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ELC Training is a Training system designed to improve internal training and orientation and is available for most positions in your restoration company.  We have over 48 hours training - on Demand from some of the best instructors in the industry.

We are pleased to introduce Bruce Grove to our staff.  He has been active in the restoration and insurance industries for nearly 20 years.  He has experience in growing companies and building infrastructure.   

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The Highest Calling
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Larry Janesky leads you through a struggling business.  Many of you may think that he was looking into your business.  This is a good book about determining your business destination and then establishing a plan to get there.
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A Resolutions Article in February, really?  There are two reasons.  The first is that I thought I might be sending too many newsletters so I backed off and also because it is relevant and I am on part 3 of 6 so you can expect restorations in March as well.  


In the past two editions of the Advisor we discussed the precarious future of variable rate financing which you can read about HERE, and then I discussed how you can improve your bottom line profits as well as your cash through improving your efficiency - linked HERE.  If you follow the ideas in these two letters you are well on your way to a great 2011. 


In today's resolution we will discuss how you can improve your company by diversifying your marketing.  Too many companies are overly dependent on too few sources for their work.  I have heard often from many people that you should not be dependent on any company for more than 20% of your work. I agree with this statement and would add to that you should also look at each of the companies sending work and make sure they are the right clients.  I am sure that most of you would agree with this statement yet many have not done anything to make that happen. 


The article today will discuss how you can take control of your business.  For the purpose of this discussion I will assume that you have created a marketing plan and have strategic objectives that will serve as the basis for your business.



Thank you for reading and best regards,


Phillip Rosebrook JR

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2011 Resolution #3 Diversify your Marketing

 How long has it been since you analyzed your marketing plan and strategy?  The restoration world is changing - more competition, changing claims programs, industry consolidation, and more.  Given these realities you need to put your company in a position for success rather than just doing what you have always done.  The following recommendations are designed to improve the strength of your company in 2011.


  • Rate your clients based on the type of work, average profit margins, collection cycles and ease of use.  You should work with companies that partner for your success. 
  • Plan your activities.  Be disciplined about your approach and align activities with your plan goals. 
  • Involve your team.  Marketing is no the sole responsibility of the marketing staff. 
  • Assess your progress at least twice per year.  
  • Increase the amount of companies that you are working with.  If you have 20% or less of your work coming from each client then you will always be in a position of strength in your relationships.   
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There are many other things that you can do to improve your marketing, my advice is to sit down routinely and assess your plan.  Make sure that your marketing activities are deliberate and in alignment with your goals.  With proper planning on your marketing strategy then you can craft the company that you want through your marketing activities. 


 ELC Training
In their own words...

To Whom it may concern:

I just wanted to take a moment to commend you and your organization for the excellent quality you have put into the ELC training program.  Over the years in this industry I have participated in a great deal of training and have enrolled in a number of informational sites.  The ELC Training is far and away superior to any others like it.  Often companies compile videos of live sessions, which are good and useful, but the quality of sound and production of your video training makes it easier to hear and feels like I am actually attending the session in person.
The quality and applicability of the topics and information are pertinent to our business.  They were obviously created by people who are in the business, know the needs of our business, and know what they are doing.  On the technical side, the infrared camera training is the best available on CD, online, or anywhere.
As a general manager in our industry, I appreciate your focused work in creating this program.  I have made ELC training a requirement for everyone in our organization.  I look forward to completing every one of the modules myself.  Thank you.
Jeff Heyd  WRT, ASD, CDS, AMRT
General Manager
Flood Response
Thousand Palms, CA


Leadership and Business Development Summit - April 27, 28, 2011 - Chicago, IL

In my time in the restoration industry I have come to the conclusion that the key factor in determining the success of a restoration company is the quality of leadership.  A strong leader is able to achieve exceptional performance from the staff and is able to gain excitement in a compelling vision.  In the summit you will be able to learn from some of the best leaders in the restoration industry as well as some of the best in the business world.  You can learn more about our agenda and the event by visiting our website.  We have limited seating so if you have any interest in this event then sign up early. Last year we closed registration by March 1. 

Visit our Summit website for an agenda and more information

In Their Own Words...


I want you to know that you have created a cheerleader. I will always tell anyone that will listen, that if they want to grow their company and are unsure of how to do so, then there is only one company to call BUSINESS MENTORS...  Again, Phil I want to say thank you so much for what you have done for us.



Mike Foley

Foley Restoration  


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