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Thunder and lightning -- describing the weather or the discussion?
Don't take a bath in this economy
ARN is going to the movies (bring your own popcorn)
Aquatic Sensory Integration Ideas
PEDS THERAPISTS: Looking for a way to incorporate deep pressure and tactile input into your pool time?

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Adult Aquatic Therapy
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BUILD OR BUY A POOL: How to Plan for -- and Prosper with -- your Aquatic Therapy Pool
Aug - Wisconsin Dells

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Issue #17   8 Dec 2008
 Lightning Rebuttal
thunderboltLast month, we reported that Aquatics International published an article questioning the policy of closing indoor pools during an electrical storm. Turns out that article has touched off a, err, firestorm with the National Lightning Safety Institute whose President & CEO Richard Kithil sent us a letter rebutting AI's article. With all the experts in a tumult, what's a pool director to do?

Read the AI article here...
Read the NLSI rebuttal here...
Attracting Patients in a Down Economy
With patients being ever more mindful of where their health dollars are being spent these days, it is beneficial to take a look at how other aquatic disciplines are managing to keep patrons coming through their doors.

One such sector, the spa industry, just released their Top 10 List of New Trends to be thinking about in 2009. Reiki, Qi Gong, chakra balancing anyone?

Read the list here....
Evidence-Based Seminar Now on DVD
andrea mpls seminar Weren't able to make it in Oct? Andrea Salzman is now on DVD

Due to popular demand, we have immortalized Andrea Salzman's Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy lectures by putting them on DVD for your facility or staff to enjoy. This multi-disk set contains all the classroom sessions of Andrea's October seminar in Minneapolis featuring over 8 hours of research and practice ideas you can use at your clinic. For $299, you get the multi-disk set, the course hand-outs (300 pages!) and for an extra bonus: a vial of water from the actual pool Andrea taught in. [don't choke! we're kidding, we're kidding!] Get it now and avoid the Christmas rush.

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