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Design For Less
Design For Less

We are really excited to announce our new website and blog! is up and running.  We will be updating the site every week with new installation photos, design tips, sales and more!  Don't miss out! 

Featured Installation

Cricket Communications Building
View more photos from the installation here or visit the product pages below.

Waterfall       Block Wenge
                     Waterfall 12x12                              Block Wenge Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has always been popular in commercial installations like the one above.  But recently home owners have started to take advantage of the commercial qualities of porcelain tile and use it in their homes.  Porcelain is known for its density which makes it very durable and resistant to damage due to wear and heavy foot traffic.  Unlike most natural stone, which needs to be sealed frequently, porcelain tile is extremely easy to clean and maintain.  There is no need to seal and due to low moisture absorption, stains do not penetrate the tile as easily.  It makes it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom floors as well as countertops.  

More Porcelain and Glass Combinations

       Concept Board           Concept Board 
            Safari Collection Glass - Cypress                        Aventuri Collection - Mocha
               Porcelain Tile - Block Roble                        Porcelain Tile - Metalica Copper

Pebble Tile Sales

15% off                15% off                15% off
Ocean Pebble Tile   Spring Rain Pebble tile   Smokey Black Pebble Tile
                           Ocean Mix                     Spring Rain                    Smokey Black


Further Discounted Items - 35% off!


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