Cafe de la Culture

The Venue for Visionaries




An evening of discourse on the mystic poets...

Ruminating Rumi

photo Photo by Lenny Foster 


September 17 at 7pm 


 Acoustic Music by:

Cameron Powers, Kristina Sophia, Brett Bowen and Jesse Manno

Belly Dance by:

Berivan Sart and Tammie Beam

Cuisine by:

The Organic Personal Chef

Essential Oils with:

Linda Lile


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You are cordially invited to attend a new event in Boulder, reminiscent of the European Enlightenment Salons of the 17 and 18 centuries  

-but with a cultural twist!


 This month, our  

Cafe de la Culture theme is...

Ruminating Rumi

An Evening of Discourse on the Mystic Poets 


Imagine a candle-lit, cafe-style setting where you can meet with contemporaries in a variety of fields to exchange timely ideas...while enjoying a relaxing, artistic ambiance and gourmet food.


 We will have a notable guest presenter (TBA) to ingnite our dialogue as we assemble in the comfortable ambiance of an Middle Eastern Oud musician playing softly in the background, tastes of Mediterranean food at our fingertips, the smells of essential oils and rose water wafting through the room, plush pillows and fabrics to recline on, a belly dancer twirling, at intervals, to a live drum...


Join us to kick off this unique monthly event...

Boulder's first European-style Salon!


Suggested donation is $20 per person.  

Bring your own beverage.

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A Warm Thank You to Our First Sponsor,  

Larry Goldberg, PhD


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Located At:

 The Caritas Spiritist Center 

5723 Arapahoe Ave., Ste. 1A

Boulder, Colorado 80303

Contact Cafe de la Culture:  

(720) 935-2540 

About Café de la Culture

The Venue for Visionaries


Café de la Culture is Boulder's new monthly, nonprofit venue celebrating the unique and diverse population of thinkers and visionaries in Boulder and Denver. We are here to create an inclusive meeting ground for the artistic, cultural, scientific, philosophical, literary and spiritual communities of the Boulder and Denver area.  We facilitate the exchange of timely ideas and vision within a dynamic, full-sensory experience featuring art, music, dance, cuisine and traditions from around the world. Each month, our event will feature a new topic of discourse, as well as a new cultural ambiance and gastronomy to enjoy.


On Saturday, September 17, Café de la Culture will host our first monthly cultural event featuring a variety of highly respected artists and speakers from around the world.  


As a participant at Café de la Culture, you will join in a new social renaissance, engaging in dialogue with contemporaries from a variety of fields and building constructive collaborations which promote understanding, new ideas and positive change.