Good News - Right Now!
from Sayings of Success TM   -   Volume I Issue 1
In This Issue
Living Your Life to the Fullest
Is Fear Controlling You?
How Would Living Your Life to the Fullest Make You Feel? 
Try This Exercise:
1) Write down all the things that would make a day perfect for you. Start from the time you open your eyes to when you fall asleep. Where would you be? What would you see, hear and smell? What would you be doing? Who would you be helping?How would you feel?
2) Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and then out, while holding on to that feeling.
3) Recall that feeling whenever you start to feel stressed or anxious.
4) Keep your "perfect day" description in an easily accessible and safe place. In future Good News - Right Now! issues we'll show you how you can use it to create a goal plan.
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"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person." Albert Schweitzer 

Welcome to the first issue of "Good News - Right Now!" published by Sayings of SuccessTM (SoS). SoS provides you with the Information, Inspiration and Motivation to achieve your goals. In this and in every issue, we'll give you "Good News - Right Now!" Why? Because unless you are taking counteractive steps, you are likely besieged with negative messages and images.  At this particular time, the stories are mostly about the economy. At other times it will be something or someone else, or perhaps even your own defeating thoughts weighing you down. The Good News - Right Now is you don't have to let all the "bad news" submerge you. You can rise above it and live the life you desire! SoS will show you how with easy, economical and effective tools and strategies to help you set and reach your goals.
Are Fear, Headlines and News Controlling Your Life?
With the media's attention almost completely focused on the latest bad news or calamity, it's no wonder that fear is growing, stress levels are up and seemingly healthy people are suffering heart attacks and so on. (I'll stop with the examples, lest I be accused of impersonating that proverbial, name-calling kitchen appliance.) Are things really as bad as they appear? Maybe so, but maybe not.
What is most important is understanding that current headlines, events and circumstances are completely external to YOU - that is, you may have lost or stand to lose some assets as world markets adjust to the latest upheaval, but YOU (your mind, body and spirit) are not an accumulation of bills, notes, coins or other things. Take a look in the mirror. Yes, you may have used money to purchase items to adorn or groom yourself, but strip all that away and there is an entity called "YOU" that exists, in the midst of any and everything. 
Read on.
That's all for this first issue. Our intent is to keep this publication brief, but informative.
We do hope that you have enjoyed  reading Good News - Right Now! It is just one of several ways Sayings of Success keeps you informed, inspired and motivated to achieve your goals and live the life you desire.
Remember, everything is possible for you when you believe.
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Gillian Williams McClean
Sayings of Success
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