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April 2010
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In June 2004 Friends of FSH Researcharose out of our love for our son Brian and our commitment to do all we could to impact his future. In reflecting back over the past six years there is so much we have learned. 

Today our commitment is much broader for we have come to know and care about the many people & their families that face life with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, or FSH. The mission of Friends of FSH Research is to give each of those facing FSH and its accompanying challenges new hope. We offer the hope that work done in research laboratories worldwide will one day bring forth a much needed treatment for FSH.  

When we began, we hoped that people would care about FSH and the many people effected by its numerous challenges. We hoped that when people learned FSH research had been largely ignored by the scientific community, due to lack of funding options & its complex etiology that they would want to help. We have not been disappointed!

You and our other many supporters have been amazing. You have joined in our mission and have made THE difference! 

I thank each one of you for your kindness & support,

Terry Colella

Joel Chamberlain
FSHD Grant Awarded to UW Researcher

  Friends of FSH Research, based in Kirkland, WA and the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), headquartered in Tucson, Ariz., announced the recipient of their two-year, $200,000 collaborative grant on April 1st  Dr. Joel Chamberlain, a research assistant professor of medical genetics at the University of Washington is to receive the first ever grant offered through this unique partnership of these two organizations. 

 The grant, equally funded by both organizations, will enable the laboratory led by Dr. Chamberlain to study RNA interference as an investigative and therapeutic tool for Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy."We're delighted to be funding this cutting-edge research aimed at finding a therapy for FSH dystrophy," says Valerie Cwik, MDA Executive Vice President - Research and Medical Director. "Not only might this project identify the precise molecular cause of FSHD---which has eluded us---but it could also rapidly suggest a viable therapeutic approach to the disease.

Last fall, Friends of FSH Research and the MDA teamed up to issue a worldwide Request for Applications (RFA) for FSHD projects. The goal being to stimulate innovative FSH Dystrophy research.  "Our RFA has proven to be a strong catalyst for new FSH research," notes Terry Colella, Friends of FSH Research President. "We have helped to create new momentum in the field of FSH dystrophy research and Dr. Chamberlain's work should help bring us closer to a much needed therapy or cure."

Read more about Dr. Chamberlain's project.

As a result of the joint RFA distributed by MDA and Friends of FSH Research another excellent project proposal was received frome Dr. Silvere van der Maarel at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. This study will be funded by MDA independently.
Best of Northwest Art Fair
Thank You!!

March 27th and 28th Friends of FSH Research was the charity partner for the Northwest Art Alliance's Spring Art Fair. We want to thank the many artists for the wonderful donations, which are now listed in this newsletter & on our website.

Our participation in this show would not have been as successful without the help of our many volunteers! Thank You!

My sincere thanks to:
Pamela Rembold and the NW Art Alliance, Lynn Fischer, George Shaw, Diane Cook, Jerry Zyskowski, Deborah Shields, Stefanie Brown, Marilyn Burke, Sandy Eacker, Lucy Chao, Christina Sakura, Susan Braun, Rick Colella & an anonymous cookie chef.
Save the Date!
 "Evening in Paris"
Evening in Paris
Mark you calendars for the
7th Annual "FiSHing for a Cure"
Auction & Gala Event

January 29th, 2011
Bellevue Hyatt

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Dining Out Never Tasted This Good!!
When you dine out using the credit card registered with the Celebrated Chefs program - 5% of your bill will go toward funding FSH Research! Enroll your credit card today as a partner with Friends of FSH Research and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

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