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December is a great season for different types of celebrations and festivities  - for faith-based religious organizations, families, corporations reviewing the year's significant achievements, celebrating successes accomplished during the year, and engaging in end-of-year get-togethers and award ceremonies!.  People find  themselves dressed up for such occasions around the world. The same also obtains in Africa.  

Here DCA presents an African identity 
in such context as '' which given the opportunity to brand various tribes for the purpose of harnessing our tourism potential, also helps in identifying peoples and places for necessary Pan-African development interventions that would help improve the livelihoods of local nationalities & grassroot communities within the continent.



 In January 2012, DCA will formally apply to ICANN for the delegation of the dotafrica gTLD.  Building on our past successes and representing your interests, we therefore ask you all  to join us in this final lap towards realizing our common vision of a unified internet presence for Africa through a dotafrica Top level Domain name. 

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About DotConnectAfrica:

DCA is a not-for-profit, non-partisan org incorporated in Mauritius Africa & will sponsor, establish & operate a TLD registry with global recognition & regional significance dedicated to the needs of Pan-African &African community. DCA Reg.ID.CT8710DCA90
For Immediate Contact:   Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor, [email protected]