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 Dec 16, 2010: Volume 11, Number 32

Cold Hands in Anchorage 


I KNOW you must have answered this question at least once over the years goes again. What do other skiers, I skate mostly, do about cold hands? I don't have Raynaud's Syndrome and I don't smoke or drink. Other than heavy wool mittens, I can't think of much else that'll work. And mittens with skate skis are so déclassé! LOL!

Thanks for any help,

Cold hands in Anchorage




Our suggestions are the normal, windproof and insulated split finger gloves, handwarmers, warming up first and then switching to a lighterweight glove, and not eating just before you go skiing so your stomach does not draw blood to it to digest the food.


But I ask out reader pool for their secrets.

Help readers what are your suggestions?

email answers to



Andy at SkiPost

Skating Tips

by National 50km Freestyle Champion

and American Birkie 2nd


Tad Elliott

Reading an article about what to think about while skiing can be boring, lame or straight up painful. This one is different... I hope.  I am going to pass on tips that I really do when I am skiing.  Things coaches still tell me, over and over and over and over again. All skiers work on technique, doesn't matter how fast they are. They do technique.  Worry about the big things and do those things correctly.   Your hips to your shoulders are what I have heard as the panel.  Keep this straight and where you want to go.  In all techniques keep the panel stable V1 V2 and V2 alternate. Your shoulders and hips can and should move up and down when you apply power.  No tilted shoulders or rotated shoulders.  This is wasted energy and that is no good.  When skiing without poles I make a picture frame with my hands. You do not want the picture to tilt, or get another nature scene in it.  Focus ahead of you and keep that pine tree in the picture. It's dorky but effective.  


 Another thing people tend to focus on is kicking to the side.  If you have a legit panel you will automatically kick to the side.  The next thing I focus on is slamming my poles into the ground and dropping my head after me hands for MAX POWER.  I make this a goal even easy skiing and gliding longer to make sure I am going easy.  You will then do this automatically racing and become a better glider in the process.  Focus on the big things when you are working on technique.  I often get a lot off questions about where should my hands be?  How do my elbows look?  Are my wrists in the right position?  These are small things.  If you do the big things right the small things will fall into place. Everyone has there own style when they ski.  Embrace it.  Do the big things right and you will be skiing better and more efficient.  Meaning you will now be crushing it.  So go out and enjoy skiing faster!


Tad Elliot Skate west

Kikkan Podiums on WorldCup again!

The Ups and Downs of Davos by Kikkan Randall


The Cliff Notes:


It's been a week full of the highs and the lows here in Davos!  In similar fashion to last year's races in Davos, we raced distance on Saturday and a skate sprint Sunday. While I had hoped and expected to put in a strong performance in Saturday's 10km classic race, I was again disappointed with a lackluster result of 47th place.  I struggled in the snowy conditions and ended backing off in the final kilometers to reserve some energy for the sprint.

Thankfully, day two provided some redemption.  I started off the day with 8th position in qualifying.  I used fast finishes in both my quarterfinal and semi-final to advance to the final. In the final, after sitting in fourth for most of the race, I was in position to challenge for second place on the homestretch when Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk suddenly changed her trajectory and blocked my momentum.  I ended up finishing 4th

A few minutes later however, Kowalczyk's move was ruled as obstruction and she was relegated to sixth, moving me into third position.  So I got to stand on the podium for the second week in a row!

I had planned to race in France this coming weekend but due to some sickness this week I have decided to stay in Davos to get healthy, enjoy Christmas, and prepare for the Tour. I'll be back in action on New Year's Eve for the start of the Tour de Ski.  Until then, Merry Christmas everyone!


for more details visit


randall Nordic Focus/Fischer
Kikkan Randall on way tp 3rd place NordicFocus/fischer





The key moment in each classic skiing stride is the transition from glide to kick.

While this transition can take a mere 1/10 of a second, it is the most influential moment in all of classic skiing.  For classic skiing to be exhilarating this transition from glide to kick must be seamlessly delivered by the skier's boot, binding and ski.


If the transition comes too late or is incomplete you slip loosing forward propulsion.  If the transition happens too early or is ongoing throughout a longer portion of the stride, your wax drags and forward momentum is lost.  But when the wax pocket closes completely and instantaneously to the snow the joy, beauty and ease of classical skiing is revealed.


Using results of its Propulsion Project, a dynamic analysis of skiing, Salomon has engineered its S-lab Classic boots, SNS Propulse RC bindings and S-Lab Equipe 10 Classic skis to work together as a fully integrated extension of your body to deliver the delights of classical skiing to every skier, every day.  To Read Move Visit:Classic Propulsion Project


Propulse Clsssic Stride

Toko Race Wax Tips

Your Local Swix Race Wax Recomendation

Swix Weekend Racing Wax Recs


New England Race Wax Recs

12/18 JO Qualifier, Craftsbury VT

  12/19 Craftsbury Eastern Cup Ethan Allen Range, Jericho, VT


Mid-Atlantic Race Wax Rec


12/18 Wausau JOQ (Skate Sprint) Wausau, WI

12/18 Winter Solstice Pursuit Dresser, WI

12/19/2010 Flake Race Duluth, MN

12/19 Wausau JOQ (Classic Sprint) Wausau, WI


12/18/2010 RMN JNQ/CHSAA HS MS Classic Minturn, Colorado

12/19 Wasatch citizen series at Soldier Hollow Utah 



Alaska Race Wax Recs

12/18 Besh Cup 1 Chugiak, Alaska

12/19/2010 Besh Cup 2 Kincaid Park

12/21Solstice Sprints Mountain Streams, Hatcher Pass



Swix's complete wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a specific wax for each snow condition.  If you know the air temp, relative humidity you can select Swix's perfect wax no mixing, magic recipes, stressing or slow skis required.  Get Your Winning Margin Wax Rec at and SwixNordic on Facebook. Swix, your Winning Margin



 SkiTrax Fantasy FIS TdS 2011 Contest - Launching Soon


The fifth annual Tour de Ski is around the corner running this year from Dec. 31. to Jan. 9 with the first event in Oberhof, Germany, and we're excited to soon present the third international SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski 2011 Contest. Don't miss this opportunity to test your knowledge and skill with players from around the world - the grand prize is a fabulous package from Rossignol including WCS2 skate skis and boots, Xcelerator bindings and One Way DS 10 poles (value $1,620US).

The contest is similar to previous years - register your team of four (4) men, and four (4) women plus two "Outlaw" skiers and earn points based on your team's performance at each stage of the Tour. Earn bonus points as well like Val Climb points and there are Rest Day prizes as well.

Registration opens soon so start planning your team today - FIS is releasing the list of registered TdS skiers shortly.


Thanks to FIS and our great sponsors including Rossignol, Mont Ste-Anne, Atomic, Swix, Halti, Masters World Cup 2011, Sporthill, Rottefella,, Skadi, Fresh Air Experience, High Peaks Cyclery and Auclair...


SkiTrax Fantasy FIS TdS 2011 Contest Prizes


1st Prize - Rossignol Xium WCS2 skis/boots, Xcelerator skate bindings, One Way DS 10 poles (value $1,620)


2nd Prize - Mont Ste-Anne - 2 nights lodging w/breakfast + 3-day XC gift certificate, tune-up (value $800)


3rd Prize - Atomic WCup Classic boots (value $370)


4th Prize - Swix Digital T72 Iron (value $350)


5th Prize - Halti Blow Down two-piece race suit (value $270)


6th Prize - Masters World Cup 2011 VIP Passes x 2 for one day (value $200)


7th Prize - Sporthill Women's Summit top (value $140)


8th Prize - Rottefella Xcelerator Skate/Classic Bindings (value $130)


9th Prize - Skadi Package - BootBuddies, BootMates, BootDocks and Ski Scraper (value $90)


10th Prize - Auclair Micro Mountain Olympic Gloves + Earbags (value $65)


Rest Day Leader Prizes

Jan. 4 - $100 Gift Certificate Fresh Air Experience

Jan. 7 - $100 Gift Certificate High Peaks Cyclery


Wax Clinics

Swix Clinic Schedule 



12/16 Burnsville HS MN, Team Wax clinic

12/18/2010 - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Idaho Nordic Members Skate Clinic

12/19 GoldRun- Breckenridge CO Swix Wax Clinic 

12/20/2010- 6PM Idaho Mountain Touring, Boise, ID 6pm Skate Ski Preparation, Glide Wax Selection, Structure Selection and Application 7:15 pm Classic Ski Preparation and Kick Waxing

12/22 5-7 pm Rock & Snow, New Paltz, NY


Toko Clinic Schedule click here
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