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May 2011 

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This month is also Memorial Day, which is often a holiday for barbecues and parties. In light of the military action this week resulting in the death of 911 terrorist, Bin Laden, we should take a moment to recognize our military men and women, who put their lives on the line everyday. These unsung heroes deserve our support. In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, launched Joining Forces to give everyone a chance to help local military families.


Spring officially arrived last month, although, it's feeling a lot like the fall season to me. May is the month of Mother's Day, so don't forget about Mom or she may remind you of the birth stories the day you were born and how long she spent in labor. Anyway, we have some gift ideas that won't break the bank, but shows her (Mom, Mama, Mommy or Mami) that you care.


We also have more links to our blog with great posts on music, skincare and teen programs. 


See you next month!


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Table of Contents
1. Blog for Us!
2. Mother's Day
3. Check Out Our Blog!

Blog for Us!

We are doing it big in 2011! We are looking for teens who'd love to blog for us. Get your shine on and become one of our regular bloggers. Volunteer one entry per week and share the topics that are important to you: celebs, music, boys, film, poetry, etc. 


If you're interested, email why you'd be a great blogger (no longer than one paragraph, please):

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this weekend, so don't forget Mom or the "Mom" in your life. It could be an auntie, grandmother, cousin or family friend. Most moms are not fussy, but it's a nice gesture to thank the person that's made an impact and has been a role model in your life.


We have some gift ideas for Mom that you can do on a budget:

  • Give her a photo gift. Visit, or your local drugstore and make her a gift with your picture or one of her favorite pics. Add a pic to a mug, a calendar, bag or personalized Mother's Day card for her to show off to her friends. 
  • Gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts or her favorite coffee spot. If your mom is like most moms, myself included, she's busy and coffee is her fuel to get her day started in the morning. These cards can be purchased for as little as $5. She can use it to get a cup of coffee, coffee beans or a special treat.
  • Make her dinner. If you're able to cook, make her favorite meal. If you're not a chef in the kitchen, you can go to your local grocery store for help. Many grocery stores will have whole, cooked chickens, prepared salads or other sides you can purchase at the deli (potato salad, vegetable salads, etc.). It may not be homemade, but it will give mom a much-needed night off from cooking.
  • Give her an online gift. Since you may not have a 9-to-5 and get your spending money from your moms, you may not have money for a gift. Send her an e-card from, create a photo slide show on or create a special message from the heart on YouTube.
Enjoy your day with Mom!
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