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Find the latest dental ergonomic and product news in our E-mail Archives.  Articles in these newsletters are generally not found elsewhere in Bethany's book, seminars, DVDs or articles.  We hope you enjoy perusing the archives!
  • #19 - Cycling, Golf and other Recreation
  • The positions and movements in cycling and golf can worsen pain syndromes in dental professionals. But with simple exercises, you can continue the hobbies you love!
  • #18 - Pain Among Women in Dentistry
  • Women in dentistry experience higher frequency and severity of pain than their male counterparts. Women require special ergonomic considerations to ensure a long & healthy career in dentistry.
  • #16 - Saddle Stools - Selection & User Tips
  • The benefits of the saddle are numerous, and riders worldwide are touting the positive impact on their musculoskeletal system. While they may appear quite simple to adjust, saddle stool owners often make two critical adjustment mistakes that can lead to worsening of musculoskeletal symptoms and spinal problems.
  • #15 - Do-It-Yourself Dental Ergonomic Checklist
  • In this newsletter, I have created a Do-it-Yourself Dental Ergonomic Checklist. The electronic version of the checklist has active links to articles, videos and newsletters so you can easily access more information to 'ergonomize' your operatory!
  • #14 - Which Exercises Prevent Pain?
  • Based on the new, 2nd Edition Home Exercise DVD for Dental Professionals, this newsletter introduces the latest research on exercise and low back and neck pain. Discover which exercises and methods are best for improving painful muscle imbalances to which dental profesisonals are prone.
  • #13 - Neck Pain-If You Could Do Just 5 Things...
  • Neck pain is the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaint among dental team members. The interventions and treatments are numerous, and it can be a daunting task to figure out exactly where to start. In this article, I share my 5 top recommendations for preventing neck pain. Keep in mind, these are preventions--not treatments!
  • #12 - Upper Back Pain - Part 2
  • In Part Two of this series on upper back pain, we delve into several other potential sources of this pain in the dental professional, including trigger points in the rhomboids, lower and middle trapezius muscles. Associated treatments and ergonomic interventions are introduced.
  • #11 - Upper Back Pain in Dental Professionals
  • Upper-back pain is often experienced among team members. While our natural inclination is to identify a structure or muscle located in the upper back as the most likely culprit for upper back pain, the actual perpetrator that stirs up the most trouble and pain is not even located in the back. Its location may surprise you......
  • #10 Balanced Exercise Program for Dental Professionals
  • Dental professionals are prone to unique muscle imbalances which can be worsened by the wrong types of exercise. Learn the keys to selecting proper exercise that will improve your health. Download a free stretching chart and get discounts on exercise DVDs.
  • #9 Patient Positioning Guidelines
  • Essential guidelines for positioning the patient, chair, headrest and light for treating the upper vs. lower arches and much more. View video excerpts from the new DVD.
  • #8 New Products Update
  • Discover 3 new dental ergonomic 'gems': A HVE specially designed for hygienists, a special dental extraction tool that minimizes forceful grip and twist, and a spinning dental mirror that spins away debris and fluid.
  • #7 Preventing Shoulder Pain in Dentistry
  • Learn easy treatment and prevention strategies for two problematic shoulder disorders in dentistry: trapezius myalgia and frozen shoulder syndrome. Also, view video excerpts from Bethany's new lecture DVD!
  • #6 Essential Magnification Tips to Improve Your Health
  • Ergonomic features on loupes can have a significant impact your health. But did you know that the WAY you use your loupes can also impact head posture and your health?
  • #5 Low Cost Ergonomic Modifications
  • Making ergonomic improvements in your operatory doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are 10 low cost modifications that can help you work more comfortably and productively.
  • #4 Outdoor Recreation Tips for Dental Professionals
  • Discover how to participate safely in several outdoor activities. Due to the muscle imbalances to which you are prone in dentistry, certain outdoor recreational activities may need to be modified to ensure safe participation
  • #3 Syndromes that Mimic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is frequently misdiagnosed among dental professionals. This issue reveals several disorders that mimic CTS, but have a different etiology.
  • #2 Low Back Pain among Dental Professionals
  • Low back pain is a pervasive problem in dentistry. Learn how to identify and treat trigger points, as well as effective ergonomic interventions that target low back pain.
  • #1 Operator Stools-How Do they Impact Your Health?
  • Non-ergonomic stools or poor adjustment can lead to numerous painful disorders. Learn which operator stools and their features can benefit your health--and not make it worse!!
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