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 Water Damage Clean-Up

Basement Before
Soggy Carpet Before


We received a phone call from Stephanie about heavy water damage to the carpeting and walls in her finished basement. The carpet was permanently stained from furniture dye so we removed it and the padding, which allowed everything to dry out faster. We set up drying equipment and applied a mold preventive to all surfaces once dry. Due to our efforts only the

Basement After
Clean Dry Floor After

carpet needed to be replaced and no mold growth occurred.


"Your company responded very quickly and the crew was very professional. It is amazing how well things came out. I would definitely use our service again and recommend you to anyone."

- Stephanie Hulatar     



Mold Eradication


Marcy Brenner had a bad case of mold in her unfinished basement. We removed the mold after installing a doorway barrier to keep the spores from spreading into other sections of the house. We then took out all the organic material such as cardboard boxes, etc. and Hepa vacuumed the floors and walls while our negative air machine was going to vent mold spores. We then applied an anti-microbial agent to the walls and floors. The concrete steps and floor were then washed and scrubbed to prep them for the solid color water based stain we applied.


"I am very happy with the results of the cleaning and floor staining you did! Our basement and whole house has been upgraded considerably! Thanks for all the good work!"

- Marcy Brenner  



Fire Damage Remediation 

"I will never forget you, Jim! You quickly responded and began the necessary remediation work. You were knowledgeable, fastidious, reassuring and confident, with a warm personality.You worked along with the building contractor advising him on what could be saved and what could not be saved. Your company is very trustworthy. I will tell everyone about you."  

- Mrs. Kessler     


Read the story about fire damage to Mrs. Kessler's apartment in our Fall 2010 newsletter


A Pipe Burst - Now What? 



  • Call for professional help as time causes more damage
  • Shut off water source if possible
  • Remove as much water as possible with mop
  • Remove wet area rugs
  • Move valuables to a safe, dry place
  • Wipe furniture to remove excess water
  • Place aluminum foil under legs of furniture
  • Prop up wet furniture cushions
  • Lift drapes off floor
  • Remove damp books and lay them out to dry
  • Open closet doors and furniture drawers



  • Use your household vacuum to remove the excess water
  • Use electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring or carpets
  • Go into any room with standing water if the electricity is on
  • Lift tacked down carpet without professional help
  • Go into any room where the ceiling is sagging
  • Wait to call for professional help as time causes more damage.

Client Testimonial

"Jim met with the insurance adjuster and agreed on what had to be done about the fire in our tenant's apartment. His crew worked quickly and did a thorough job restoring everything to good condition. They were all nice, but I hope to never have to see them again under similar circumstances."   

George Barclay

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Q: I just dropped my mobile phone into a sink full of water. Can it be saved?

A: Possibly, but you must act quickly. Follow the steps below immediately. Not all attempts are successful, but it's worth a try.


1) Remove all parts - the back cover, batteries, subscriber identity module (SIM),  housing and other removable components. It is best to remove the battery while the phone is submerged to dissipate the heat that can short out the phone.


2)  Dry all the individual components by using a vacuum to draw out water and moisture. Hold the vacuum at least three inches away (to avoid static electricity) for at least 20 minutes.


3) Do NOT use a hair dryer because the high temperature can burn the circuitry of your phone while the outward flow of hot air can embed moisture deeper into the circuitry.


4) Do not attempt to put your water damaged mobile phone in an oven or any other heating device.


5) Cover your phone with rice grains or any commercially available desiccant (silica gel, calcium sulfate) overnight in a covered container.


6) If your mobile phone was submerged in saltwater, first place it under running tap water to wash off salt molecules and prevent their crystallization in the mobile phone's components. Then follow other steps above.


7) Wait 24 hours before attempting to turn on the phone. Even if it seems dry, there may be components that still have traces of moisture.


Remember, quick action is important. Without it, there is no point in even trying to save your sodden mobile phone. 



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