Volume 13 Issue 24: October 11, 2012
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So Many Waxes?   


Why are there so many kick and glide waxes?



There exist so many variations of both kick and glide waxes because there exist so many variations of snow.  To get optimal kick, or glide, in each and every condition chemical engineers in conjunction with wax techs have created waxes for each and every snow type. You can make waxing as simple or as complicated as your aspirations.


I myself rely on 4 kick waxes and 6 glide waxes for my modest aspirations or Nordic enjoyment.


For kick I focus on Start's RF line

For glide: I use Start Blue SG6 (10F-20F) as my everyday glider

I then move to Start HF 60, 70, 80 for race day.

With Start SFR 92 cold, or SFR 99 warm Fluor Block  as my finishing coat.


But if you really want to learn about the slight differences between waxes I suggest you watch the ask Harri Aaltonen webinar video we did last year. Also check out the Start Tech Manual.



Soft Ski?                                             


I have a pr of skate skis which should fit a skier who is in the

135--155 pound range. I have squeezed them with my hands and they are definitely softer than my skate skis but are the same length. I am about 165 pounds. I realize that I should have all of my skis flex tested. But I may not make it to one of these events or a shop that does this testing. Is it possible that these soft skate skis would make a good soft snow ski for me?


The ski you mention will most likely they will not work very well for you even in pure powder. A skate skis bridge must be able to suspend more than your body weight. You weigh 165 lbs. and the top range on the skis is 155lbs. If you are in pure dry powder, the powder may give in before your ski and the ski may seem to float but the second you hit any moist powder the long contact will have added suction and you will lose major speed. And the second you hit and compacted snow the skis will bottom out and rotate under you. This skis fit is not near optimal.


A few years back we still fit skis for soft snow softer and skis for hard snow harder.Now we have skis engineered for the snow, not just selected for the snow. A Salomon SoftGround ski if engineered to float over soft snow while a Salomon Compact Ground (cold or warm) ski is aimed at firmer tracks. All of these skis are fit at 1/2 your body weight + around 25kg. By engineering the skis for the snow rather than fitting the skis for the snow we have created much more versatile preforming skis. A SG skis will still fly over compact ground (with slightly less edge hold and control the a CG) . The CG ski will still float over soft ground (with slightly less speed and more wet snow suction than the SG). But both skis will still be fitting you.


Andy at SkiPost

Nordic Dave Adventure Series


It's a cold Saturday morning at Jeremy Ranch, 19 degrees as the crack of dawn signals a new day. Perfect for a ski race you think but this is early October, and the fallen leaves on the trail provide for a mosaic carpet of which to run on.

A few days ago word spread that the Park City High School Cross Country team was having a fund raiser  half marathon event. The course cruised along somewhere from 8 to 9,000 ft. altitude on the Mid Mtn. Trail from Empire Canyon (Deer Valley) traversing through the Park City Ski resort to Armstrong's trail before dropping back down to the base of Park City Mountain Resort.

Nordic Dave's Achilles tendon has been a mess for a few months yet the desire to run this event based on less than 30 miles a week running inspires him to ultrasound his Achilles every day.   

Nordic Skiers (cross training maniacs that we are) can do anything right? We are the ubermensch of sports!
Sanity for a Nordic skier this time of year is doing anything that puts you into the pain cave and evaluating the results. Am I ready? Do I have weaknesses to be exploited this winter? How will I know? This is the normal mindset of a Nordic skier trying to prepare for a great season of skiing just ahead.
Nordic Dave digress' where was he? Ummm the Half Marathon Trail Race event ND..... Ah yes well there you have it....."hier vee all are...jaa?"..
Dressed in full Nordic warm up gear on this cold morning, comfortable and ready, ND looks upon his former running brothers and sisters quixotically as they are mostly skinny and cold in more traditional cotton sweatshirts and pants. There are few people out warming up before the start. Most want the warm heated shelter provided at Deer Valley. ND knows his aging muscles; ligaments and Achilles tendon had better keep moving and have a thorough warm up prior to the start. Another aging cardio warrior race horse is also out warming up, Berry Makerawicz.    
Barry like ND is one of the "ancient ones" yet he still has a turbo diesel engine that Das Yunger Kinder cannot comprehend. 

Just before the start, Barry turns to ND and asks, when was your last half marathon? Stupor sets in....ummm.......ah was 1989. Then the flashback hit. I ran a PR that day of 66:27 on a legit flat point to point course. I never ran that fast again. The legs always had issues after that.  More like the 100 to 120 mile insane training weeks with high end track work, had something to do with it. Yes old ND loves XC skiing!

This race course was gosh darn beautiful, ND's old mtn racing skills soon came back. Dance through those rocks, get those knees lifting, no shuffling the feet cuz those tree roots will get you and you're going down.

The trail has long gradual climbs and easy sloping descents for a while, schon! Elan and Panache is going through ND's mind or in other words keep it smooth and revving high.

At midway, drifting back from 5th to 8th place, old ND has issues going on with his legs, gotta relax. Thankfully we are climbing again a few hundred feet to the top of Armstrong's. Unfortunately from the top of Armstrong's down is a 1,500 to 2,000 foot descent. The legs are toast rather than pushing the clutch in and letting it fly, every stride is an involuntary braking motion no matter how hard ND try's otherwise. Every switchback turn is a moment of ...c'mon dam it move! A runner appears out of nowhere. ND mutters to the guy, this isn't fun anymore. The guy laughs and runs on.
 Old ND staggers in 9th place overall in 92 minutes. The course is probably a bit mercifully short of 13.1 miles. He finds his old friend Barry who had the same issues descending the Armstrong trail and drops from 3rd to 7th. We are two sorry looking 50 year old guys with screaming legs. A while later others come in with bashed in faces and raw skin, trail running can be a contact sport.
One day later...epilogue...everything hurts BAD except ND's Achilles ha! ND reflects on such a perfect cool fall day and running full out. Then an old Grateful Dead song pops into his head......Gerry Garcia starts singing....."long distance runner what you standing there for?".....old Gerry then goes into a hypnotic ten minute guitar rift that has you in another place and another time....ten minutes later he brings you out of it with his voice singing....." on the mountain...."      



As a professional ski racer, the question often comes up, "How long have you been skiing?" They inevitable answer always seems to be "since I was a kid." 


A better question would be "when did you first fall in love with skiing?" For me, it was on my first trip to Europe in high school to compete in the Italian Marcialonga Ski Marathon. I had experienced the Birkie in Hayward, but had no idea what to expect from my first trip to Europe-let alone my first international ski race.

Lining up at the start line in the tiny mountain village of Moena in Italy's famed Val di Fassa, I was surrounded by hundreds of skiers and could not understand a word they were saying. When the gun went off, the massive pack of skiers took off down the trail, which turned out to be groomed streets through the village of Moena. It was a "choose-your-own-adventure" of ski trails, past 13th-century buildings and down narrow, cobble streets covered by groomed ski tracks.




Read the conclusion to last week's article here.


Read more about the Garrott Kuzzy lead VBT ski trips here


Come ski the Dolomites with me.


Garrott Kuzzy

Team News

NNF 's $50,000 Junior Racer Challenge Grant


A forward thinking member of our ski community has pledged a $50,000 challenge to the nation's junior and U23 racers.  Through this challenge the donor will match $5 (up to $50,000) for every $1 raised by skiers racing U23 or younger during the 2012/13 season who have qualified for NNF funded trip/camps but are not yet USST members.


"The NNF has created this tremendous platform which is rapidly helping the U.S. become a Nordic nation. These racers are the immediate beneficiaries of the NNF's work and they need to be actively involved in its continued growth and success. Right now, a few are doing a lot for the benefit of many. We now need all benefiting athletes to step up and share the work as they will share the reward.  Time to support the NNF, as the NNF is set to support you."


This means NEG/NTG, J2 National Camp, J1 Scando Cup, JR/U23 World Championship athletes!  Over 165 athletes in just the last couple of years have participated in these NNF funded trips.  If each of these 165 benefiting juniors would create their ambassador page and get 10 people to donate $25 we would raise $41,250.


 Join the Drive for 25 today.


Donate to Cross-Country Drive for 25 Nordic-Combined  

Ski Haus Super Sale


43rd Annual

 October 12, 13, 14



Their entire inventory is on sale for three days. Find blowout prices on everything summer and welcome winter discounts on new 2012-2013 inventory. This is for three days only and should not be missed! If you can't be here in person you call Ski Haus at 1.800.932.3019 or visit us online at


Ski Haus just received the 2012-2013 Start's Pole Line.

Compare the extra low swing weight to any other poles and you will want to spoil yourself with Start poles.

Dimension 3 Pole H  

Event News

November 20 - 24th  2012


Preseason discount trail passes available.

 *Order by October 31, 2012 for the best rate 


Prepaid trail passes are now available for the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Passes are valid from November 1-30, 2012. 


For coaches, clubs, and teams-

Discounted passes for the month of November are available now. Regularly $50 each, these passes can be purchased by college, high school and club coaches for $40 each. Passes must be paid for by credit card via no later than October 31, 2012 to qualify for the special rate.


To qualify for this incentive, coaches must fill out the online purchase process completely and include the following:

1)      A complete list of athletes attending the Yellowstone Ski Festival

2)      The name of the hotel you will be staying in while in West Yellowstone

3)      Your arrival date

4)      Contact info including email and phone number

5)      One transaction for all your ski passes, completed no later than October 31, 2012


Trail passes will be delivered to the front desk of your hotel prior to your arrival. There will be one package of passes delivered and coaches are responsible for distributing the passes to their teams. Please let your team members know that they will have to get their pass directly from you.

Prepaid passes for the Rendezvous Ski Trails are non-refundable.


For individual skiers-

Discounted passes for the month of November are available now. Regularly $50 each, these passes can be purchased by skiers and families for $40 each. Passes must be purchased online via no later than October 31, 2012 to qualify for this special rate.

To qualify for this incentive, skiers must send the following:

1)  A complete list of skiers in your group attending the Yellowstone Ski Festival

2)   One online transaction for their ski passes completed no later than October 31, 2012 


Trail passes can be picked up upon your arrival at the Chamber of Commerce during normal business hours. Please bring your receipt and mention you are there to pick up a prepaid ski pass for November and you will be asked to sign for your pass.  Prepaid passes for the Rendezvous Ski Trails are non-refundable.


For more information on the Yellowstone Ski Festival, please visit


Ski Sun Valley
Boulder Mountain Tour & National Masters
January 26 - February 3

Sun Valley Nordic Festival 2011
Sun Valley Nordic Festival 2011

January 26
Marquette, MI
NA Vasa
Feb 9,10
Travserse City, MI
Great Bear Chase
March 9
Calumet, MI
Equipment Clinics 

CXC Superfit Clinics


Get your equipment fit by using a state-of-the-art CXC 3D pressure mat or Salomon Light Table.


Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, learn what conditions they will ski the best and compare them to new skis side by side. CXC Team athletes and coaches will also assist in finding your best pair of skis from the store stock or from the hand-picked Super Fit stock.


Each Superfit Weekend is also about getting advice on technique, training and waxing. CXC athletes and coaches will be on hand to complement the store's staff and assist you with boots selection and fitting, poles selection and length, ski apparel and wax box insights.


'CXC Super Fit' is a weekend sale program at select store locations filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Receive information firsthand - talk to the athletes about the type of skis you need for certain snow conditions and ways to make them glide fast.



FONTANA: SPORTS :November 2-4


KING KEYSER: November 2-4 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp

BICYCLE DOCTOR: November 9-11 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp


JOE'S SKI SHOP: November 9-11


Training Programs and Camps 
Tad Elliott Birkie Champ's
Fast Performance Training Clinic
October 26-28, 2012; Hayward, WI 

F.A.S.T. Performance Training is excited to present a  Training Camp in cooperation with Tad Elliot and Matt Liebsch. This camp is designed to give citizen athletes the same opportunities and feelings of what these professional athletes go through in their daily training routines.  Partial proceeds from this camp go to help support these two men in their quest to achieve their best at the International Level!  Tad is a current member of the US Ski Team and Matt skis for XC United!  This camp will focus on ski technique (video review), training workouts and drills, flexibility, injury prevention, and ski and waxing discussions.  Get ready for your ski season and the Birkie by working and training with the two athletes that have dominated the event for the past few  years!! 

Sisu Skiers Summer Training  
Bend Endurance Academy fall newsletter

CXC Citizen Technique Camps

 Cable/ St. Paul / Chicago / Milwaukee

 Complete Camp Info

Big Ski Montana Home Rental
with 7 km of your own private Nordic trails
Training Programs and Camps 
Does you have a programs you wish to promote? 
email and we will share.
Nordic Job Openings
Summit Nordic

"The Summit Nordic Ski Club (SNSC) based out of Frisco, Colorado is looking for assistant coaches for the 2012-2013 winter.
Come live in beautiful Summit County, Colorado, home to Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and Copper Mountain! Just 30 minutes from Vail!
The Summit Nordic Ski Club is a fairly new club in an area rich with Nordic tradition. Our goals include raising both the visibility of cross country skiing in Summit County, as well as become one of the premier Nordic racing club in the country.
At the 2012 USSA Junior Nationals, SNSC finished as the 5th male club of the week.  Positions are part time to allow for side jobs and more importantly, lots of skiing! Please contact Head Coach Joe Howdyshell for more information."

Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

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Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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