you to Grace, and when did you arrive?
We were looking for a church where we could "fit" as a family, and for a rich and varied worship experience. We started coming about 7 years ago, when we found all of that.

3.  What keeps you at Grace?

So many reasons. The Youth group is important to our family life - both sons participated in the wilderness pilgrimage, and I help coordinate the parent-led dinners. The wonderful women's sojourn last winter, and all the relationships we've formed at Grace, through Sunday mornings, tribes, Dinner with Grace, BC, family retreats.

I was raised Catholic and seem to have a need for liturgy in my genes. The music and language of liturgy at Grace are incredibly meaningful. We visited family at Christmas last year and attended Christmas Eve service at their church. Wonderful music (hundreds in the choir, it seemed) and nice service, but we all said - "It's not Grace."  I value the "non-orthodoxy" of Grace for my own spiritual journey.

4.  Why do you pledge?
To be a fully participating member, not just a recipient "of Grace."

5.  How do you decide how much to pledge?
Being science types, very rationally.

6. Any words of encouragement for others?

 Be a contributing part of this incredible church - you can find a home here.



Christmas Pageant

Calling all Angels & Shepherds
With the approach of Advent, we have begun to plan for our annual Children's Christmas Pageant. The Pageant will take place on Sunday, December 19 during the 9:30 am worship service. If your child(ren) would like to participate in the pageant please email  Nelson Spickard with their name, age, height and preference as to whether they would like to be an angel or a shepherd.

Mark your calendars now for these important pageant dates:
Now  through  December 5th - contact Nelsen Spickard
December 12th    11:00 -  Costume Pickup after service
December 18th    9:00-10:30 - Dress Rehearsal
December 19th    9:15  - Pageant

Important Pageant Info for Parents
Please remember to pick up your child's costume after church this Sunday, December 12.
You will find it in the church school hallway in a paper bag labelled with his/her name.
Dress rehearsal is Saturday, the 18ta t 9 am.  You will find more information inside the costume bag.

Memorial Greens

Christmas GreensEach year our wonderful Flower Team at Grace decks
the halls, Narthex, Sanctuary and everywhere in between with glorious greens and seasonal floral arrangements.  And- each year we remember those we love and no longer see with these floral gifts for Grace.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Grace Memorial Greeens & Flowers Fund, please fill out the form in our Sunday bulletin insert and return it with a check to our pledge basket or office by December 20th. Any amount is appropriate.

Thank you

For your convenience, you may also
email the names of those you'd like remembered.

Drop off or mail your donation in any amount to our office at:

Grace Episcopal Church

8595 NE Day Road E

Bainbridge Island, WA  98110


Love Revealed: Advent Calendaradvent calendar

Created and graciously shared by Trinity Wall Street, this year's 2010 Advent Calendar, Love Revealed, takes a look across America at young people who are growing into wisdom, advocating for change, and creating a better world, particularly through partnerships with churches and church programs. Stories this year are drawn from the Episcopal Service Corps, the All Our Children public-school advocacy program, and other innovative church initiatives involving youth and young adults. You can find a link to the calendar on the Grace website home page at >> gracehere.org

Music & Arts

Virginia Davison show



Hospice of Kitsap County
Please visit Wendy Rohrbacher of Hospice in Walker Hall following the 9:30AM service on December 12th, and learn about the critical work this local Grace Outreach grant partner does in our community.

Helpline House/Grace Food Basket

Please bring your holiday basics to restock the shelves at Helpline on Bainbridge for the month of December. The Food Basket is right by the name tag "tree" at Grace, waiting for your donations!


What they need most:cannde food for Helpline

  • Canned hearty soups
  • Canned meats and fish
  • Cereal
  • Cat and dog food
Fresh & frozen foods are appreciated as well. You may directly donate frozen vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy items, etc., or Helpline House will do the shopping for you with your donation of cash or grocery store gift card. Thanks!

Find out More about Helpline and What They'll Accept
Visit their Webiste at helpline.org

Cedars Unitarian Alternative Gift Project 

For several years Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church of Bainbridge Island, WA created an alternative gift catalog to provide its members and community friends with alternative means to gift giving. This year we are launching this endeavor for the first time online!

In past years, members of other Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap faith communities have purchased meaningful holiday gifts through this program. We hope that you and your communities will take advantage of this unique opportunity. For detailed information and access to the catalog please got to >> cedarsuuchurch.org