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19 July  2011

Yes2dotAfrica Campaign  - Our ScoreCard: 


As we promised, we will continue our journey of "yes2dotAfrica" campaign.   


In adherence to our core philosophical beliefs of continuous engagement with all stakeholders and commitment to transparency in constantly communicating our organization ideals and vision, DotConnectAfrica (DCA) has in the past employed a high-level scorecard, and currently would like to enunciate as part of its continuing 'Yes to DotAfrica' campaign. 


In return for the cross-cutting support that we have received, we owe our Pan-Africans constituency the important duty of transparently informing them about the ICANN-led process and what benefits would accrue from exploiting the opportunity presented by the introduction of the new gTLDs program to achieve the DotAfrica of our dreams - and all its positive omens for innovation, marketing and branding. 


The DCA scorecard thus far was mainly anchored on the achievement of the following crucial tasks and objectives:

  • Proposing DotAfrica generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) to consolidate the 'Africa' brand on the Internet
  • Clarifying DotAfrica gTLD, which DCA has spoken, presented and clarified issues in global public forums, against the backdrop that the domain industry is new to Africa.
  • Achieving stakeholder consensus on the desirability of DotAfrica
  • Launching and sustaining successful global campaign for DotAfrica based on a multi-year effort
  • Supporting and participating in the ICANN-led process for the introduction of new gTLDs
  • Winning key endorsements for DotAfrica from main African endorsing partners such as the AU and the UN-ECA
  • Undertaking high-level lobbying efforts on DotAfrica, in support of ICANN with the United States Department of Commerce. 

DotConnectAfrica sees the building of an Internet-enabled generation of digital communities as part of its mission, using our "" theme as a platform of innovation, empowerment and branding.  


Regarding our "No" Campaigns

  • The opportunity of presenting this high-level scorecard is also useful in clarifying our involvement in the 'No Campaigns', as an obverse to the "Yes2dotAfrica Campaign" 
  • When we started this journey we did not foresee the adverse effect on our work by the 'naysayers' and our detractors who, if left unchecked would torpedo the DotAfrica dream.  
  • After winning the pivotal AU endorsement, the willful sabotage of our efforts foisted an 'underground cold war' of attrition on DCA, thus forcing DCA to fight in self-defense and respond to issues where it is either a named party or as a sidelined interlocutor
  • These issues include but not limited to misrepresentation of DCA's mission and purpose, its principals and stakeholder communities, misinformation to the public on the implementation of dotafrica and its merit.and efforts to counter mass media manipulation.
  • These 'No Campaigns" are an unfortunate burden that we have to now bear to ensure that our 'Yes Campaign' to DotAfrica is sustained with a view to achieving the results that this initiative requires to succeed.

Our work is by no means over, and we shall continue to do the needful to consolidate past gains whilst pushing for further successes until we reach the Promised Land!   


DCA will continue to exercise leadership on the DotAfrica Initiative 

and engage in positive public diplomacy efforts

We continue to count on your support and goodwill. 



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