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September 17


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Featured Speaker:

Habiba Ashki Kabir



Habiba Ashki Kabir has been on the Sufi path for over 35 years.   Her spiritual work has taken her deeply into the heart of mystical Sufism.  She has been a guest speaker and led practices at Naropa University, CU Boulder, DU, CSU and Colorado University at Colorado Springs.  She has visited tombs of great Sufis, including Mohammed, upon him be peace, Rumi and Shems.  She currently is the guide for the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi community in Boulder. She is the author of a soon to be published book called Embracing a New Planetary Consciousness.  She lives in Boulder with her husband, Kabir, who is a teacher of Indian music, both privately and at  

Naropa University.



Featured Speaker: 

Dorothy Walters, Ph.D.


Dorothy Walters, Ph. D., spent many years as a university professor of English and Women's Studies.  During that time she helped to set up one of the first women's studies movements in the country and was active in the early feminist movement.  In l981 she experienced a dramatic spiritual transformation through spontaneous Kundalini awakening, an event that put her in close contact with the feminine divine.  Since then, she has focused on writing prose and poetry about the spiritual journey, much of it inspired by Rumi. She has published several books  relating to mystical experience and publishes a blog at

More Featured Guests for Sept. 17...

photoJesseJesse Manno (acoustic musician) is a composer, producer, improviser, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist based in Boulder, CO, where he is Music Director of the University of Colorado Dance Department.  His work with numerous Theatre and Dance companies has been presented all over the U.S. and in several European and Asian countries, with support from Meet the Composer Inc., PBS, and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, among others.  As a specialist in Balkan and Middle Eastern Music, he performs frequently with the regional ensemble SHEREFE, which just released a new album called SALA SALA. ,



Brett Bowen (acoustic musician) has been playing world percussion, and specializing in Arabic and Turkish drumming, for 20 years.  With many performing and recording credits on his resume, Brett has played throughout the western U.S. with numerous bands such as Kairo by Night, Desert Wind, Slickrock Gypsies, the Saltanah Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, Kara Nomadica, Zuruna, Tito Malaga, Beth Quist, and has recently been recording and touring with the amazing Kailin Yong Peace Project.




Kristina Sophia (acoustic musician) is a world-traveler, pioneering co-creator  of Musical Missions of Peace, and co-star of Singing in Baghdad. She has sung in the Cairo stadium for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians and performed in the war-zones of Iraq with partner Cameron Powers.  She has taught singing, healing sound and voice therapy for 15 years and has 2 critically acclaimed CDs. 



Cameron Powers's (acoustic musician) musical and linguistic careers recently led him to stand in solidarity with the people of Iraq by sharing Iraqi love songs on the streets of Baghdad in 2003.  In 1973 Cameron lived in Greece and studied Greek language and Greek music. Returning to Boulder, Cameron began the study of Arabic music with various local bands: "The Silk Route," "The Boulder Bouzouki Band," "Solspice," and "Sherefe." In his travels, he has also studied with Nasser Musa, George Lammam, Haig Manoukian, Faruk Tekbilek, Nabil Azzam and Simon Shaheen, as well as with numerous musicians whom he has met in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco. Now back from multiple trips to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, he and his partner, Kristina, have been traveling throughout the US, helping people better understand the Middle Eastern, Arabic, psyche. Funding to help support refugee Iraqi musicians preserve Iraqi musical culture by passing it on to Iraqi children has passed through the non-profit organization, Musical Missions of Peace, which was designed and built around Cameron and Kristina's work.


 Berivan Sart (belly dancer) is a native of Paris, France and speaks Turkish, Spanish, French and English. She has a strong interest in music and dance of many types. She was the pianist for the Paris based contemporary tango quintet "Los Lobos del Tango" for two years and likes to play percussion, as well. Berivan's family has a mix of Turkish and Kurdish ancestry and she learned belly dancing in the many Turkish weddings she attended in both France and Turkey. Currently she teaches Spanish at CU Boulder and is in the process of completing her Master's  in Hispanic Linguistics.





Tammie Beam (belly Dancer) has been captivating audiences with her graceful expression and love of the art of belly dance for many years. Growing up in Colorado, she began her study when she was 15 years old. After raising a family of her own and returning to college, Tammie recently resumed her study of the dance to find her passion still alive and well and her audiences still enchanted and appreciative.




Linda Lile, Ph.D. (essential oils and aromatherapy)

Luxuriate in the nurturing, deep relaxation and healing energy of essential oils and gentle body work with Linda Lile, (PhD,GTP,ABD). Linda is a highly intuitive multi-talented holistic practitioner and instructor.  She has a depth of experience in a number of healing modalities including aroma therapy, gemstone therapy and several forms of gentle body energy work.  She holds a PhD in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy. Linda has been an international instructor of Gemstone Therapy since 1992. She has more than 25 years of experience as a healing arts practitioner.



 Heather Neher (certified massage therapist) is a graduate of Healing Spirits Massage Therapy Training Program, where she now assists in the classroom for current students.  She offers Integrative Massage Therapy and Therapuetic Yoga Sessions and has been studying the body and healing for two decades.  Her passion for meditation flavors and contributes to the healing and insights that come from massage and yoga.  Inspired by her own meditation practice and experience, she listens deeply and is respectful of each body's unique needs and challenges.  She specializes in Specific Pain and Injury Treatment and Deep Tissue work.  She is also a Parenting Coach.  Heather has worked in many settings including senior homes and has trained in Comfort Touch for the Elderly and Ill.   She is often seen about town offering chair massage at various sites in Boulder County.


Cara Cruickshank (your host and chef) is an educational designer, theater director and choreographer, organic personal chef, event coordinator, dancer, singer and former Broadway actress who's work emphasizes diversity and community building.  For twelve years, Cara has been creating public events, performances and programs in the artistic and cultural spheres of communities throughout the U.S. and more recently, Brazil and Turkey.  Cara's events have been frequently media and celebrity acclaimed, hailed as, " much fun to perform in as to watch!" (Woodstock Times Journalist, 2008), and "Delightful, inspiring, energizing, entertaining and creative...a vibe of vintage...merged with 21st century world consciousness." (Michael Lang, producer of the Woodstock Concert Festivals, 2009).


About Cafe de la Culture  

Café de la Culture is Boulder's new monthly, nonprofit venue celebrating the unique and diverse population of thinkers and visionaries in Boulder and Denver.  We are here to create an inclusive meeting ground for the artistic, cultural, scientific, philosophical, literary and spiritual communities of the Boulder and Denver area.  We facilitate the exchange of timely ideas and vision within a dynamic, multi-sensory experience featuring art, music, dance, cuisine and traditions from around the world.  Each month, our event will feature a new topic of discourse and a variety of respected artists and speakers from around the world, as well as a new cultural ambiance and gastronomy to enjoy.  As a participant at Café de la Culture, you will join in a new social renaissance, engaging in dialogue with contemporaries from a variety of fields and building constructive collaborations which promote understanding, new ideas and positive change. 


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