March 2012
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Proposed Governance Update

As promised in the meeting in Arlington, the proposed governance structure has been reviewed by our lawyer. We have forwarded his feedback to the Board of Representatives and Governance Committee, who will review his comments, suggestions and recommendations, along with the feedback we have received from several members. We are committed to the continuing process of creating a governance structure that is aligned with our mission, vision and values and that will meet the needs of the ACPE as we position ourselves for the future. We appreciate your feedback and continue to invite you to share your wisdom with us as we continue our work. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you informed of our progress.


Please forward your feedback to John Roch in the National Office.

ACPE Presidential Election

We want to hear from you! In the last issue of the newsletter we introduced you to your ACPE presidential candidates. What do you want to know about your ACPE presidential candidates? What questions do you want them to answer? What do you want them to have thought about?


Send your questions to John Roch, Assistant Editor. Over the next few issues of the e-Newsletter, the candidates will answer questions submitted by YOU!


You will also have a chance to interact with candidates during an online town hall meeting later this summer. The election will conclude with electronic voting in August. Make sure to read the e-Newsletter for more election details!

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Proposed Governance Update
ACPE Presidential Election
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2013 Annual Conference
Are you paying interns?
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The Annual Notice & Student Directory

Rev. Dr. Karrie Oertli, Chair, ACPE Accreditation Commission


Karrie OertliA couple of years ago, I wrote about the issue of Student Records and the Annual Notice. I refer you to the June, 2010 issue of ACPE News in which that article appeared. Since that time, there have been a few lingering questions about the requirement of an Annual Notice that must be sent to students prior to the beginning of a unit of CPE. This article will assist you in understanding the annual notice and in supplying it to students and will further supply more information about how the Commission understands a "directory" for ACPE Centers.


Click here to read the entire article

Standards Committee

Notes from the Standards Committee

Why We Didn't Change a Standard


We recently received a communication from a supervisor who asked that we add a competency for certification as Associate and Full Supervisor regarding the required annual paperwork for ACPE: annual reports, student unit reports, etc. The supervisor expressed the concern that not everyone learns this in their SES process, and if an SES is trained in a center where this is routinely handled by the secretarial staff, then the SES might be completely unfamiliar with these requirements.


When we started to discuss this (we routinely discuss requests and comments from supervisors - keep those cards and letters coming, folks), some of our members also expressed frustration about supervisors in their regions who routinely had difficulties with these requirements. This also sparked discussion about issues of maintaining supervisory competence in general, and we had a spirited discussion for some time about these issues.
2013 Annual Conference

2013 Conference LogoThe ACPE 2013 Annual Conference Committee is excited to unveil the conference logo and theme: "Recreation and Rediscovery for Spiritual Health: Get Your Motors Running." The ACPE will gather in Indianapolis, IN in 2013. The committee has already been hard at work planning an exciting event.


Steven Ivy has joined the ACPE Conference Planning Committee as the Conference Leader for Indianapolis in May 2013. Steve is enthused by the program theme and by this opportunity to share the surprising city of Indianapolis with his ACPE colleagues. Click to read Steve's entire bio.


Mildred Best will serve as the Lead for Cultural Diversity on the ACPE Conference Planning Committee. The ACPE Board of Representatives approved a new conference planning structure which includes the Lead for Cultural Diversity. Mildred is excited to help define this role and looks forward to hearing from the membership during the planning process. Click to read Mildred's entire bio.

Are you paying your interns?

Are you paying your interns?

From time to time, there are questions surrounding the status of CPE interns.  Recently more than one large newspaper has carried stories about this.  As a service to ACPE centers, Interim Executive Director Deryck Durston asked ACPE's attorney, Mark Burnette, to provide a summary of the criteria to consider as used by the Department of Labor (DOL), to determine whether or not an intern is required to be paid.  Mark's advised that one or more ACPE centers should ask the DOL for a ruling.  For example, doctors and lawyers acquired an exemption through a DOL ruling. 


Click here to read Mark's entire summary of the criteria to consider

Academy for Continuing Education 

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


The ACPE Academy for Continuing Education is organized to meet the following educational needs of the ACPE membership:

  • The Leadership Forum - for ACPE leadership, board, commission, committee members
  • The Center for Management Studies - for pastoral leaders and ACPE Supervisors serving as department heads, program managers, senior staff
  • The Center for the Teaching and Supervisory Arts - for Supervisory Education Students, ACPE Supervisors, Field Educators, Pastors, and Pastoral Theologians


Visit the website to see 2012's schedule and start registering


A Moment of Merger and Consolidation

By Leo Blanchard


Our ACPE meeting in Washington was a time to celebrate the past and look to the future. When I read Robin's President Report, I realized that we are moving with positive energy into that future. Robin underlined the importance of mergers when she reflected on the words of Walter Smith. "Walter felt strongly that the way to keep this vocation we love relevant and viable we needed to find ways to consolidate our efforts and create one central organization that could speak the voice of healthcare chaplaincy, spiritual care and education."


Click here to read entire article

Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

JPC Logo 

The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Vol 66, No 1 (2012) is available online.


Click here for complete instructions


Do you give a gift to your students at the end of a unit?  If so, consider making that a gift subscription (at the student rate of $25/year) to online access to JPC&C. See http://www.jpcp.org/subsc.html - two thirds of the way down the page - for more information. 

Announcements / Educational Opportunities

David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality 


Calvin Runnels Memorial Scholarship 


19th International Congress on Palliative Care - Call for Abstracts


Summer Institute on Theology and Disability 


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