Good News - Right Now!
from Sayings of Success TM   -   Volume I Issue 2
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Moving Forward
What is Success?
Can You Really Change?
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   Moving Forward on Your Perfect Day

Did you write down your perfect day? If not, see this area of Good News - Right Now!, Vol.1, Issue 1

1)  From your perfect day description, list the components of the day. E.g., if you live or work in a different place, write down the name of the place. If you look different, write down how you look. If you can speak a different language, write down the name of the language.
2)  When you've listed all the items,  prioritize their importance to your sense of fulfillment.  For example, if living in a different place tops the list make it number one. 
3) Starting with your most important future accomplishment, list five steps you need to take to reach that objective. E.g., if it's learning a new language you might write: A) research new language training options (self-teaching audio/videos; community college; local or online language instruction associations; immersion classes, etc.); B) Locate local or online media in the new language to listen, view or read it; C) Clear time in your weekly schedule to study the language; D) Find a practice partner. E) Take Action!
4) Repeat the above for all or at least the most important goals on your perfect day list.
5) To keep you on track find a goal planning system that works for you. E.g., Visit: (Disciplined for Life);; Goal; or
6) Make a personal commitment to work on your most important goals at least three times per week or more.
7)  Visit SoS Articles to learn more about making lasting life changes in "How to Get the Learning to Stay".
Congratulations, you're on your way!
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What is Success and Who Says So?
Advertisements, critics, reporters, friends and family are always trying to tell us what it means to succeed. In today's world multi-billion dollar industries are built on defining and re-defining success for us.  
The recent economic downturn has prompted many people to re-evaluate their definition of success. For some, the predominant definition (monetary wealth, luxurious items, etc.) hasn't changed, only the means and timing to access it has shifted. For others, success has taken on a whole new meaning that differs significantly from what is depicted in the average consumer magazine or lifestyle TV program. It may now include more family time, better health or deeper spirituality.
One thing that humans have been blessed with is the power of choice - good, bad or indifferent. As my husband and I say to our children, "You may not always like the options, but you always have a choice." This choice applies to our definitions of success.  
Sometimes in seemingly impossible situations, the choice is only in our attitude and perspective. The number of times Bobby McFerrin's anthem "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or Jonny Lang's "Anything is Possible" have changed my perspective is amazing. Finding a song, a quote or a verse that lifts your spirits is a great way to stay motivated and to prepare for life's next challenge.
For most of us success is equated with happiness. We are individuals and as such we are entitled to our unique interpretations of happiness. Again, it's a choice. If you don't like snails or garlic, it doesn't matter how many times someone else tells you that eating escargots is enjoyable, they won't likely tip your happiness scale!  
Take the opportunity to define success and happiness in your own terms. Don't worry about what "they" may say or think. You are the one that has to live it and love it.
You have a distinct purpose and it's up to you to find and fulfill it. But don't fret there is help to be found. There are people, products and services to guide and support you. 
Have faith and keep moving forward!
Transformational Change 
Different Outcomes Require Different Thoughts & Different Actions
Yes, it seems so obvious and simple. Yet many people who seek to change their lives do not take the most basic steps to do so.
There are four key ingredients required to make transformational changes in our lives. They are:
*Belief (Faith)
To learn more about these four keys and how they can help you to make lasting life changes click here.
This issue of Good News - Right Now! is a wrap. We do hope that you have enjoyed  reading it. 
Our intent is to keep this publication brief, but informative. 
It is just one of several ways Sayings of Success keeps you informed, inspired and motivated to achieve your goals and live the life you desire.
Remember, everything is possible for you when you believe.
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