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  The rules surrounding applications to ICANN are due to be finalized in December,  leaving the way clear for applications to open on 31 May 2011.


Greetings ALL, we are nearing the holidays again!  

We want to inform you that DotConnectAfrica (DCA) is currently running an aggressive marketing campaign to sensitize the Pan African and African community, on DCA's efforts to sponsor, establish and operate a regional Internet namespace, dotAfrica.

DCA has put over three year's effort  introducing, promoting and getting Endorsements of key African stakeholders  to bring to the Continent an amazing opportunity to brand itself on the web and provide Africa with greater visibility and a platform to make its voice heard on the International scene.

The "Yes Campaign" is part of  DCA's  on-going effort to create awareness of the benefits of a dotAfrica name and do a public outreach.

Please join our  "yes2 dotAfrica campaign" by saying "yes" to  3 simple steps below:

Thomas Kamanzi,
Campaign Manager


*DCA is endorsed by the African Union (AU) & the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)*
DotConnectAfrica (DCA) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization, which will sponsor, establish and operate the dotAfrica top level domain (TLD registry) dedicated to the needs of the Pan-African and African community.   DCA was inspired to come to fruition to coordinate the implementation of the .Africa (dotAfrica) initiative

DotAfrica Logo
  What is in it for you? tees Tee

1.You will be part of a new movement that has created the birth of ''

2.  If you are selected as the 100th person on our fan list, you will be the winner of the most popular '' t-shirt.  

We will ensure that we contact you with the e-mail ID you submitted above at yes2dotafrica.

What to do -  3 simple steps!

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Step 1
 send us an email @

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identifying yourself, your organizational affiliation and your country

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Introducing "" volunteer

About me Avitar volunteer

The group "generation.Africa", is young multi-faceted individuals who believe in what DCA is trying to do to move the continent forward.  

As part of volunteer, you will be involved in, discussing marketing and internet strategies, organizing events, networking with key figures in your country as well as all over Africa through the network and  building and rallying for support for the 'Yes2dotafrica campaign' within Africa.

Join the DCA volunteer Group "" by sending us your interest to email address "[email protected]" and interact with a dynamic group of fans, explore events in your location, and engage yourself in mind boggling discussions from our events and discussion page, respectively You will find all this when u sign up for the step 3 above!

We hope that you will join our mission of  "Yes2dotafrica" campaign in order to ensure that Africa is placed positively on the global digital map.   DotAfrica is your "online African identity" and you owe it to yourself to rise up and support it!

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