Volume 13 Issue 23: October 4, 2012
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Ski Length                                                    

I am about 5'8", 170 lbs.  I was a weight lifter before taking up XC skiing in earnest.  I am a bit heavy for my height but most of that is the residual of years of weight training.  Just everyone wants to sell me skis about 190 cm in length.  I am a wave 3 Birkie skier. No great shakes but I do put my time in on the skis.  I find 190 cm difficult to control and uncomfortable.  Why do not the manufacturers make shorter skis ( I like 180 - 182 cm ) stiff enough for my weight range ? Not everyone in the 170 lbs. range is 6 foot plus with long legs. Any shop insisting on 190's loses my business. I do not care much about the "fit" guarantee.  How critical is it to have the "recommended" skier weight to ski length ratio?



The snow cannot feel how tall you are it can only tell how much you weight.  But the ski has to distribute each skier's weight (be they 115 lbs or 170 lbs) over its front and rear glide zones.  The longer the ski, the longer the glide zones can be and the less pressure on any one area of the glide zone and the faster the ski can be over a multitude of snow conditions. A longer ski (longer groove and edges) also likes to keep gliding straight much like a larger bike wheel wishes to keep rolling forward.  The broader the weight range the ski is asked to carry the less specific the ski can be for any one skier weight. 


Ski engineers must make a multitude of design choices between skier weight, height, track conditions, top end speed, edge hold, straight line stability, rebound..... The broader their design criteria regarding skier weight and height, the more they must compromise on the finest racing ski characteristics at any one weight.


That being said, if short length is your #1 selection criteria, you can find a shorter ski that will be suitable for your weight.  You weigh 77kg so in Salomon Equipe 10 skis (SkiPost works with Salomon) you would be looking for a ski that has a MF (midflex) of greater than 58 kg.  This flex can be found in the very stiffest of 182cm Hards. It will be a very nimble handling ski but will compromise a bit of float over the softest of snow and straight line stability in the stiffest snows vs. its longer brethren. If your local Salomon retailer does not have  a 58+ MF 182 cm Salomon they can custom order from Salomon for you. 

How Flexible is a Ski Fit? 


Hi Ski Post,

Is there a rule of thumb concerning when new skis would be appropriate based on weight change?  for myself, I have lost about 15 pounds (185 to 170 pounds) since I purchased my current classic and skate skis a couple years ago.  I anticipate keeping that weight off and may even lose some more. Everything else being equal (which they never are), does the loss make me 'new ski worthy'?  Are there certain weights the ski manufacturers' target?  For example do they try to make skis that will work for people in ranges from 120 to 150, 150 to 170, 170 to 190, etc?   
Anchorage, Alaska




I think everyone is new ski worthy. So yes, you deserve new skis.

Skis are very flexible and very particular at the same time.  Weight change, even up to 15 lbs, will not necessarily make your skis unusable but if you are particular about your skiing, a 15lb fluctuation will affect greatly the way the ski behaves. Just as you are likely changing some of your clothing. The exact answer on if you can still use the ski will be influenced not only by weight but also by any changes in your fitness, technique and aspirations.

read remainder of article in last weeks SkiPost here.




As a professional ski racer, the question often comes up, "How long have you been skiing?" They inevitable answer always seems to be "since I was a kid." 


A better question would be "when did you first fall in love with skiing?" For me, it was on my first trip to Europe in high school to compete in the Italian Marcialonga Ski Marathon. I had experienced the Birkie in Hayward, but had no idea what to expect from my first trip to Europe-let alone my first international ski race.

Lining up at the start line in the tiny mountain village of Moena in Italy's famed Val di Fassa, I was surrounded by hundreds of skiers and could not understand a word they were saying. When the gun went off, the massive pack of skiers took off down the trail, which turned out to be groomed streets through the village of Moena. It was a "choose-your-own-adventure" of ski trails, past 13th-century buildings and down narrow, cobble streets covered by groomed ski tracks.




Considering we were racing in the Dolomites, I was surprised that the course was relatively flat, but I found smooth, level skiing along the brook created by the lake, Lago di Soraga. As we followed the trail, we kept skiing through little towns - Pozza, Canazei, Predazzo - each town had scores of locals lining the route cheering. Each town would try to out-do the last. Local elementary school students would cheer "die! die! die!" Italian for "go! go! go!" and brass bands would trumpet polka tunes - this region, after all, was part of Austria before World War I.


Everything about the race was exciting. Everything at a Worldloppet event is exciting and the Italians know better than anyone how to have a good time!


It was this experience racing in Europe that helped me fall in love with skiing and inspired another 12 years of international competition-not to mention a few more in the years to come!


Of course, when deciding the places to bring guests for VBT's first Nordic Ski Tours and Worldloppet events, the Marcialonga in Italy was the first place that came to mind. You can join me this winter for 12 days in Europe and compete in both the Marcialonga and Austrian Dolomitenlauf. Read more about the departure on our website: cross-country-skiing-italy-austria/loppets 


The Marcialonga trip and race registration are filling fast! Contact our sales team by Tuesday, October 9, to get more information and reserve your place on the tour. I can't wait to ski with you in Italy this winter! check out more here


Come ski the Dolomites with me.


Garrott Kuzzy

Team News
National Nordic Foundation  
Nordic Town USA Challenge

The National Nordic Foundation asks, which U.S. community should lay claim to the Nordic Town USA moniker?


Is it based on the number of km of trails, number of skiers, skiers per capita, or some other criteria?  We at the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) believe it should be contributions to our status as a "Nordic Nation"


We call on all citizens of America's Nordic ski towns to participate in the NNF's Nordic Town USA Challenge. The National Nordic Foundation exists to support tomorrow's Nordic stars today and thereby grow our status as a Nordic Nation. We do so by providing support for the athlete development  pipeline of US Cross Country and Nordic Combined skiing. We will proclaim the title of "Nordic Town USA" to the community whose citizens pledge the most during our Drive for 25 Campaign.


Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID, which presently bills itself as Nordic Town USA, is ready to back its claim to the title. Muffy Ritz boldly claims "Sun Valley deserves this title both for our trails, skiers and our community involvement.  We challenge any other community to step up and try to dethrone us. We intend to out raise all other Drive for 25 community challengers".

  sun valley belt buckle

Steamboat Springs, CO, which goes by Ski Town USA, is up for the challenge according to Kerry Lynch. Kerry states "Steamboat may be a small town but it has been a Nordic town for over 50 years. Our community can out raise Sun Valley on any given Sunday for the NNF cause. Case in point, we have Nordic jumps and they do not."


So which community will be next to step up and join the Nordic Town USA Challenge while helping us become Nordic Nation USA? Anchorage or Burlington? Duluth or Bozeman? Fairbanks or .....?


NNF director Dave Knoop explains "...Nordic Ski Town USA may be a real place or a state of mind...either way, please join us a nation coming together for the Drive for $25."


Weekly community fundraising updates total and per capita will be posted on the web page.


Join the Drive for 25 today.


Donate to Cross-Country Drive for 25 Nordic-Combined  
Tad Elliott and NC Team Intervals 

Tad Elliott &NC Team L3  Intervals SoHO
Tad Elliott &NC Team L3 Intervals SoHO
Start Waxing
The famous ask Harri Video

The US's Top Nordic Retailers/Wax Guru's ask the real guru Harri Aaltonen detailed questions and he answers them.
Event News

November 20 - 24th  2012

West Yellowstone, MT.


Get a jump on the ski season at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival Clinics.  An impressive group of  coaches offer clinics for all levels (beginners to race oriented).  These clinics combined with top notch trails and grooming are sure to put a smile on your face and set you up for a great xc ski season.   Check out 2012 clinic offerings and register at

Ski Sun Valley
Boulder Mountain Tour & National Masters

Nordic Town USA
Nordic Town USA

January 26, 2013
Great Bear Chase
Training Programs and Camps 

CXC Superfit Clinics


Get your equipment fit by using a state-of-the-art CXC 3D pressure mat or Salomon Light Table.


Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, learn what conditions they will ski the best and compare them to new skis side by side. CXC Team athletes and coaches will also assist in finding your best pair of skis from the store stock or from the hand-picked Super Fit stock.


Each Superfit Weekend is also about getting advice on technique, training and waxing. CXC athletes and coaches will be on hand to complement the store's staff and assist you with boots selection and fitting, poles selection and length, ski apparel and wax box insights.


'CXC Super Fit' is a weekend sale program at select store locations filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Receive information firsthand - talk to the athletes about the type of skis you need for certain snow conditions and ways to make them glide fast.



FONTANA: SPORTS :November 2-4


KING KEYSER: November 2-4 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp

BICYCLE DOCTOR: November 9-11 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp


JOE'S SKI SHOP: November 9-11


Tad Elliott Birkie Champ's
Fast Performance Training Clinic
October 26-28, 2012; Hayward, WI 

F.A.S.T. Performance Training is excited to present a  Training Camp in cooperation with Tad Elliot and Matt Liebsch. This camp is designed to give citizen athletes the same opportunities and feelings of what these professional athletes go through in their daily training routines.  Partial proceeds from this camp go to help support these two men in their quest to achieve their best at the International Level!  Tad is a current member of the US Ski Team and Matt skis for XC United!  This camp will focus on ski technique (video review), training workouts and drills, flexibility, injury prevention, and ski and waxing discussions.  Get ready for your ski season and the Birkie by working and training with the two athletes that have dominated the event for the past few  years!! 

Tad Birkie Fever

Sisu Skiers Summer Training  
Bend Endurance Academy fall newsletter

CXC Citizen Technique Camps

 Cable/ St. Paul / Chicago / Milwaukee

 Complete Camp Info

Big Ski Montana Home Rental
with 7 km of your own private Nordic trails
Training Programs and Camps 
Does you have a programs you wish to promote? 
email and we will share.
Nordic Job Openings
Summit Nordic

"The Summit Nordic Ski Club (SNSC) based out of Frisco, Colorado is looking for assistant coaches for the 2012-2013 winter.
Come live in beautiful Summit County, Colorado, home to Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and Copper Mountain! Just 30 minutes from Vail!
The Summit Nordic Ski Club is a fairly new club in an area rich with Nordic tradition. Our goals include raising both the visibility of cross country skiing in Summit County, as well as become one of the premier Nordic racing club in the country.
At the 2012 USSA Junior Nationals, SNSC finished as the 5th male club of the week.  Positions are part time to allow for side jobs and more importantly, lots of skiing! Please contact Head Coach Joe Howdyshell for more information."

Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

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