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 Dec 30, 2010: Volume 11, Number 34

Telemark Lodge
"Once and Again"
Big news coming next week regarding Telemark Lodge in Cable, WI
Home of the American Birkebeiner
Stay Tuned 

Live WorldCup Coverage?


Our readers want to know how they can watch teh WorldCup Nordic Coverage.Please chare your internet links and viewing secrets.

Readers please email your suggestions to 


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Andy at SkiPost

Dirty Brushes?

My brushes are getting saturated with old wax.  Do they still work, ok.  Is there a way to clean them?


Cleaner is better than dirty.  Use a high powered vacuum cleaner to remove much of the old the wax.


Andy at SkiPost



SNS Boot-Bindings compatibility!


Salomon introduced a new classic binding yet again the Propulse.

They also have new classic sole that has a pivot point 17mm underfoot on their new boots.  So what Salomon boots work with what Salomon bindings?


Every Salomon Nordic System Pilot soled boot works on every Pilot, Profil, or Propulse Binding. The interface for the RS17 sole is best with the Propulse. The combination is lighter, leaner and lower and drives all the kick underfoot rather than forward. Last few years RS10 pilot soled boot works fine in the new Propulse as well and a stiffer Propulse bumper that will soon be readily available improves this interface.  RS17 and RS10 boots fit into Profil bindings but the bumper is precompressed so cutting the bumper is recommended. Both RS10 and RS17 boots fit into the Pilot Classic Bindings. RS10 boots provide a slightly longer stride than RS17 boots with pilot classic. Profil boots require Profil bindings.


SNS Boots Binding Compatability Charts


Answer from SalomonNordic on Facebook

NCCSEF to Reward Athletes Who Podium at World Jr./U23 Nordic Championships through Podium Challenge

NCCSEF Podium Challenge

In its ongoing effort to help Team Tomorrow become Team Today, the National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation challenges every U.S. athlete competing at the 2011 U23/Jr. World Nordic Championship to achieve an individual top three "Podium" race result.  Each athlete that achieves this fantastic performance will see NCCSEF reimburse their entire unfunded trip expenses. Three U.S. athletes; Kris Freeman 2003 1st, Laura Valaas 2007 2nd, and Liz Stephens 2008 3rd, have reached the Podium. This NCCSEF funding pledge is in addition to the $10,000 in NCCSEF funds which are already committed to funding the trip's coaches and operating expenses.


NCCSEF Matching Challenge

The NCCSEF challenges the ski community at large to help fund the entire trip. Make your tax deductible contribution to  designating JR/U23 Worlds and we will ensure that your contribution goes to offsetting trip expenses for all athletes.  


U.S. Ski Team Top Athletes Challenge

The U.S. Ski Team in its ongoing effort to develop, guide and assist U.S. athletes to reach top international results will reimburse unfunded trip expenses for the U.S's top two male and female U23/Jr. Championships competitors.  Top two ranking will be tallied based on each athlete's best individual Championship result. To be ranked for this award a Jr. competitor must achieve a top-ten result while a U-23 competitor must have a top-eight result. Tie breaker will use second-best results.


2011 Junior and Under-23 World Championships                       

This U.S. Team directed trip is one of the premier steps in the elite athlete and coach development pipeline. Trip qualification criteria can be viewed at  sports/cross country/advancement.  The Trip cost is $1700 plus airfare. The trip starts Jan. 16 from the U.S. arriving in Helsinki Finland Jan, 17 for a training camp in Vierumaki, Finland.  On January 23 the team will travel to Otepaa, Estonia where the Championship will be held form eth 26th to the 31st.

Toko Race Wax Tips


Toko Clinic Schedule click here
Your Local Swix Race Wax Recomendation

Swix Weekend Racing Wax Recs


New England Race Wax Recs

01/01/2011 Mt. Hor Hop Westmore, VT

01/02/2011 Craftsbury Classic Craftsbury, VT


Great Lakes Race Wax Rec

01/01 Nubs Nob Freestyle JOQ Harbor Springs, MI

1/02 Boyne Highlands Classic, Harbor Springs, MI





Alaska Race Wax Recs


Swix's complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each snow condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix's perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required.  Get Your Winning Margin Wax Rec at and SwixNordic on Facebook. Swix, your Winning Margin


swix cera nova

Cera Nova: A Perfect Wax for Each Snow Condition.

Only Swix's Cera Nova wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a perfect wax for each snow condition.


Glide Waxes: Minimizing Dry and Wet Friction

The purpose of glide wax is to reduce the friction between ski and snow. This friction approaches pure dry friction at extremely cold temperatures and approaches pure wet friction at extremely warm temperatures but is always at some intricate and every changing combination of both dry and wet friction. The ideal wax compound for each snow condition must feature a perfect mixture dry friction "hard wax" snow crystal penetration resistance properties and wet friction "soft wax" lubrication and moisture management qualities.


Dry friction minimization is the overriding concern at very cold temperatures (below -10C) because the snow-ski interface is primarily defined by dry friction caused by penetration and high rolling resistance of cold, sharp, hard, dry, snow crystals. Dry friction minimization is accomplished with hard "long chain" wax compounds that resist snow crystal penetration.  Wet friction minimization is the primary concern at very warm temperatures (exceeding -3C) because a suction producing high contact area water film is present between the ski and the wet snow crystals. Wet friction minimization is achieved with soft "short chain" wax compounds that are highly water repellent and lubricating allowing the water film to bead up and the ski to roll over the rounded wet snow crystals. A complex and rapidly changing combination of both dry and wet friction exists at intermediate freezing temperatures (-3C to -10C) based on temperature, relative humidity, water content, and snow crystal type. Under these conditions the perfect combination of wet and dry friction minimization is required.


Swix's petrochemical engineers have created the comprehensive Cera Nova glide wax system. This complete wax matrix provides 6 perfectly mixed wax hardness's created for each snow crystal temp/type and 5 grades of increasing lubrication at each hardness grade. Only the Cera Nova system provides A Perfect Wax for Each Snow Condition. 


Cera Nova Hardness Numbers: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10: Dry Friction vs. Wet Friction

The most important aspect in a glide wax is its specific mixture of compounds to decrease Dry and Wet friction. Swix classifies this through its wax hardness classification 3-10.  Number 3 waxes are Swix's hardest and are engineered to minimize dry friction by shearing from the base when they meet sharp penetrating snow crystals. Number 10 waxes are the softest and engineered to minimize wet friction with the greatest moisture management and round snow crystal lubrication properties. Between 3 and 10 Swix engineers have carefully crafted the ideal mixtures of hardness and moisture management/lubrication management capabilities for each temperature and snow condition. 


Cera Nova Categories: CH, LF, HF, HFBW, Cera F: Increased lubrication without sacrificing hardness.   Swix's Cera Nova waxes provide 5 Categories of waxes (CH, LF, HF, HFBW, CeraF) at most hardness levels that increase lubricating, moisture management, and dirt resistance capabilities without decreasing, and sometimes increasing, its dry friction (hardness) attributes. They accomplish this through the addition of specific advanced ingredients including dry lubricants, fluorocarbon compounds and 100% Fluorocarbon waxes.


CH: 100% High Performance Hydrocarbon waxes are used as the building blocks of the Cera Nova matrix. They can be used as economical training and even racing waxes. The coldest waxes perform very well alone in dry low humidity conditions and at warm temps the CH line can be used as a base layer for Cera F.


LF: These waxes have a lower percentage of low melt point fluoro additives than Swix HF waxes. The addition of the negatively charged Fluorine atoms allow the LF line to have much greater moisture management and lubricative capabilities than the comparable hardness in the CH line. They can also be used in racing with Cera F as a final layer or alone at low temps and low to medium humidity.


HF: These have a very high percentage of a low-melt point fluorocarbon additive. With the increase in Fluorine atoms the wax gains a lower the coefficient of friction while increasing both moisture management and dirt resistance. HF waxes are excellent when used alone, but ideal when used in combination with Cera F as an over layer. The more moisture the more you want HF.


HFBW: HF BlackWolf adds specific dry lubricants with great compression strength to resist penetration and low shear strength to make them slippery. Dry lubricants help when snow is dirty, coarse grained or abrasive man-made snow.


Cera F: FC 100% Fluorocarbon wax over-layers. They gain their superb moisture management and lubrication properties from the extremely negatively charged Fluorine atoms that repel the like negative charge of the oxygen in water and in dirt.  Thus FC's repel free water and dirt. FC's decrease the surface tension and surface area of water. The more H20 present the more FC's will decrease friction.  Cera F also comes in a complete range of hardness's to match snow crystals. With the shortest softest chains best managing the moistest, roundest crystals and the longer harder chains managing colder harder but still high humidity crystals. FC's must be applied to an under-layer of the appropriate hardness.

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Triple Triple D Race Jan 16th

Sandpoint Nordic Club

Learn to XC Ski Free Day January 8th, 2011


On National Trails Day and to celebrate, the Sandpoint Nordic Club and Schweitzer Mountain Resort have teamed up to offer free cross country skiing demos and lessons on specifically groomed beginner trails. Free rentals are available at "The Roundabout" on a first-come first-served basis and Schweitzer ski instructors will be on hand offering free Classic Skiing and Skate Skiing lessons. There will be free hot chocolate and snacks to keep everyone warm and fueled up as well. In addition, everyone who takes a lesson gets a coupon for a free Nordic Trail Pass to use at Schweitzer another day for more infor go to

 SkiTrax Fantasy FIS TdS 2011 Contest - is Live

Enter Now at 

SkiTrax Fantasy FIS Tour de Ski 2010/11 - Deadline is Dec. 30


 The final deadline to register your team for the international SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski 2010 Contest is Thursday, Dec. 30 at 10pm EST. Don't miss this opportunity to win fabulous prizes valued at over $4,000 and compete with other contestants from around the world.


There have only been a few adjustments in the FIS XC-TdS registered list of skiers since we first posted the list on Dec. 21 when we launched the contest - Francois Soulie (And), Nicole Fessel (Ger), Monique Siegel (Ger) are not racing at the TdS and we have removed them from our menu. Note that Fessel is still listed as registered on the TdS site.


Please note that countries can make changes to their team up until 4pm on Dec. 30 and we will do our best to keep readers informed but recommend checking the FIS XC-TdS site directly to ensure all of your team members are in fact racing.


The 2010/11 Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski performance by Craft Sportswear kicks off in Oberhof, Germany on Friday, Dec. 31 and runs until Jan. 9 finishing at Val di Fiemme, Italy.


Enter now here! 


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Factory Team Skis for Sale

We have a few pair of classical skis

201 and 206 cm for skiers 150-210 lbs

left over from the Saab Salomon factory Team 

Drop an email to


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Kikkan Fischer
Kikkan Fischer 2010

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