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March 26, 2011
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Do you have questions about taking enemas, colon hydrotherapy, buying enema equipment, trying a spring colon cleanse for the first time, or about heart health? A live chat is a valuable opportunity to ask Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Kristina Amelong all these questions and more. You can also share your colon cleanse experiences, your dietary experimentations, and your health struggles and successes with the larger community.

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Kristina Talks Detoxification on

Functional Holistic Wellness Radio

Kristina Amelong, author of Ten Days to Optimal Health, joins Functional Holistic Wellness Radio to discuss the importance of detoxifying our bodies for optimal health. Listen to Kristina as she destroys the myths of the many advertised detoxification methods and tells you what you really need to do in order to effectively detoxify.
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The Detoxification Diet

In our February 2011 newsletter, we presented Preparing for Your Spring Cleanse, in which I suggested following a 30-day detoxification diet. Many modern dietary habits drive toxins further into the body, while cleansing diets promote biological processes that optimize the removal of toxins from the body via the skin, lymphatic system, lungs, colon, and urinary tract.

Now that we are all living with the realities and fears from Japan's (from our world's) triple disaster - earthquake, tsunami, and radiation leaks - perhaps we can more clearly see that following a cleansing diet, a therapeutic diet, a diet that promotes the continuous removal of toxins from the body, is worth considering. And perhaps a cleansing diet is worth contemplating not only as a "spring cleanse," but also as a way of life.

Adopting the dietary habits of detoxification into your day-to-day eating is easier than you might think. Here are nine habits for you to consider:

1. Drink reverse osmosis water all day long. Ideally, drink one half cup at a minimum every half hour, except at meals. Every one of our cells depends on water for carrying out its life-giving functions. Our kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin rely on these metabolic processes to do their jobs of clearing the body of waste and toxins.

breakfast fruit

2. Eat breakfast. It is important that your breakfast consists of a piece of fruit followed by non-starchy vegetables and protein.
During sleep, your body uses up a rich supply of nutrients to cleanse and repair itself. If you don't replenish those expended nutrients upon waking, the body utilizes its reserve store of nutrients. Don't run your day-to-day activities on your reserves; you want metabolic reserves for cleansing, repairing, and aging gracefully. One example of our body using its reserves is osteoporosis: calcium, an essential mineral for many bodily functions, is stolen from the bones when the body becomes too acidic.

3. Eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. This way you will be eating 5-7 meals per day.

4. Eat organic fruit 5-10 minutes before meals. By eating fruit before a meal, the body is assisted with critical digestive energy in the form of fructose and enzymes, leaving your body well-situated to use these by-products to break down food and extract nutrients from vegetables and protein, with less wasted energy and intestinal stress.

5. Eat organic, non-starchy vegetables 4-6 times daily. Green and non-starchy vegetables contain the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, fibers, and carbohydrates that your body needs to cleanse and repair itself.
grass-fed beef
6. Eat 5-15 grams of protein every 3 hours. Proteins may include (ideally) organic, grass-fed meat like beef and buffalo, fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Eating small amounts often is the goal here. The body requires the amino acids l-methionine, l-gluathionine, and l-glutamine to be consumed in therapeutic amounts in order to effectively and continuously cleanse.

7. Eat healthy fats in small amounts throughout the day. Healthy, organic fats include, but are not limited to, meat, fish, fish oils, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados. Every cell in the body is surrounded by a membrane that controls the removal of waste products. Essential fatty acids from healthy fats are needed to keep these cellular membranes permeable.

8. Eat food with high enzyme content including raw dairy, raw or lightly cooked non-commercial meats, and lacto-fermented food and drinks such as yogurt, kefir, raw cultured vegetables, kombucha, and kvass.

kefir9. Eat soups made with bone broth.

To learn more about the detoxification diet, read Kristina Amelong's Ten Days to Optimal Health. As Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook based on health-sustaining traditional diets from around the world, said:

"In the past, we have steered clear of the subject of detoxification through fasting and colon cleansing in these pages, in part because the medical literature provides little research on the subject, but largely because the many books promoting detoxification through enemas and colonics include abysmal fasting diets based on vegetable juices and mostly vegan, low-fat maintenance regimens.

Kristina Amelong's attractive book is different; her dietary principles are right in line with the discoveries of Weston Price and include healthy, pasture-raised animal foods, animal fats such as raw cream, butter, and egg yolks, bone broths, fermented foods, kombucha, raw milk, and raw meat."

If you need personal support to implement a detoxification diet or any of its supporting principles, please contact the Optimal Health Center.

Customer Testimonials

If you have a healing story to share involving the colon cleanse and/or ideas that you have used from the Optimal Health Network, please take a few moments to write them down and send them to us. We will eagerly read them and share them, only if you are willing.


anal fissure healing kitThank You for Helping Me Cure My 14-Year History of Anal Fissures

I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge of anal fissures on your website. I had to write you to thank you for helping me cure my anal fissure with a 14-year history.

To give you a little of my history, I was first diagnosed with a fissure in 1997 at the age of 30. During that time I first tried the usual cortisone ointments, increased fiber/water intake, and even went as far as to obtain nitroglycerin ointment (a solution I found on the anal fissure self-help page 14 years ago) with little or no success...

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OHN Provides an Effective Resources for Colonoscopy Exam

Modern health care favors laxatives - but it took enemas to do the job right. Thanks for your great information, professional equipment, proven and researched recipes, and caring advice...

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