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Our purpose is to explore and teach new ways of empowering the body, opening the heart and creating ecological sustainability with both scientific and ecological means. In Maui we offer group and private retreats, workshops, recordings, concerts, pilgrimages to Bali and Bhutan and more. We are accredited by the IUCIS towards a BA, MA or Ph.D. in Applied Inner Sciences. 
This is a special place full of real Hawaiian mana (blessings). You can feel it the moment you enter the land. For a vacation, a spiritual retreat or learning about sustainable living, come to The Tropical Paradise of Your Dreams. 15 organic acres with stunning views of oceans and rain forest.
A path of the heart, physical longevity and enlightenment as taught by Kutira and Raphael over a period of 30 years. Ancient and new Yoga, Tantric and Taoist teachings empowered with the heart become miraculous. 
Over a million albums sold. Raphael and Kutira's albums ahave been used extensively in hospitals, death and dying institutes, water birthing, Lomi Lomi massage, yoga workshops and DVDs, recorded guided meditations by many practitioners including Dr. Emmett Miller and Alan Cohen and also used in the "easy listening" section in United Airlines.
Kahua Institute
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