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Do Jyotish Gemstones Really Work?


This is something I've been asked thousands of times over the last three decades and I understand what prompts a person to ask such a critical question.  In fact, for years, I was a skeptic myself.


In the early years of my career in gemstones, I dealt in the wholesale jewelry trade but also sold untreated gems for Jyotish use to Astrologers.  During this time I couldn't see how a gemstone could affect a person's life.  I was a secret skeptic. 


I loved gems, and was totally taken by them, but the idea of a gemstone changing my life by simply wearing it seemed to me to be fanciful fiction.  What changed my mind was a series of events over a period of years -- some deeply personal and experiential, some unbiased and observational.  Here, then, is a brief summary of how I went from a complete non-believer to an enthusiastic proponent of the use and effectiveness of wearing Astrological Gemstones.


Although my first Jyotish reading was in 1986, I started to wear a gemstone two years before.  Why?  I never wore any jewelry and was not attracted to do so even though I was in the jewelry business.  No, my reason for putting on a gemstone was not for appearances.  During one 18-hour period in the summer of 1982, I had a series of unusual experiences with a gem that surprised me and began my turnaround from a skeptic to a believer.


It started while I was in a gem dealer's office, ten floors up on 47th street, in New York City, shopping for gems that I felt I could resell for a profit. In those days, many Jyotish gems were quite inexpensive, especially white sapphires, a stone for the planet Venus.  They were considered near worthless because they had no color; sapphires were valued by the type and intensity of color. Since I was a struggling, undercapitalized gem dealer, I was looking at white sapphires because they were some of the only gems that I could afford.


That's when a particularly beautiful 8-carat white sapphire was offered to me.  It was the most beautiful gem of this type that I had ever seen.  It radiated a sweet energy that moved me deep inside.  Its price per carat was double what I thought it should be and I passed on buying it, yet I kept coming back to it, admiring its indescribable specialness.  Finally, my love for the gem won the battle and I bought the sapphire even though it was selling for a premium.  (I paid $45 per carat!  Within a year white sapphire prices had doubled again).


The moment I bought it, a very strange thought seemed to float into my mind: "Why don't you wear this gem? Put it in your pocket and see what happens."


What?!  That's a weird thought, I don't even wear gems, I said to myself. 


"Put it in your wallet and see what happens."  


What?! That's another weird thought!  Still, I put the 8ct white sapphire into my wallet, silently observing my strange behavior with some amusement.  I had never thought or done this before -- remember, I didn't even want to wear gems, much less believe in their ability to change my life. 


Just moments after I put the sapphire into my wallet, the dealer's phone rang.  It was my partner calling, looking for me.  I took the phone.  He had been making calls to jewelry manufacturers, looking for some business, and he had just received an order.  A jewelry manufacturer in Chicago needed 3,000 amethysts of a certain size, shape, color and price.  He encouraged me to shop the dealers in New York to try to find these gems.


Even though the office I was in specialized in sapphires from Sri Lanka, not semiprecious gems like amethyst, I asked him who I should call to find these amethysts.  He smiled, told me to wait, went into the other room and came out with a large parcel of amethyst that were exactly what our customer was asking for!  "Now that's interesting," I mused silently.


The sapphire dealer explained, "I had an order exactly like this six months ago.  I bought the rough, cut the gems overseas, then the order fell through.  I'm stuck with these amethysts.  You can have them at my cost."   I smiled as I mentally calculated the profit we would make on this deal. It turned out to be nearly equal to our entire last year's income!  "That's quite a coincidence," I thought to myself.


That night I was sleeping on a friend's couch since we could not afford a hotel.  As I was falling asleep, another strange thought floated into my awareness: "Put it in your pillow case and see what happens."  Huh?! There's another weird thought... but why not?  I decided to give it a try. (Note: this was years before I had heard or read to put a gem in your pillow case during sleep.  It was a totally unique thought for me.)


The next 8 hours consisted of the most unusual sleep I had ever experienced.  It was characterized by what I can only describe as a Divine Golden Light that permeated my being.  


I opened my eyes in the morning totally refreshed and thought to myself, "WOW! OK, I get it.  I'm going to wear this gem, it's obviously good for me!"  I had it set in a pendant (remember, I didn't care for jewelry) and wore it discreetly under my shirt.


Remarkably, you may think, I didn't go out and see what other gems I could wear.  It was two years after that I had my first Jyotish reading and the astrologer was reluctant to recommend any gems, saying he was not experienced in using them.  But a few things had already changed in my life.  My income began to an upward trend and my sleep often seemed to have a spiritual component to it.  I would frequently have teachers instructing me in my dreams.  Some lessons I would remember and some I would only remember that there was a teacher and a lesson.


No longer a total skeptic about the effect gemstones could have on a person by wearing them, it still took me quite a few years before it finally dawned on me that it was likely that gemstones prescribed by a Vedic astrologer could actually work.  I know, many of you are now thinking, "Boy is this guy dense."  Like I said, I understand any skepticism about gems being effective -- I lived it for years.


During the next few years, many clients told me the experiences they had with the gems they bought from me.  I finally became convinced that the right gemstone, properly prescribed by a good Jyotish astrologer, could, in fact, have a positive effect on a person's life.


Our next Newsletter will detail some of the stories of my clients who were instrumental in transforming me from a minor skeptic to an enthusiastic believer in the power of Jyotish gemstones.  That, as well as additional powerful experiences of my own, helped form my current unshakable belief that the right gemstone can change a person's life in a very positive and measurable way.  


Best wishes, 

 Jay Boyle

Graduate Gemologist


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