May 2012
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Proposed Governance Update

The governance committee has had its first meeting to discuss the feedback received from you and our lawyer, Mark Burnette.  Mark joined the governance committee on the phone call and answered questions related to his feedback.  This was a helpful conversation and discussion.  Our process going forward will be as follows:


  • The governance committee has been given until June 30 to complete its work.
  • The governance committee will report back to the Board of Representatives in its July Conference Call meeting.
  • Our lawyer will review the governance proposal.
  • An online town hall meeting will be held in August (date TBD) to give you an opportunity to discuss the governance proposal and share your questions/concerns.
  • The governance proposal will be shared with you at your fall regional meetings.
  • Your Regional Representatives will bring your feedback to the Board of Representatives meeting in November in Atlanta.
  • Deryck and I will meet with the lawyer to discuss By-Laws changes.
  • An online town hall meeting will be held in January to give one final opportunity to engage the proposal.
  • By-Laws changes will be posted on the ACPE website in February.
  • Vote on By-Laws changes will be held at the Annual Conference in May, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Please forward your feedback to John Roch in the National Office.
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Proposed Governance Update
ACPE Presidential Election
Request for Funding
National Conference Survey
ACPE Academy
CPE in Budapest
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ACPE Presidential Election
Tim Thorstenson
Tim Thorstenson
David Johnson
David C. Johnson

In the March issue of the ACPE News we asked our readers to submit questions for the ACPE presidential candidates to answer.  Below are the questions selected this month.






"I'm an SES and am writing theory papers about how my theology shapes my supervision of students.  I'm wondering how the candidates would say theology shapes their leadership?"

Angela Janssen Keenan, Supervisory Education Student,
Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte, NC

David Johnson's Response

Tim Thorstenson's Response


"The REM Network just celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Some question whether ACPE still needs a REM Network.  What are your thoughts and why?"

Gale Francine Kennebrew, DMin. BCC, ACPE, Director, CPE & Spiritual Care Program,

Chapters Health System, Temple Terrace, FL


  Tim Thorstenson's Response

David Johnson's Response



We want to hear from you!

What do you want to know about your ACPE presidential candidates? What questions do you want them to answer? What do you want them to have thought about?


You will also have a chance to interact with candidates during an online town hall meeting later this summer. The election will conclude with electronic voting in August. Make sure to read the e-Newsletter for more election details!


We received an overwhelming response to our call for questions.  We have selected the questions for the next few issues of the newsletter.  However, you may still submit questions to be included in the online town hall meeting.  We will attempt to include as many submissions as possible.  Please send your questions/thoughts to John Roch, Assistant Editor.

Requests for Funding for Innovative CPE Projects

Requests for funding for innovative CPE projects may now be submitted for consideration by the ACPE Program Award Committee.  Proposals are to be sent via email to John Roch by September 1, 2012 in a PDF format.  At its Fall 2012 meeting, the Board will award funding based upon recommendation by the Committee.


Click here to view the entire directions for submissions

National Conference Survey

National Conference Survey


The ACPE wants to know what you want from our national conferences.  What are you likes? Dislikes?  Suggestions?


The Southwest Region polled its members last month.  The results were so beneficial we decided to survey the entire ACPE membership. 


Please take a few minutes to complete the National Conference Survey.  And if you are a Southwest Region Member who already provided feedback...thank you!


We look forward to hearing from you!

Academy for Continuing Education 

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


The ACPE Academy for Continuing Education is organized to meet the following educational needs of the ACPE membership:

  • The Leadership Forum - for ACPE leadership, board, commission, committee members
  • The Center for Management Studies - for pastoral leaders and ACPE Supervisors serving as department heads, program managers, senior staff
  • The Center for the Teaching and Supervisory Arts - for Supervisory Education Students, ACPE Supervisors, Field Educators, Pastors, and Pastoral Theologians


Visit the website to see 2012's schedule and start registering

CPE in Budapest

Pastoral Care Department of the Polyclinic of the Brothers of St John of God in Budapest has launched a four semester postgraduate clinical pastoral training (CPE) jointly with the Vilmos Apor Catholic College.


Trainers and students of the training together with MRev Miklos Beer gathered in the Saint Stephen Chapel of the Brothers of St John of God to celebrate a Veni Sancte Mass on the first day of the training. 


Click here to read the entire article

Announcements / Educational Opportunities


Calvin Runnels Memorial Scholarship 


Summer Institute on Theology and Disability 


Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Webinars


National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) Audio Conferences