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Astrological Gem Newsletter, Part 2

Do Jyotish Gemstones Really Work?
This is a question I've been asked thousands of times over the lasts three decades. My answer is a definite and qualified YES! 


I can say that now, but it took me many years to firmly come to this conclusion.  As I wrote in our previous newsletter, I was quite the skeptic in my early years as a gem dealer.  I flat out did not see how, or believe it was possible, for a gemstone to change a person's life simply by wearing it.  (See Part 1 of this newsletter here.)


Early in my gem career, I had some powerful and personal experiences with a lovely 8.5 carat white sapphire.  It helped to turn me from a skeptic into a believer, and there were many other formative experiences over the years that contributed to my current certainty of the power of Jyotish quality gemstones.  I will mention some of these experiences in this newsletter. 


I've often said to prospective customers, "If you knew what I know about how Jyotish gemstones effectively help a person achieve their heartfelt goals, or to change their life in a positive way, you would rush to buy your Jyotish gem immediately." 


Here are a few of the milestones that convinced me that Jyotish gemstones really do work.


In 1989, I was given an opportunity to run and manage a gem company for an experienced dealer from Thailand.  It was strictly a wholesale operation that  supplied gemstones to dealers in the major markets of New York and Los Angeles.  By agreement, though, I was also given permission to buy and sell Jyotish gemstones.


During this time I continued to hear feedback from clients that had tried my Jyotish-quality gems.  Many called to tell me how these gems had dramatically changed their lives.  Some were healed from serious health problems as predicted, some were able to finally get pregnant and have a healthy child against all medical odds, and others had their careers turn from stagnation to remarkable success.  Time and time again, I heard powerful stories that proved the benefit of these gems.

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I remember the time well, in the fall of 1989, when the weight of evidence coming from my clients caused me to conclude these gems probably did work.  I didn't know how it worked, but I did know from the numerous reports I received that somehow these gems were causing important changes in the lives of my clients.


As a Virgo with Mercury in the second house, it was predicted that if I wore an emerald I would earn more money and my career would advance.  I was starting a new phase of my career and could certainly stand to make more money, so I called my best Colombian emerald supplier and asked to see some extra-clean emeralds.


A few days later a parcel of very clear and bright Colombian emeralds arrived.  They were exceptional in their flawlessness and sweetness and also very well priced.  I decided to take a leap of faith and bought the entire parcel of about ten emeralds, ranging from 2 to 4 carats in size.  I didn't have the $15,000 asking price, but I did have one credit card with a $15,000 limit.  I paid for the emerald lot using that card.


This was a bold move at the time -- I had a wife and two very young children, no savings, no inventory, and had just started a new job.  My side business selling Jyotish gem business was very small.  I didn't know if my income was secure or if this new phase of my life would work out, but I now had enough faith in the power of astrological gemstones to take this risk.  


I decided to pick out a four-carat emerald for myself and a beautiful two-carat one for my wife.  I estimated that it might take me 12 to 18 months to sell the remaining emeralds but made a deal with myself to be vigilant, and whenever I sold one of the emeralds, I would immediately use the money to pay off the credit card.


I gave the emeralds to my jeweler and asked him to make a pendant for me and a ring for my wife.  A few days later he delivered the new pendant, configured with my existing white sapphire, and I put it on with great hope and expectation.  Right then a funny series of coincidences began happening: the jeweler was so impressed with the quality of the emeralds that he asked if I might find him one too. I showed him the other emeralds from my recent purchase and he bought one for himself and one for his wife.  ("This is a good start," I thought to myself).


Then, for the next few days, everyone that came into my office or called looking for Jyotish gemstones seemed to only want one thing: one of the emeralds from the parcel.  No one wanted any yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, diamonds, rubies... No, everyone wanted only emeralds, had the budget for them, and wanted the exact sizes of what I had bought just a few days before.  In just a few short days, I sold every one of the remaining emeralds!


I quickly wrote a check to my credit card company and paid off the entire sum of $15,000 before I had even received the bill from the credit card company.  Plus I now owned two emeralds that were paid for, one for me and one for my wife, and even made two thousand dollars profit in addition.  ("Wow! This emerald sure seems to be working," I thought.)


It continued to work.  It shed its divine, emerald green, Mercury energy throughout my entire life and being.  The new phase of my career managing a wholesale gem company began to prosper as I further educated myself in the intricacies of the gem business. 


My income doubled that year.


During the next few years, my knowledge and success continued to increase steadily. Many more customers were telling me how the Jyotish gems they were wearing had changed their lives for the better.  My wholesale business and my Jyotish gem business were both growing nicely, and as my experience grew, so did my confidence.   


By 1992 I was beginning to sell to the Caribbean jewelry store market.  I found new customers for my wholesale business by knocking on the doors of jewelers' shops.  I would borrow gems and jewelry from other dealers, include my own gems and the gems of the company I was managing, and on each trip I was able to sell between $25,000 and $30,000 worth of stones.


About this time, I had a wonderful 3.5 carat emerald in my Jyotish gem inventory that was the best quality I had ever owned.  By this time I had discovered how to determine the relative astrological power of Jyotish stones by holding and feeling them, and I knew that this smaller emerald was substantially more powerful than the 4.15 carat emerald I had been wearing for several years.


I decided that if I didn't sell this emerald during the next few months, I would buy it for myself.  If it was more powerful, I reasoned, I should make more money and have my career advance again as it had done when I put on my first emerald.


Months later I was putting together another trip to the Caribbean.  This had become a regular routine trip for me especially during the long, harsh, cold Iowa winters.  A few days before I left, I decided to trade out my 4.15 carat emerald for the more powerful 3.5 carat emerald.  I had my jeweler replace the old stone with the new one and return it to me before I was scheduled to go on my trip. 


I put my upgraded pendant on and left for the Islands the next day with a shoulder bag full of gems and hope for a successful trip.   


I visited my best customer, the owner of six jewelry stores in the Cayman Islands.  He took me aside when I arrived and told me that he had been tracking how my gems were selling compared to his other suppliers.  He said my gems sold faster and at a greater profit than all of his other sources, so he announced that he was going to make me his new number-one supplier.  He then called his six managers, telling them the news and instructing them to buy more heavily from me on this trip.  ("This is definitely a good start for my new emerald," I thought.)


When I calculated the total sales at the end of the week, I was shocked to see they were nearly ten times my best previous results: They bought $230,000 worth of inventory!  I sold every gem that I personally owned.  The combined income from my commissions and sales of personal inventory paid for my new emerald many times over; it was a huge windfall profit day for me.  The stone was clearly working its magic. 


My income doubled again that year. 


During the next seven years I continued to mature as a gem dealer and hone in on my expertise as a large-scale buyer.  An increasing number of clients called or mailed me letters of thanks for the Jyotish gems I had sold them and the blessings that had come into their lives as a result.


What I had experienced was the prediction of my astrologers if I were to wear a gem for Mercury and a gem for Venus.  Whenever I'd upgrade my emerald, I'd experience an upgrade in benefits.  It was like turning up the volume: better quality yielded better results.  I worked just as hard before wearing my gems but with very limited success, but once I started to wear these gems, I experienced substantially greater fulfillment in my career and in my income.  I also felt I had entered deeper into my Dharma.


It was now quite clear to me how the color and clarity, the degree of flawlessness and symmetry, the Sattvic essence and beauty of the gemstones were all related to the relative power of each gemstone.  When I traveled to the source countries, I knew which gems to avoid and which very few were the most potent.  With this knowledge I continued to refine my gemstone selection process.


In early 1999 I purchased a small lot of very powerful, Sattvic Colombian emeralds. This time there were five gems with a depth of color and flawlessness that I had never seen or purchased before.  I sold all but one of these remarkable emeralds to very fortunate clients.  One emerald remained, a 2.68 carat beauty, that silently spoke to me.  I gave my pendant to my jeweler and had him install the new smaller (but much more potent) emerald so I could begin to wear it.    


I was entering a totally new phase of my gem career at this time, deciding to effectively walk away from the wholesale side of the business in order to pursue a career in Jyotish gemstones exclusively.  I liked the wholesale business and I had attained a degree of mastery in it, but I truly loved the spiritual gem business, discovering the secret of what Jyotish gemstones were really about.  I knew I would most likely earn less money this way, but I figured it would be enough to get by and knew the pleasure of helping people with spiritual gemstones would be a much more satisfying experience.  As the familiar saying goes, I followed my heart, hoping my new smaller (but much more potent) emerald would help me make this transition easily.


Three days later, I received a call from the owner of a small and struggling TV Shopping Network, a previous wholesale account that I sold to.  I had not done any business with this company for some time and it had been over a year since I had talked to him.  He asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was heading to Thailand and Sri Lanka to go on a gem buying trip.  To my surprise, he asked me to buy gems for his company while I was there. 


I had just decided to abandon all wholesale business for the spiritual gem business and then this!  He offered me a contract to buy a certain amount of gems for him and to mark them up a modest amount.  I quickly calculated that this would essentially pay for my trip expenses and agreed.  I left for three weeks of gemstone hunting and had a successful trip, financed by my new unsolicited buying contract.


During the next year, I was asked to make five more buying trips and to double the amount of gems I was buying on each trip.  This provided much needed income and I became known as an important buyer in the source countries.  I purchased more gems that year alone than I had in the previous five years.  Again, my income and career experienced a significant boost.  The new, smaller, more potent emerald I was wearing had come through.


Success continued.  During the next eight years, this TV Shopping Network grew to become the largest seller of gemstones in the world!  I was their only gem buyer for much of this time, and as they grew, so did my experience.  By agreement, I kept my Jyotish gem business, where my true passion remains today. 


In conclusion, when asked, I can enthusiastically testify that Jyotish gemstones truly are effective.  If your birth time is correct, you have the right gemstones recommended, and you have the proper quality gemstone, then yes, they absolutely do work.  In fact, after three decades, I've found my Sattvic, Jyotish quality gemstones work better than I ever dreamed possible. 


Thank you for reading this issue of our newsletter.  Please stay tuned for future updates.


Wishing you all the best,


 Jay Boyle