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Liturgy at Grace

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St. Martin's Night
Sunday, November 14, 6 pm at Grace

On Sunday, November 14, at 6pm, Grace will celebrate the arrival of winter and the long dark evenings of the Advent season by celebrating the life and teachings of St. Martin. Our children most intuitively recognize and embrace the symbolic importance of bringing light into the darkest time of the year. They will construct hand-made lanterns and learn songs of the season during Godly Play classes. We will gather at Grace and together walk the paths of Graceland, singing songs of light and carrying beacons of light. We'll continue into the sanctuary and find an evergreen spiral. As we take our seats, we'll sit in quiet listening to music, spoken poetry and story. Then each of us will light and place a candle along the spiral path. After a final prayer, families may quietly leave. Those who wish to stay on to walk the spiral of light may do so. The evening will be a filled with wonder and light and will offer an opportunity to start a busy advent season peacefully and with quiet reflection for everyone. All are welcome.

Grace Giving

Grace Brought Me Here:  Meet Claudia & Bill
"We believe the Christian message is more clearly expressed and lived at Grace than at any other place we've worshipped."  Former Wardens Bill and Claudia Anderson cuddle up at the computer to answer some questions about their twelve-year commitment to Grace and their reasons for pledging.   

Q. How many in your family?
Well, just two of us are on the rolls. But Grace has also embraced our two grandchildren. We have favorite family stories about the children's relationship with Bill Harper, their understanding of church and God, the lessons we read and tell - even coffee hour conversations that help to teach them what it is to be a Christian.

 Q.  What brought you to Grace, and when did you arrive?
We moved into our house on Good Friday 1998. On Easter Sunday, amid the packing boxes, I improvised Easter breakfast for family while Bill went to church. That Sunday in the Masonic Hall, Janie Ekberg made Bill feel so welcomed that we both returned for a second look. On our next visit, most of the parish was away at a retreat. But Linda Fullerton and Anne Kundtz were officiating in the basement. If anything, we were even more impressed. A third Sunday service and a visit from Bill Harper sealed the deal. 

Q.  What keeps you at Grace?
We were initially intrigued by the opportunity for change, the challenge, and the chance to share in the growth of a new Christian community. Now, Grace is our home, and these good people are our family.

Q.  Why do you pledge?
Throughout our married lives, we've always pledged. We understand the financial needs of our church and feel called to contribute - to share. Again, this is our home and our family, and there are needs to be met.

 Q.  How do you decide how much to pledge?
We balance the expectations and needs of the parish with our financial outlook. Over the years we've been remarkably consistent, despite fluctuations in our economic situation and other calls on our resources.

 Q.  Any words of encouragement for others?
By pledging, we affirm the relationship and the importance of Grace in our lives. If all share, the burden is lightened for all.

Grace Brought Me Here:

Annual Giving 2011Grace Brought Me Here

Our Annual Giving campaign to fund Grace's 2011 budget launched last unday, November 7. If you weren't there to pick-up your pledge packet, you should receive in the mail within the week. 

Important Notes:

       If you liked online pledging last year, rejoice! We had such good feedback we're doing it again. You'll find online pledging details in your pledge packet or link here >> to pledge online.

       We'll wrap up the 2011 campaign, celebrate the ingathering of ple dges, and report the results, on Sunday, December 5.

We look forward to engaging each and every member of the parish in this important and joyful effort.

If you have any questions at any time, please get in touch!


Your Grace Giving Team


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Soul School

the galleryTuesdays with Grace
Spirituality and Addiction
Tuesday, November 16, 7 pm, at Grace
Addiction (of various kinds but especially chemical dependence) has been recognized as a illness of the mind and body by medical and psychological experts. Because addiction affects families and communities, we will examine ways each of us has been affected by addiction. We will also explore how addiction and recovery affects the spiritual life of the addict and a Christian community like Grace.

Women's Book Group
 Sunday, November 21, 8 am, Grace Living Room
To celebrate Advent and Christmas, the Women's Book Group is reading The First Christmas, What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Birth by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.  I have already started it and am finding it very interesting.  We will be discussing the first section Sunday Novemeber 21 at 8 am in the Living Room, and the following two sections on December 5th and 19th.  The book will be available at Eagle Harbor Book Store this week; mention you are a member of the Grace book group (whether you attend or just read along with us) and receive a 15% discount.  If you have any questions, contact me, Dallas Young, 780-8475 or dallasdyoung@gmail.com

 Dallas Young     206 780-8475 Voice


An Ethiopian Thanksgivingethiopian celebration 
Friday, November 19, 7 - 9 pm

Dennis Carlson and Beulah Downing want to invite you to an evening of thanksgiving for the continuing support the Grace community gives to our programs in Ethiopia.  There will be:  Sounds of Ethiopian Music; Tasty Ethiopian food - mild and spicy with injera; Stories and Pictures from the KEDS program and the Kossoye Project. Also books will be available for signing (Kossoye: Village Life in Ethiopia) written by Dennis and his son Andy. Mark your calendars for this wonderful evening at Grace, Friday, November 19, 7-9 pm.

Bainbridge-Ometepe Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 13, 6 pm
Everyone is invited to the Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association (BOSIA) this Saturday November 13 at 6 pm.  It is a potluck which will be followed by reports from the various BOSIA delegations and other local groups who went to Ometepe this year.  BOSIA is extremely grateful that Grace Outreach has been a supporter of a pre-school on Ometepe for 10 years and we have had a number of visitors from Ometepe join us on Sundays.  The meeting is at Island Church on Sportsman Club Road and we would love to have Grace folks join the community celebration .  Hope to see you there, Dallas Young.

Grace Office

Waiting on a few Angels

Grace is looking for volunteers to help fold the Sunday service bulletins.  We meet in Walker Hall around 11:30am each Friday for about an hour or so--enjoy a latte' from our own Espresso Bar--music from our state-of-the-art sound system and lots of conversation. Let Candee know if you would like to join this lively group. candee@gracehere.org or 206 842 9997 ext 17.


Communities of Grace

In Gratiude for Those Who Have Come Before Us
Interfaith Thanksgiving at Grace

Tuesday, November 23, 7 pm

Join with neighbors of many faith traditions in the annual Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 7 pm at Grace  "In Gratitude For Those Who Have Come Before Us."  All faiths and ages are welcome, and the service includes hymns, prayers, silent meditation, reflections, choral and solo music from many local faith groups and traditions. There will be a special collection for the Japanese-American Internment Memorial on Bainbridge Island.  Refreshments and fellowship will follow the service.  If you can, please also bring donations of nonperishable food for Helpline House and Fishline.  Preschool nursery care will be available.  

Sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap

Support Bainbridge School Foundationbainbridge schools foundations
Waiting for Superman
Waiting for Superman is a documentary that is receiving a lot of press and creating discussions across the country about the state of schools in America. Jeff Brein and the Lynwood Theatre are generously donating the ticket profit for 3 specific days - Monday, 11/8, Tuesday, 11/9 and Wednesday, 11/10. go to.bainbridgeschoolsfoundation.org/news and print off the coupon - it will be a fundraiser for our schools!!

Evensong at St. Barnabas
Women's Schola Nova, a choir of about 16 women, sing the
Office of Evensong at 6pm on the second Sunday of each month, at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Come hear traditional plainsong, anthems, psalms, motets, and chants,  Let the grace
of sung prayer refresh you for the week to come.  Next Service: November 14, at 6 pm.