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Restoration Excellence Training - 48 hours online restoration training
ELC Training is a Training system designed to improve internal training and orientation and is available for most positions in your restoration company.  We have over 48 hours training - on Demand from some of the best instructors in the industry.

We are pleased to have Marty as a part of our team.  Marty has been in Restoration for over 20 years and has acted as an owner and a general manager of restoration companies in the Midwest and Florida.  Marty is an expert at change management and establishing accountability.  More...

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The Highest Calling
An inspirational novel about business & life; struggle & success

Larry Janesky leads you through a struggling business.  Many of you may think that he was looking into your business.  This is a good book about determining your business destination and then establishing a plan to get there.
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Happy New year.  I hope you are having a great winter in your business.  I am not usually a fan of New Years Resolution's since most are broken within 30 days.  Maybe if you called them New Years Promises or something else they would have more relevance. 

I will be sending a series of newsletters with my 6 resolutions for your to consider for your business in 2011.  The first resolution may be deemed political or controversial - that is not my intent.  I believe that we will see a dramatic shift in the ability for businesses to borrow money or more likely a substantial increase in interest rates.  In this newsletter I will make my case for this claim.  Some may find the discussion to be a bit dry but it is essential that you are aware of the issues that exist in the macro economic environment since they may likely impact your business soon. One of the major roles for a business owner is risk management.  I present this discussion for your consideration as you consider the risks in your business. 

I am not sure the timing of any changes - may not be for years and could also happen in 2011.  Either way my first resolution is to reduce your company debt. You can learn more about this statement in the article below.

Best Regards and good reading, 

Phillip Rosebrook, JR

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2011 Resolution #1

2011 has arrived and is certain to be a dynamic year.  We are in interesting times from weather to politics.  This year has already seen major rain and snow in Southern California, snow and freezing weather in Phoenix and unseasonably warm weather in Toronto.  Meanwhile Australia has been experiencing catastrophic flooding.  In the middle of these unusual weather events the US political climate is in a state of change and many European countries in addition to the US are struggling with financial challenges.  With these unusual circumstances it promises to be an interesting year. 

If the start of the year is a precursor of things to come then I have some resolutions for your consideration.  In order to maintain a reasonable length to the newsletter I will present in several parts.  My recommendations for your consideration are:

  • Reduce debt
  • Improve gross margins and manage overhead
  • Diversify marketing
  • Improve customer service
  • Be proactive
  • Improve your training and orientation program

For those that have heard my speaking or reviewed my writing you may find my first recommendation to be counter to previous statements. The reality of our industry is Read More...

  ELC Training

ELC is a fundamental building block for a growing organization.  You will find twelve subjects and over 48 hours of instruction that will provide a platform for internal training as well as a turn key orientation program for new staff.  Please send an email if you would like a pass to view the training. 


Reply to this email for a 10% off coupon on our subscription.  You can also purchase individual subjects for your IICRC CE Needs.    


Leadership and Business Development Summit - April 27, 28, 2011 - Chicago, IL

We are  holding our 3rd Annual Business Development Summit in Chicago on April 27, 28, 2011.  We sold out the event the previous two years and we are certain that will happen again this year especially with our strong early registration.  Please keep an eye out for the official announcement.  This year we are very excited to announce that best selling author - David Cottrell (Monday Morning Leadership) will be headlining our event.  

Visit our Summit website for an agenda and more information

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Insights conference - San Diego CA - January 22-27, 2011 LINK