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Pauley Perrette, star of CBS's show NCIS (as ratings hit 22.7 million viewers) has signed on with the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) for its "Ready on the S.E.T. and...ACTION!" campaign, encouraging young people to consider education leading to careers in engineering. The campaign is part of EIC's larger initiative to draw more students into the science, engineering, and technology fields.  


Pauley has a passion for pushing young adults, especially girls, in the direction of engineering and technology.   


Brian and Pauley  

Picture Above: Pauley Perrette announced EIC's commitment to the S.E.T. campaign at the 2010 PRISM Awards with Brian Dyak, President, CEO & Co-Founder of EIC. 


As President Obama recently said, it is important that we "win the race to educate our kids...not just the winner of the super bowl celebrated- but those who win in the science fair".  EIC is working on the advocacy of science, engineering and technology along with the rest of the nation. 


This S.E.T. campaign is part of a larger EIC initiative, in collaboration with The Boeing Company, to promote these career areas.The program provides the entertainment industry with free access to experts in the fields of science, engineering, and technology to utilize as resources for scriptwriting and character design.


First Draft for "Ready on the S.E.T. and...Action!" is a service that links YOU, the creative community, to science, engineering and technology experts during the development and production of entertainment content.


Interested in learning more about how our First Draft program can contribute to your next story line?   





Pauley's Involvement with Science, Engineering  

and Technology


A fan of education, forensic science, and math, Pauley is passionate and supportive in spreading the importance of Science, Engineering and Technology.  Her participation in EIC's "Ready on the S.E.T. and...Action!" campaign sends a message to young adults that they need to be involved, pursuing a career in science, engineering and technology.  


The message was guided by the National Academy of Engineering's research. NAE authored Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineers. For more information and an Executive Summary...CLICK HERE 


 Changing the Conversation-Book 


Watch the PSA...CLICK HERE 


Pauley's Message to Help  

Involve Girls in Engineering


Pauley believes that young people "don't have a lot of role models in science, engineering and technology", which is why she has joined with EIC to help spread the importance of these career fields. Pauley's character Abby Sciuto, on the CBS hit show NCIS, has an energetic, strong personality with a great interest in science--traits very similar to Pauley's. Abby is known for being a successful female advocate for forensic scientists throughout the show.


NCIS- Pauley   

"I am the Energizer bunny  

of forensic science: I never sleep and I never give up."  

- Character Abby Sciuto on NCIS

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Pauley's Involvement with Science, Engineering and Technology
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Profile On...Pauley Perrette?


Pauley Perrette is best known for her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS. Additionally, her television credits include, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Murder One," "The Drew Carey Show," "Jesse," "Time of Your Life," "Philly," "Special Unit 2," "Haunted" and "24."  


She has starred in films such as "The Price of Kissing," "Almost Famous," "Hungry Hearts," "The Ring" and "Ash Tuesday."

Perrette is currently shooting and producing a documentary on legendary civil rights attorney Mark Lane.


Born in New Orleans and raised all over the South, Perrette now lives in Los Angeles. She is a poet and spoken-word artist, a music fanatic, a fervent civil rights activist, a published writer, documentary producer and photographer.


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Engineering Week is right around the corner! Come participate and join the fun, February 20th through 26th.  


Engineering Week is led by the Raytheon Company and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning.


Festivities include: "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" which is a national movement to show young girls how engineering is creative and collaborative as well as how engineers are innovating the world.


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