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24 March 2012                             Internet industry updates, policy trends, tips, and news on Africa...   






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Larry Strickling, U.S. Department of Commerce:

"We can choose to expand bureaucracies or we can expand jobs...The future of the Internet is at risk. The multi-stakeholder model is being challenged."

Africa Brief: Kenya 2nd, South Africa 6th
DotConnectAfrica: Africa's Top 10 BroadBankSpeed

According to latest statistics from Ookla's NetIndex, Ghana has been ranked with the fastest broadband Internet speed in Africa.  Ookla is the global leader in broadband testing and web-based network diagnostic applications. Based on millions of recent test results from, the NetIndex compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe.  [more]


NOTE:  A Congratulations and Thank you for Kenya!

DCA has long  been following and researching the state of Broadband in Africa, also during its effortless Pan-African on-site campaigns, in making its choice in the interest of the African public at large and its future dotafrica customers, therefore, having finally decided the best places to park it's dotafrica initiative in Nairobi Kenya, where there is superior infrastructure and competitive price


We are grateful and want to thank all peoples of Africa who have expressed interest and support for our initiative, especially Kenya.  

What is Govt's role in internet governance? 

Should Govt's manage domain names?

CIO East Africa asks our own, Sophia Bekele, who have been past advisor to ICANN on policy and currently leading the dotAfrica debate.


CIO East Africa

CIO: In your opinion, what should be government's role in the governance and management of the Internet in general and domain names specifically?   

[Full Q & A on CIO ]

ICANN Brief- Costa Rica

The debate in Costa Rica as well as the key note speeches were mostly dominated by the issues of Conflict of Interest at ICANN and relating to the Global Internet Governance and as it affects the public interest  


Some of the hot topics include:

-ICANN to revise Conflict of Interest Rules

-Beckstrom slams his own board over conflicts'

-Another conflicted ICANN Director?

-Internet governanace & Public Interest


Our favorate quotes at the opening speech of ICANN: 

" I believe that Internet use should be steered by the principles of freedom of speech, individual privacy, and respect for human rights... "adding that "Internet governance must be transparent, multilateral, and democratic, with the participation of several segments of society preserving and fostering its collective creation nature." Mr. HARTMUT GLASER,  LACNIC representative and Chief Executive Secretary of 


Dr. Steve Crocker, Chairman of the Board of ICANN:

Dr.Crocker singled out the expansive growth that has been the culture attributed to the successful startup initiatives that have been created by people, individuals that have revolutionized the internet portal saying "  He traces the evolution of WWW from its inception exclaiming ...".the Worldwide Web was created by physicists in Switzerland, that eBay revolutionized auctions, Amazon revolutionized the retail sales of books first and then many other things. Google revolutionized search. Skype and Twitter and Facebook would all come about from individual initiatives in the least expected places." This only goes to show the unlimited nature of online activity and the benefits of entrepreneurship that has blasted organizations to multibillionaires."

   Rod Beckstrom, CEO ICANN, 
"We must seize the opportunity to embrace the transparency and good governance that this precious resource deserves. ICANN must be able to act for the public good while placing commercial and financial interest in the appropriate context."
Finally,  DotconnectAfrica in aligning itself with the noble ideas that have emanated from this conference therefore feels vindicated in its continued strive towards a future devoid of conflict of interest and confidently shares in the efforts to uproot behaviors that tend towards opaqueness and misconstrued privacies that have gagged the developments of the internet infrastructure and especially in the developing nations like Africa, we feel it's time to walk the talk .

Other Internet Governance briefs


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It was not community criticism however but elections and changes to the political landscape that have seen a U-turn in the policy and a shift toward to the "multi-stakeholder" approach that defines Internet policy decision-making 
South Africa included in call for an alternate ICANN??


The proposal sought to establish that "policy authority for Internet-related public issues is the sovereign right of States" and not the ICANN, the IETF or the other multistakeholder groups that now run the Internet. At the same time, Brazil, India and South Africa called for creation of "new global body" to control the Internet.  
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DCA's Recent Commentaries 


African Union  & UNIFORUM should beware of Wrongdoing 



We are currently on point completing the ICANN TAS Application for .africa.


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DCA attended ICANN Costa Rica.   

 See PR update link here......


Meet Gedion Rop Gideon has joined DCA as a full time Project Support Engineer, few months back.  Prior to DCA, Rop worked for Wanainchi for the past 2 years as Project Engineer.    Rop, was one of many volunteers that was passionate about DCA and its work and 
Gedion Rop
DCA Project support Engineer
assisted DCA on a part time basis.  

Many of you many know him from his active participation on DCA Linked-in Social Media Group as well as recent IGF Kenya meeting where he represented DCA. high at 6th IGF meeting in Nairobi.   
We welcome Gedion to DCA and wishing him all the best! 
His Linked-in profile is here 
His latest blog on Circle ID.....

INDUSTRYIndustry:  Costa Rica New gTLD Update

By DotConnectafrica:

With the latest applicant record falling at 290 in the TAS , there is critical information that applicants needed to gather and from the New gTLD Program Update session here are just a few of the information that you might just need to go as you go on with your application:


An interesting factor among the new application round is the existence of a defensive gTLD application: this is defined as an application that is designed with protections for certain interests and rights, this type of application may not necessarily be a commercial entity but will only be applied to protect interests that are regarded as closed to a certain group of persons or community.


If you successfully apply and you qualify you will get a fee reduction to $47,000 or staggered payment option where the payment method is more flexible until the finalization, according to ICANN there are 14 such  organizations and individuals seeking  support from Senegal, Ecuador, Germany, British Virgin Islands, India, USA, Canada, Cameroon, and South Africa . The body in charge of the support deployment is the Independent Support Applicant Review Panel (SARP) who will review applications


ICANN board has authorized $2,000,000 for an initial 14 applicants whose eligibility will be determined by the panel selected. This session elicited many questions with delegates specifically asking how the selection process for the 14 qualifying applicants for the grants would be selected, however it remains to be when who will qualify .


The EOI was in published 3 February and runs through to 31st  March , this EOI Seeks individuals from ICANN's community and independent experts , and the actual number of panelists based on applications


The eminent panel member selection and training will be implemented in collaboration with JAS WG  Since the number of applications is expected to be well over 500, ICANN will use batching to schedule the applications, and the exact way to batch hasn't been yet reached, however there will be a variety of ways to be considered i.e.  Random selection, Auction, First come, first served, Online batching system ("Secondary Timestamp") .However, Will be used if natural batches cannot be created a three criteria to determine batches. i.e.  Applicant's batching preference (i.e., an opt-in/opt-out mechanism); A non-random priority number assigned in a secondary registration; and Geographic diversity.


This is a critical fact that following the discussions we believe that ICANN is well prepared to handle the matters that will arise during this application period and especially now that there will be a huge upsurge of numbers within which ICANN will have to properly batch to be able to fully handle the applications. 


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Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor, [email protected]