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August 2009

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Dear Foundation Fellows:

I am pleased to send you the first edition of Foundation Facts delivered through a new service provider.  This email service allows readers to forward the newsletter to other people and to unsubscribe if they so desire.  It gives the Foundation the opportunity to create a colorful and more interesting newsletter through the addition of photos.  I look forward to hearing from you regarding this new format.  Please just send me an email:

The Foundation has been fortunate to have a former Mock Trial student in our office for the past six years.  Some of you may have met Chris Burge who is our technology guru!  He is going to graduate school at Creighton this fall, but he will continue to update the Foundation's website.  I've told him that all of us in the Foundation office (all women) will continue to offer him advice (as we have done through the years) on basically any matter.  I believe he really appreciated this (just kidding).  We wish Chris all the best!

Doris HuffmanDoris Huffman, Executive Director
Executive Director


 We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution
Summer Institute
We the People Summer Institute
We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution (WTP) - This year's Summer Institute was held in Omaha. Sarah worked with the Omaha Public Schools Social Studies Coordinator on organizing this event.  There was an educational session for elementary teachers and then one for middle school teachers.  Sarah is busy planning the 2010 Summer Institute, and it appears that Nebraska may have the opportunity to pool its funds with other Midwestern states and offer a "Regional Summer Institute" for Nebraska teachers. We have been informed that states will receive less federal funding to provide professional development for teachers, hence the reason for considering a regional institute.
      Sarah is also exploring the option of hosting a Native American Summer Institute in Lincoln in 2010.  We are meeting later this month with the Lincoln Public Schools representatives to determine the details of this educational session.  This will provide the Foundation with an opportunity to inform teachers from the numerous tribes about the Foundation's LRE programs.   

Mock Trial

Writing Committee Completes Case
Mock Trial Case Committee
The Mock Trial Case Committee has been busy working on the 2009 case.  We are almost finished with the case and will have it online August 24.  I have already received a few inquires from teachers about "when will the case be ready" and "what's it about."  This case will be a civil one and you will have to wait until the 24th to figure out the topic that is addressed.
      A most appreciative thank you is extended to the Case Committee members who worked diligently on developing the witness statements and exhibits.  The Case Committee is comprised of the following attorneys: Chair, Tom Keefe, Kristi Egger-Brown, Mike Gooch, Stephanie Hupp, John Jelkin, Joel Nelson, Lory Ann Pasold and Kevin Ruser.  

Teen Parents and the Law
TPAL Update

Teen Parents & the Law (TPAL) - As I mentioned in the last Foundation Facts, the Foundation held a training session for two teachers from Auburn.  The training went great and these teachers have asked the Foundation to consider offering this type of training for their ESU.  We will be working with the teachers to explore this educational opportunity. 
Constitution Day Program -
"Ben Franklin Live"
Chris Lowell as Ben Franklin

 The Foundation will be hosting "Ben Franklin" on September 14 to assist Nebraska schools in observing Constitution Day, which is a federally mandated requirement for schools receiving federal funds.  There are two educational sessions planned.  The morning session will be geared toward fifth graders, and the afternoon session is planned for secondary-level students. Both sessions will be available to classrooms across the state via distance learning.  The program will originate from Kearney, with technical assistance from Educational Service Unit (ESU) 10. 
      Ben Franklin was our most beloved Founding Father who signed all four of the key documents that established our Republic.  His life is a showcase of patriotism, community service, life-long learning, and scientific achievement.  Therefore, it is fitting that Ben Franklin re-enactor Chris Lowell, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, present his "Ben Franklin Live" Chautauqua-style performance in celebration of Constitution Day in Nebraska, discussing his role in the founding of the nation.     

Following his presentation, Lowell will remain in character as Ben Franklin, taking questions from students at the four interactive sites. This year's delivery of programming via distance learning is a pilot project to study the feasibility of creating and disseminating classroom enrichment activities about the legal system to more Nebraska schools. The Foundation and the Supreme Court have partnered with ESU 10 in Kearney to utilize the State's cutting edge, high definition video conferencing resources to provide this activity to students across Nebraska.
  In addition to the host site, there will be four other schools that will be able to interact with "Franklin" during the presentation.
        Lowell's presentation in Nebraska is underwritten by the Bar Foundation's Flavel A. Wright Fund for the Study of Constitutional Law.  The fund was created in 2004 by Foundation Fellow Bill Wright in honor of his late father and first Bar Foundation President, Flavel A. Wright.
2009 Class of Fellows
To Be Introduced October 15 in Omaha

The newest Class of Fellows is almost complete.  Thanks to the Fellows Selection Committee for their hard work on this.  The committee consists of Chair Stan Goodwin, Judge Arlen Beam, Bob Mullin Jr., Gary Radil, Steve Seglin, Susan Spahn and Galen Stehlik.  The 2009 Class will be announced at the Foundation's Legacy of Liberty Breakfast on Thursday October 15 in Omaha.
Juror Orientation Video
Now in DVD Format

For those of you who have very good memories, you may recall that back in 1997 the Foundation developed and produced a Juror Orientation Video.  This video was distributed to members of judiciary.  With all the technology changes including equipment, the Foundation now has this video available on DVD.

 There is an order form on the Foundation's website - for the judiciary and or teachers to order.  We have already received a request from a high school government teacher who would like to use this resource in his classroom. 
Endowment Management Committee
To Meet This Month

The EMC is scheduled to meet later this month. The EMC members will have the opportunity to visit with the Gross Fund Committee members and the investment advisor for this fund.  As I mentioned last time, the Investment Policy was to be submitted to the Foundation Board for its approval. The Board did approve the proposed policy. 

Just a note on the EMC--coordinating with the Foundation's numerous named endowment committees, the investment advisors and the EMC has been positive.  My sense is that EMC now has a better understanding of the named endowment committees and visa versa
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"I learned to look at the Constitution in a whole new way."
-We the People Summer Institute Participant