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Other Sheep Coordinator Rev. Bracuto brings and wins legal accusation against the Andy Comisky 'ex-gay' event in Argentina
Gay Asian news service interviews Rev. Parelli on "ex-gay" movement 
Dear Other Sheep Reader,
During our short time in Southeast Asia (here since June 28; returning to NYC on August 30th), Jose and I have heard first hand of "ex-gay" ministries in Nepal, Thailand and Singapore from a pastor and LGBT activists.  In Malaysia, while traveling here, an "ex-gay" seminar was being conducted, as advertised on Facebook.  In Singapore, about three years ago, the government gave a grant which supported - directly or indirectly - the 'ex-gay' program (as reported by Fridae, Jan. 2006).
In this issue of Other Sheep eNews, we are especially pleased to report that Rev. Victor Bracuto, Other Sheep Coordinator for South America and MCC clergy, has brought and won an accusation against the Andy Comisky 'ex-gay' event in Argentina.
In the third article of this eNews, we quote Andy Comisky and other 'ex-gay' writers on what they actually mean by "change."  You will be astounded by what they say means "change" and "cure" and "coming out of homosexuality."
Congratulations Victor!
Rev. Steve Parelli, MCC Clergy
Other Sheep Executive Director
Lumut, Malaysia
August 21, 2009
Other Sheep Coordinator and MCC Clergy, Rev. Victor Bracuto, wins accusation brought against 'ex-gay' event in Argentina
Source: Rev. Dr. Thomas Hanks, Buenos Aires, and Rex Wockner
The Argentine Justice Ministry's National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism has ruled that a recent "gay cure" conference in Córdoba implied that gays are sick and therefore engaged in illegal discrimination.
"This department of Legal Help [of INADI, National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, of the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights of Argentina] received the accusation (Denuncia) ME N° 7586/08 made against the Foundation Group Integra by Mr. Victor Bracuto with the purpose of determining if the actions referred to constitute a discriminatory act or conduct in terms of the Law N° 23.592...
"Mr. Victor Bracuto indicated that he considered himself discriminated by the Foundation Group Integra in that they organized a conference on sexual and relational wholeness, which had amongst its purposes "heal/cure the homosexual."  The information sent to him by mail indicated that the speakers in the conference would be Andy Comisky, foundation and director of the Ministry "Desert Streams," in the USA, and Mauricio Montión, leader of the ministry "Restoration" of Argentina, which functions in the province of Cordoba...
"Conclusion: For the reasons above expounded, this department of Legal Help considers that the celebration of a conference on sexual healing, which has amongst its objects "heal/cure the homosexual" is discriminatory in terms of article 1 of the law 23.592."
The Rev. Victor Bracuto is clergy of the Metropolitan Community Church in Argentina ( and Other Sheep Coordinator for South America (  On receiving the news of the favorable verdict from INADI, Rev. Bracuto commented "We are witnessing a historical development, not only in Argentina, but perhaps also in Latin America and the world" (the 10 page INADI document in its entirety and his letter of response are both available in the Argentine MCC website). The Argentine decision became public July 30, 2009, followed shortly by the "Report of the American Psychological Association task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation," which similarly affirmed that homosexuality "is not a mental disorder" and condemned claims and efforts to "change sexual orientation."
Fridae, a gay Asian Internet news service, questions Steve Parelli on the 'ex-gay' movement in an interview in Singapore
7 Aug 2009
Sexual orientation can't be changed through therapy: American Psychological Association
by Sylvia Tan
The following is an excerpt from the above named article:

Reverend Steve Parelli of the MCC (Metropolitan Community Churches) in New York, who describes himself as ex-ex-gay, says the news [that sexual orientation can't be changed] should not come as a surprise to the evangelical ex-gay supporters who have read the books of the ex-gay writers themselves . . .

Speaking with Fridae in Singapore where he is on a Southeast Asian speaking tour and meeting with evangelical churches, Rev Parelli highlighted that the evangelical ex-gay movement in fact  "does not, in the fine print, claim to change sexual orientation."

"To be clear, the evangelical ex-gay movement uses catch words like 'ex-gay,' 'healing,' 'coming out of homosexuality.' But it is a bait-and-switch sell. Upon close examination of what the evangelical ex-gay movement teaches, any one who will give a simple read of their major writings will see that the evangelical ex-gay movement is teaching 'behaviour modification' not change of one's sexual orientation. The evangelical 'ex-gay' leaders teach in their writings that the 'change' they are talking about is a life-long process that involves multiple disciplines from accountability to rigorous spiritual disciplines.

"This is obviously not change," says Rev Parelli who is the Executive Director of Other Sheep, a worldwide volunteer, non-profit ecumenical Christian organization with a mission to empower sexual minorities.

How 'ex-gay' leaders speak of 'change'
The following excerpts are taken from the footnotes of Steve Parelli's paper Is There Really Such a Thing as 'Ex-gay'?
Tim Wilkins, in  his article "Why I Won't See Brokeback Mountain," says "[I'm] still tempted with same-sex attractions!  I do not deny it."
Bob Davies, in his book Coming Out of Homosexuality, says, "A strong, even passionate, lust when looking at an attractive member of the opposite sex on the beach . . . this certainly is not our goal in being healed," page 27. 
William Consiglio, in his book Homosexual No More, says "What do I mean by recovery?  ... Recovery is able to go on . . . with minimally bothersome homosexual feelings . . . avoiding all homosexual behavior . . . recovery means the ability to manage . . . ," page 34. 
Consiglio also says, "My experience as a Christian therapist . . . is that overcomers . . . still experience . . . homosexual feelings . . . temptations . . . tension, conflict, or difficulty," paqe 85. 
Andrew Comiskey, in his book Pursuing Sexual Wholeness, says, "While giving a series of lectures . . . I felt consumed with a longing for distinctly masculine love . . . I ached for it.  I felt frustrated . . . I felt tempted to entertain lustful masculine images.  And I resented God . . . While walking to my lecture on 'healing' (laugh track, please), I finally broke," page 190. 
Comiskey, fifteen years after publishing Pursuing Sexual Wholeness (1989), reports in an article by Christian Broadcasting Network in their column "Guest Bio" that "he still struggles."  The article goes on to say, " Recently, Andrew and his wife, Annette, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary [in] New York City.  While they were there, they . . . reflected on how God healed each of them . . . -- Andrew of homosexuality. . . . However, Andrew found himself being seduced by homosexuality in the New York City culture. . . . Andrew says of this incident and the ongoing process that the healing comes from firmly making choices . . . " ("Ex-Gay Encourages the Church to Welcome the Sexually Broken," August 25, 2004). 
Bob Davies, in his book Coming Out of Homosexuality, infers great claims of recovery for thousands, hundreds and numerous. However, his claims are so qualified that the numbers become meaningless. When he speaks of thousands, he qualifies them as being on the road towards recovery, that is, they have not yet arrived at recovery.  When he speaks of hundreds, he qualifies them as having left the gay lifestyle, not as having arrived at a heterosexual lifestyle (in terms of fantasy, sexual desire, or real change at the orientation level).  When he speaks of the numerous he qualifies them by speaking of the tremendous benefit they obtained.  When he speaks of the ex-gays who have married, he does not quantify it even with the word many or few.  "During the past fourteen years, we have become personally acquainted with hundreds of men and women who have left behind the gay and lesbian lifestyle.  We will be sharing more of their experiences in the coming chapters" [p. 18].  "We have known numerous former homosexuals who have found tremendous benefit from a season of one-on-one counseling with a trained Christian professional" [p. 92].  "We know [how many?] men and women formerly involved in homosexuality who left that lifestyle and have now been happily married for over twenty or thirty years" [p. 151].  "May God give you strength and perseverance to pursue the same new freedom that is being discovered by Jeff, Starla and Mike -- as thousands of other men and women who are walking ahead of you on the path to homosexual recovery" [p.182].  Bob Davies & Lori Rentzel, Coming Out of Homosexuality:  New Freedom for Men & Women (Downers Grove, Illinois:  Inter Varsity Press, 1993).  [Emphasis mine.]
Bob Davies says, "Many former homosexuals eventually go on to experience marriage. ... We have talked to many [ex-gay] people who are married and still struggling with homosexual feelings and behavior.  They live . . . feeling trapped in a heterosexual facade while secretly longing for same-gender sexual intimacy." Bob Davies & Lori Rentzel, Coming Out Of Homosexuality:  New Freedom for Men & Women (Inter Varsity Press, 1993), page 27. 

For additional quotes from ex-gay leaders on "change" click here.
Other Sheep is a multi-cultural, ecumenical Christian ministry that works worldwide for the full inclusion of LGBT people of faith within their respective faith traditions.
"...connecting people with people and people with resources..." 
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Other Sheep Coordinator, Victor Bracuto, wins accusation brought against 'ex-gay' event in Argentina
Asian Internet news service interviews Steve Parelli on "ex-gay" movement
Quotes from "ex-gay" authors which show that "change" does not mean "change"
So, how many students are gay in your Singapore Christian day school?
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So, how many students are gay in your Singapore
Christian day school?

 Steve Parelli 80 x 120

by Steve Parelli
Lumut, Malaysia
August 20. 2009
Two weeks ago, in Singapore, in a private pre-arranged meeting, Jose and I had the opportunity to speak with a pastor of a large denominational evangelical church about our faith and homosexuality. 
The pastor, though careful to let us know that he was not comfortable with our position, was gracious and received us well.
Just as we were about to leave, Jose asked to use the bathroom facilities.  Alone with the pastor I asked him, "So, how many students do you have in your day school?"  He told me about 400 students.  I immediately replied in a matter-of-fact tone, "Then you have 12 students who are gay."
"Oh, no!  Not here," he replied.  And he looked quit shocked at the very mention of the idea.
I explained that research has found that at least 3% of the population is gay.
"Not here," he repeated.
He gave me a befuddled look as I explained to him that "Yes, the 3% applies to all -- whatever religion, race, gender, culture, or geographical location.  It's that simple.  And that means you have 12 students who are gay.  How are you going to address them?"
Up until now he had no idea just how practical our topic of discussion had been.  I could see I left him wondering.  After all, he was certain until now that homosexuality was not a concern here.
"Not here!" he had said.
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