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October / November 2010
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A Message from the President
Social Media Tools
Share Your Best Practices
Midwest Regional Educational Opportunities
Volunteer Recruitment: Tips from the Field
Membership Update
 A Message from the President 
 Cindi McPherson, CAVS, President
It is with deep regret that I have accepted the following letter of resignation from our president-elect, Linda Fites.  She is stepping out of the president-elect role at this time.  She will be missed on the board as she brought professional wisdom as the past bylaws chair, treasurer and briefly as president-elect.  Linda will continue to support the board while the nominating committee searches for a replacement for her. 

Dear MCDVS membership,

For several years, I have enjoyed the pleasure and benefits of being a member of the MCDVS board as bylaws chair, treasurer and now president-elect.  Thus, it is with regret that I must resign.  Recent health issues are telling me that I need to slow down my work load.  As a result I cannot give full attention to my responsibility as president elect, and I feel that I am shortchanging the board and MCDVS.


Working with the board has provided pleasure as well as insight into the skills and competence of my peers.  I will miss working with Cindi and the entire board.  MCDVS and all its members have been a blessing to me personally and professionally and I thank all of you for your understanding.  Please accept my regrets.

Linda Fites
 Social Media Tools
 Jacquie Karr-Zlotnicki, Education Chair

We hope that everyone who attended our Fall Education Day walked away with some new knowledge.  A special thanks to Debbie Quinn from Ingham Regional Medical Center for hosting the event and to MHA for sponsoring our lunch.

Our guest speakers from PubliCom were nice enough to share electronic copies of everything they presented during their workshop.  These documents were sent out to all members on October 20; however, you will also find them posted on our website.
 Share Your Best Practices
 Nancy Babcok, Community Resources

Community Resources is requesting your best practices!  If you have electronic tools developed to make your job and Volunteer Management easier and better, please share those so they can be included in our new online Resource Directory/Tool Box.


We are looking for samples of volunteer applications, competency review forms, policies, volunteer position descriptions, and strategic plans for volunteer programs.  Help us build a living, working Tool Box that our membership can benefit from.


Over the 2010-2011 year, I look forward to our membership and experts in the field of Volunteer Management providing opportunities for all of us to work smarter and impact our facilities through volunteerism.  Please send your tools to me at:

 Midwest Regional Educational Opportunities
 Karol Pokley, CAVS, Advisor

As advisor to MCDVS, my assignment for this year is to explore the idea of a Midwest regional conference that would include Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota.  Since our president-elect was unable to attend the national AHVRP conference in St. Louis, I had the awesome opportunity to attend in her place.  


During the conference, I met with leaders from Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Minnesota.  (The Illinois leaders were not in attendance.)  Due to the economy and limited travel budgets, an overall consensus has been reached that it would be premature to begin planning a Midwest regional conference at this time. 


Instead, the Midwest leaders will be looking into opening their state conferences to others in the Midwest area.  The rate to attend these conferences is still being negotiated. This could prove to be a great way to connect with others outside our own state for a reasonable price.  Stay tuned for further progress.

 Volunteer Recruitment:  Tips from the Field
Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs    
This resource was developed by Sarah Jane Rehnborg, Ph.D., and Betsy Clubine with a team of volunteer professionals from around the state of Texas as a project for the Charles A. Dana Center at U.T. Austin.

Read more
 Membership Update
 Kathy Daly, Membership Chair

The MCDVS Membership Roster was mailed out last month to members who were unable to attend the Education Day.  If you have not yet received your copy, please contact me at


Please note that our online membership directory located on our website will be updated to reflect any changes that happen throughout the year.  You will also find a listing of new members in the newsletter too.

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