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Introducing Anvil Studio's second design collaboration with ASI Kestrel,
the "F'n awesome" RT1000, debuting this week at Interbike 2010!
Katana main
When Kestrel wanted to design a new road frame that was light, stiff, + uniquely Kestrel, they returned to Anvil Studios.

The design challenge was to keep the large masses of "swoopy" carbon to a minimum in exchange for a light + nimble ride, yet still carry the same DNA that Anvil Studios designed into the 4000LTD last year.

Our design solution was aptly named "Katana" as it looked to remove the excess. Knife-like edges, accentuated joints + notched out detailing retain the strong visual language originally developed on the 4000LTD. Katana subtly blends a lightweight, springing forward gesture with that of the brutal expression of speed as defined by the 4000LTD. The result is another beautiful + successful bike design that is truly Kestrel. ASI | Kestrel
Katana sketches
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