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The Latest on Black Pad
New discoveries shed light on previously-held industry misconceptions
At the onset of the conversion to Lead-Free / RoHS compliance, we believed that black pad was a condition exclusive to improper maintenance of the nickel plating bath.  This suggested that Black Pad was an entirely avoidable condition that an end user could prevent by auditing their supplier(s) to ensure they were following best maintenance practices.
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Saturn's New SES Line
Improved Strip-Etch-Strip Increases Fabrication Capacity 60%
We have added a new SES line to our Romulus based manufacturing facility.  The new line features 5 etch chambers with the latest in spray technology that allows for more balanced top-to-bottom copper etching vis-a-vis reduced top-side "puddling".  The balance etching and more controlled chemistry allow for 3 mil line and spacing in production volumes, not just in prototype.
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