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August 2009
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5th Intl. MLC mtg. Nairobi
Do you know your "National Responsible"?
What are you doing October 11?
News from Haiti
Friday Magnificat - Korea
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Dear friends,
The 5th International Meeting of MLC is over but the joy and energy is continuing across the miles! Emails from participants are overflowing with praise for the Karibu welcome we received from our Kenyan sisters and brothers. Gratitude is being expressed for the work of the past leadership team and prayerful support promised for the new team.
I begin my new role as President with a heart full of joy for the many friendships that have been made in our Region in the past four years. This newsletter has been a true "Gift." It has allowed me to share the good news of our Marianist family in all her diversity. Your positive feed-back supported me in this work. Your stories inspired me. Your photos helped me to see faces and scenes, not just names and countries. I hope that it did the same for you.
And now I am happy to pass the "Task" of this newsletter to our new Regional Responsible for North America, Asia, Ireland and Australia - Susan Vogt. I look forward to working with Susan, Ernest, Félix and Isabel in the next four years. I pray that the spirit and energy of Nairobi will inspire and guide us in the work ahead!
With much affection and gratitude,
Isabella Moyer
International Organization of MLCs

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear friends - new and old,Susan photo
We bid Isabella Moyer farewell as the Responsible (representative) for our region but only to take on an even bigger responsibility for Marianist MLC's as President. Thank you Isabella for the great work you have done over the last four years.Our prayers are with you.

Now let me to introduce myself as your new representative. I have been a lay Marianist for over 40 years and a member of MLCs in 4 different cities. I currently am a member of the Anawim Community in Cincinnati, Ohio. My husband, Jim, is Director of the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative which serves lay and religious Marianists in the USA and Canada. We live in Covington, KY and have 4 young adult children. (One lives in Washington DC, one in Afghanistan, one in Covington, and one in Singapore.) You will learn more about me in future Gifts & Tasks but for those who are curious, you could check out my website:

My plan for Gifts & Tasks is to feature a different country each month so that we can get to know each other better and learn what is going on in our vast region. The countries represented are: Austrailia, Canada (French and English speaking), Haiti, India, Ireland, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and the USA. That's 10 countries which should take us almost a year. Please e-mail me ( with photos, updates about what you are doing, and what you'd like help with.

United in prayer across the miles,
Susan Vogt
Regional Responsible
North America, Asia, Australia, and Ireland
5th International MLC Meeting
Nairobi, Kenya - August 1 to 7, 2009

MLC Facebook Quiz: Who can you recognize below?
See names below and get to know your regional MLC contacts. Connect with distant MLCs without leaving home.

Nairboi delegates from my Region

1st row: Lugun Marianus, SM (India), Chan Bok Park (Korea/Rome), Jin Bong (Korea)
2nd row:Eun Hee Theresa Kim (Korea), Lisa Vega (USA), Susan Vogt (Reg. Resp.),
             Johneleen Lardera (Philippines), Jack Ventura, SM (N. Am. assessor),
             Marie-Paule Guenette (Quebec), Isabella Moyer (President)
3rd row:Michael Pera (USA), Peter Kachhap (India), Julie Nagasako (MSJC rep. Hawaii),
            Salomi Ekka (India), RichardThibault (Quebec), Wesly Etienne (Haiti), Jacqui Griswold (USA)
Missing: Marg Van Herk Paradis (Canada), Australia, Ireland, and Japan.

The above people represented six of the countries in our region, 115 MLCs, and over 1,500 lay Marianists.

So, the vast majority of you didn't personally go to Nairobi, what does the 5th International MLC meeting mean for you? It means you missed:

  • Hours of intensive meetings and listening to translations (important but not a favorite way to spend a vacation)
  • A sample of African food, hospitality, singing, dancing, and a few wild animals
  • Visiting several Marianist development projects: Our Lady of Nazareth School, Imani project, and a mental health center.
  • Coming to consensus on the document,Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and the World. Pour le Francais, cliquez ici. Para español haga clic aquí.

I can't repeat the meetings, food, and sights for you, but the document Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and in the World is worth reading and discussing with your community. I plan to develop some discussion questions that will help an MLC spend a fruitful evening or two on this important topic of how we relate to the world outside our communities and how we can be more pro-active in serving the poor, working for social justice, and simplifying our own lifestyles.

MLC Quiz #2:
How many names of national responsibles do you recognize?
Not everyone was in Nairobi!

Australia - Julie Aherne
Canada (French speaking) - Jacqueline Carrier
Canada (English speaking) - Val Bergeron
Haiti - Wesley Etienne
Ireland - Susan Buckley
India - Salomi Ekka
Japan - Seiko Sakano
Philippines - Johneleen Lardera
S. Korea - Eun Hee Theresa Kim
USA - A.J. Wagner

Hopefully you at least know your own representative. If not, it's time to connect.
Please let me know if I've misidentified anyone. This is the time to correct the regional database since I will soon be asking you to summarize the growth or decline, progress or concerns of Marianist lay life in your country. This will help me represent you well at the International MLC meeting in Rome, Nov. 7, 2009. Watch for my e-mail.

What are you doing on October 11?
Praying of course. It's the Marianist World Day of Prayer. This year Marianists will gather in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. You don't have to travel to Africa, however, to pray. Set your watch or computer for 3:00p.m. and perhaps pray something like this:

                                Jesus, you made the ultimate sacrifice of love
Three O'Clock Prayer
   when you surrendered your life for us by dying
   upon the cross.
   We pause now to remember that just as you
   gave your mother, Mary, into the care of your
   beloved disciple, John, so too you ask us to
   take care of each other.
   We  remember.

   World Day of Prayer English, French, Spanish

News from Haiti
Dear friends,
Last Saturday, we had a wonderful celebration for the first vows of our two Brothers Claudel Noel and Wildy Marcelin. We now have 6 Haitians brothers which brings us to a total of 9 Marianists brothers at our young Marianist foundation in Haïti.Claudel and Wildy will go en Africa (Abidjan) on September 15th for their scholastic studies.
Pray for them.
Bro. Hervé, SM

For more news about Haiti check out their newsletter, Novitiat Bienheureux Chaminade D'Haiti.

Magnificat Korea 09-8

Click on FRIDAY MAGNIFICAT to see more about how the Daughters of Mary in Korea implement Mary's prayer.

September Feast Days

Mary Queen of Heaven icon
Saturday, September 5
Mary, Queen of Apostles

Blessed William Chaminade considered the retreat of 1818 as foundational. At the end of that retreat on Sept. 5, seven men
made the first public profession of vows in the new Institute of Mary.

Do you know why Sept. 8, 12, 15, and 18 are also special days for Marianists? Click here to see Fr. George Cerniglia's list of other significant feast days.

Via Latina 22 Online
Via Latina
The following articles are found in the July issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary:

  • Developments in the Cause of Faustino
  • General Leadership Assembly
  • Mixed Composition
  • Appointment of new Vice-Rector for International Seminary
  • Horizons 2010

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