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The Relax Your Ears Newsletter is a monthly newsletter put together by Chicago-based musician, teacher, and composer Joel Styzens.

It features original music and video content as well as hearing conservation and tinnitus/hyperacusis related articles and resources.

A message from Joel:
After I was diagnosed with tinnitus and hyperacusis four years ago, my career as a professional drummer came to an end, but that didn't stop me from figuring out a way to keep making music. My ear problems have opened up a whole new set of possibilities for me; I have found a passion for composing and playing guitar that I never knew existed. For that, I am grateful. Relax your ears. And protect them.

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  • November 2011 Newsletter  (11/2/2011)
  • •Caleb Willitz: Piece of Coal Music •Acupuncture petition
  • October 2011 Newsletter  (10/5/2011)
  • •Hang Drum / Halo Drum •Carpal Tunnel...
  • September/Aug. 2011 Newsletter  (9/7/2011)
  • •Video Blog 3: "Finished, but it's time to do it all over again" •A-Sharp Records: "Officially Official" •Coming next month
  • July 2011 Newsletter  (7/19/2011)
  • New video of "As You Are" featuring pianist Rob Clearfield and cellist Sophie Webber and the latest news about the next album
  • June 2011 Newsletter  (7/5/2011)
  • Resonance: First look into new music from the next album
  • May 2011 Newsletter  (5/25/2011)
  • •Botanic Garden Video/Meeting with the President •Featured at O'Hare International Airport •Support Tinnitus Research
  • April 2011 Newsletter  (4/10/2011)
  • •Video Blog 2 •Album update
  • March 2011 Newsletter  (3/14/2011)
  • •The NPR feature •Video Blog #1: Snowmageddon, the Studio, & new music •Chicago Tinnitus Support Group •Back in College? (studies in hearing)
  • Jan/Feb 2011 Newsletter  (2/1/2011)
  • •Classical Year-in-review •Sounding the call for tinnitus sufferers •Turning painful noise into music •Inspiration: Philip Glass' ability to evoke so much with so little
  • Dec. 2010 Newsletter  (12/8/2010)
  • •New 2010/2011 Edition CD •WGN Midday News live performance/interview •Chicago Tinnitus Support Group
  • Oct/Nov 2010 Newsletter  (11/7/2010)
  • "As You Are" on hammered dulcimer (featured video)
  • Sep/Oct 2010 Newsletter  (9/29/2010)
  • The Northwoods, Wisconsin: Hammered Dulcimer, Mosquitoes, and Kayaking

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