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We are pleased to have Marty as a part of our team.  Marty has been in Restoration for over 20 years and has acted as an owner and a general manager of restoration companies in the Midwest and Florida.  Marty is an expert at change management and establishing accountability.  More...

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The Highest Calling
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Larry Janesky leads you through a struggling business.  Many of you may think that he was looking into your business.  This is a good book about determining your business destination and then establishing a plan to get there.
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The first Resolutions article was a heavy discussion of interest rates and debt.  If you did not take time to read that article I recommend that you take time to review the article HERE, I received a lot of positive feedback on the discussion.


Today I am presenting the second resolution for the year.  This is a bit of an easier read.  The resolution for your consideration is to focus on improving your gross margins.  A simple 5-point increase in your margins has the potential to double your net profits.   If you do not believe that statement then assume a 35% gross profit margin with your current overhead and revenue.  Take a look at your net profit number.  If you then change your GP to 40% take a look at the bottom line dollar to see how a simple 5% improvement in margin can make a substantial difference. This may not be the case in your business but the statement is clear that a small improvement in efficiency can have a big impact.


Thank you for reading and best regards,


Phillip Rosebrook JR

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2011 Resolution #2

It is interesting to see how you can dramatically impact your business by making small changes.  Given the relationship between gross margin and net profit then consider whether it is easier to improve margins or increase your revenue.  I encourage you to consider the following thoughts to improve your gross margins:

     Improve the accuracy of your estimating.  

     Prepare a budget before you start.  

     Finish the job on time.  

     Focus on higher margin work.  

     Use subcontractors and give them a price before they start the work.  

     Obtain discounts.  

     Track, limit and manage travel and material procurement time.  

     Provide exceptional customer service.  

     Collect deposits and draws from a position of strength.  

Read Details:

Although this is not an all-encompassing list it is a good start at improving your business in 2011.  Read this list and then review with your staff and discuss how you can add to your bottom line this next year. You can also get a more detailed description of each of these ideas in our online training subject for PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.   Please send an EMAIL if you wish to view this subject and more with a free 48 hour pass to the program.

 ELC Training

We started this training program with the intention of raising the level of performance in restoration companies.  Most restoration companies do not spend enough time training their existing staff.  When it comes time to send people to schools, that occurs but it only involves a few people.  With the ELC program you are able to provide training to virtually every person on your staff. Visit our website to learn more.  You can pay for your subscription by reducing turn over or through one good idea learned and implemented.  If you have any interest you can request a pass to view the complete program. 


Reply to this email for a 10% off coupon on our subscription.  You can also purchase individual subjects for your IICRC CE Needs.    

Leadership and Business Development Summit - April 27, 28, 2011 - Chicago, IL

In my time in the restoration industry I have come to the conclusion that the key factor in determining the success of a restoration company is the quality of leadership.  A strong leader is able to achieve exceptional performance from the staff and is able to gain excitement in a compelling vision.  In the summit you will be able to learn from some of the best leaders in the restoration industry as well as some of the best in the business world.  You can learn more about our agenda and the event by visiting our website.  We have limited seating so if you have any interest in this event then sign up early. Last year we closed registration by March 1. 

Visit our Summit website for an agenda and more information

In Their Own Words...

I told Jeff and Ken three years ago that my #1 goal was to "have a life outside of my business." This has been achieved and my family and I are grateful for this. We are a happier family than we have been in quite some time and I can't thank you enough for your part in that.  More...

Peter Overgaauw

PDS Brantford

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