Qualified Riggers: OSHA Required

By Debbie Dickinson, Executive Director,
Crane Institute of America Certification, Inc. (CIC)

What is a Qualified Rigger?
Effective November 8, 2010 OSHA requires riggers to be Qualified Riggers.  Crane Institute Certification (CIC) asked OSHA for more definition of the requirements for Qualified Riggers.  Our understanding is that a rigger must be qualified to perform the task at hand. Just as crane operators are qualified to operate different types of equipment, riggers' skill and knowledge level may also vary. 
Basic riggers typically perform rigging in conjunction with their craft.  For example, Ironworkers may connect using a choker, or other appropriate hitch, to connect and balance I beams, H beams, Angle Iron, Chanel Iron, etc.   The basic rigger performs repetitive tasks to connect loads and signal an operator to move a load.  Carpenters may perform basic rigging to connect roof trusses and signal the operator to lift and place the trusses.  Boilermakers may be setting sets of boiler tubes.  While this lift may be a bit more complicated than a roof truss or I beam, the basic principle is the same.  Connect, balance and signal the same type of load, with the same type of rigging and connection, and guide with a tag line, if appropriate. 
Master RiggingAdvanced Riggers must be able to perform all Basic Rigging functions and use signals correctly.  In addition, Advanced, or level 2 Riggers, must be able to calculate weight of loads on multiple leg slings used at angles, select slings and other hardware appropriate for the load, know the load's ability to withstand lifting and calculate and plan for multiple crane lifts.  Advanced Riggers may also select or determine which crew members are qualified to perform basic or advanced level tasks.  Certification of an Advanced Rigger requires a knowledge test and a practical exam. 
Certification of qualified riggers is not required by OSHA, however, the crane and rigging industry has recognized third party, accredited certification testing as the most objective and reliable means to qualify personnel.  CIC makes certification of Qualified Riggers. CIC provides accredited certifications for:

         Qualified Signalperson & Qualified Rigger - Basic
         Qualified Rigger - Advanced
One certification from CIC exam documents rigger qualification at a basic level and simultaneously fulfills the OSHA requirement for Signalperson Qualification by Examination.  Advanced, or Level 2 riggers, are certified at the basic level and for more advanced tasks. 
About Crane Institute of America Certification, Inc. (CIC) - CIC is a respected leader in the certification of crane and rigging personnel.  CIC certifications are OSHA recognized and NCCA accredited.  CIC provides the most realistic to the job site and affordable certifications to the industry.  For more information, visit: http://www.CICert.com or call 763-476-4242.


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Qualified Riggers: OSHA Required
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