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Water Shiatsu Comes Into Its Own
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Minneapolis Seminar a Smash
Classroom Sessions Coming Soon on DVD!

Though our Evidence-Based Aquatic Therapy course is now over, never fear. We videotaped all of Andrea Salzman's classroom sessions for those of you who missed it. When finished, the package will come with DVDs, evidence- based bibliographies, diagrams and detailed course handouts.


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Issue #14   17 Nov 2008
 Pool Safety During Electrical Storms
While there are many urban legends in the world of aquatics, one is by far the greatest of all--lightning and indoor swimming pools. The truth is, the practice of clearing indoor pools during outside thunderstorms does not keep people safe.

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Evidence-Based Watsu
It wasn't too many years ago when Watsu was considered an experimental technique, primarily associated with "eastern" practitioners, not western medicine.

Well, 28 years after its inception, therapists across the globe can now find published research about using Watsu for their most disabled clientele.

It's not just your guru's Watsu anymore...

Review the evidence here...
Community Pool Use: Insurance Coverage, Rental Agreements and Medicare Regulations (oh my!)
community pool Sign-up your entire staff up for our Last Gasp Community Pool webinar coming in December

When you lease space at a community pool to provide aquatic therapy, you create a whole host of potential problems. Have you considered who pays the worker's compensation claim if you get hurt while working in the pool? Or are you even allowed to use the community pool for your Medicare patients when there is lap swimming or independent exercise going on?

Gather your staff together and join our 90-minute Community Pool Use Rules and Regulations webinar on December 16th and find out. This webinar comes complete with a comprehensive "checklist" - to ensure that you have addressed issues of worker's compensation coverage, general liability coverage, Medicare exclusivity. We will also address all the implications which come with renting a pool for therapy.

Peds Coming Soon to ARN

peds hugging
To keep up with the increasing treatment options available to aquatic therapists everywhere, the Aquatic Resources Network is expanding our educational offerings with the introduction of a pediatrics track to our 2009 seminar schedule.
In all, we will be holding five peds courses:
  • North Carolina - February, 2008
  • San Francisco Bay area - March, 2008
  • Minneapolis - May, 2008
  • St. Louis - July, 2008
  • Pennsylvania - October, 2008
And, speech therapists, we haven't forgotten about you! Our San Francisco Bay Area will also feature a speech therapist track.

If you love treating children but need fresh ideas to work in the pool, plan on attending one of these seminars.

View our 2009 seminar page here...