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June 2009
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Dear friends,

In North America, the end of June signals the beginning of summer vacations. Here in the Canadian prairies seeds are slowly sprouting, covering the fields with promises of abundant growth.

We too, hope that the small good we may do is multiplied by the generous hand of God. I share this prayer, written by a friend:

Loving God,

What stops us from daily sowing

All the graces you hand out to us?

May we sow with abandonment!

From the sowing to the reaping

may we Praise you!

And all the good you have stocked us with,

may we entrust its increase to YOU alone!

(Sr. Grace, OSB)

United in prayer across the many miles,
Isabella Moyer

Regional Responsible
North America, Asia,
Ireland and Australia

Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition

Last month, the International Team for Marianist Lay Communities presented the Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition. The Guide is a response to the Challenge of the 4th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities  "to integrate the documents from the past four Convocations into one document that would be the starting point to a guide about lay life."

We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to our friends at the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS) for their generous help in formulating this document. We also offer thanks to our faithful translators: Izaskun Arias, Richard Thibault, Benjamin Dougherty, and Mary Gorgette.


Within a month of publication, we received a Portuguese translation from a lay Marianist in Brazil. Thank you, Walderez!


News from MLC Davao City
by Johneleen Lardera,
National Responsible, MLC Philippines

Johneleen Lardera
Recently, our budding group decided to name our community as "Marianistang Katilingban sa Dabaw - Rayna sa Kalinaw" (Marianist Lay Davao Community-Queen of Peace). Our city (Davao) and our island (Mindanao) have always been misunderstood as war-torn and dangerous place to live due to summary killings and Moro (Moslem) secessions/terrorism.

Contrary to all those things, we are a land of peace and promise. Amid sociopolitical
turmoil, the Tri-People of Mindanao (Christian, Moslems and Lumads / Indigenous Peoples) are working together to attain order and ultimately, peace.

Thus, Mother Mary's title as the Queen of Peace is quite fitting
to name our community for us to be always being reminded that we too share the responsibility of bringing not just peace but also unity and love for our nation.

CLICK HERE to read a full report from Johneleen, including a story and photos of the MLC members participation in the National Schools Maintenance Week, or Brigada Eskwela.

5th International Meeting of MLC
Nairobi, Kenya - August 1 to 7, 2009


The general theme for the 5th International Meeting of MLC in Nairobi is "Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and in the World." Prayers and liturgies for each day have been assigned by region with a corresponding theme.


Sunday - Asia

Symbol: Earth

Theme: Vocation


Monday - North America

Symbol: Water

Theme: Baptism


Tuesday - Europe

Symbol: Wine

Theme: Cana, Feast, Service


Wednesday - Africa (Francophone)

Symbol: Fire

Theme: Interior Prayer


Thursday - Latin America

Symbol: Bread

Theme: Community


Friday - Africa (Anglophone)

Symbol: Seeds

Theme: Sending, Sowing, Multiplying


We invite you to join us each day in prayer as our minds and hearts ponder the "gifts and tasks" of the Marianist Family in each of our regions.

And, please be assured that we will be praying for all of you - in gratitude for all that has been, and with much hope for the future!  

Check our International Meeting web-site for daily updates during the meeting!


5º Encuentro Internacional

de las Comunidades Laicas Marianistas


Online Courses en Español


Desde la Comunidad Cibernética para la Formación en la Fe
(CCFF) de la Universidad de Dayton y el Centro Internacional
de Formación Marianista (CIFM) les saludamos y tenemos el
gusto de anunciarles que
hemos puesto en línea un nuevo
curso de formación a distancia a través de internet sobre
temas marianistas

En esta oportunidad
queremos invitarles a participar en el
curso  'La Comunidad en la Familia Marianista

El comienzo de la primera edición de este curso está prevista
para el 12 de julio y se extenderá a lo largo de 5 semanas
hasta el 15 de agosto. La inscripción para los miembros de
la Familia Marianista de América Latina y de España tiene un
costo de U$S 40,00 (cuarenta dólares norteamericanos) y se
recibirán inscripciones hasta el próximo 8 de julio.

Les invitamos a visitar el sitio de internet del CIFM (
aquí) y de la CCFF (oprime aquí) para obtener mayor
información sobre este y otros cursos. También pueden
solicitar información a Johnson Romero a través de la
dirección electrónica
SM General Leadership Assembly

Our brothers of the Society of Mary will gather in Rome for a General Leadership Assembly from July 19 until August 1. Participants in the Assembly include members of the General Council, Provincials, Assistant Provincials, Regional and District superiors.


The overall theme of the Assembly, which occurs at the half-way point between General Chapters is "A vision of the future of the Society of Mary, understood as a global community: presence, mission, lifestyle, structures."


We unite with our brothers in prayer and family spirit. May the Spirit of wisdom and discernment blow generously through all minds and hearts!



Magnficat FMI Japan

This month's issue of the Friday MAGNIFICAT, focuses on the works of the Daughters of Mary in Japan.

July Feast Days
St. Benedict

St. Benedict of Nursia

George J. Cerniglia, SM (Assistant for Religious Life, US Province) offers this reflection for the month of July:


The summer months are upon us. This is an opportunity to relax and renew ourselves spiritually, physically and psychologically. Early in July we celebrate Independence Day. We are called this day to pray mightily for peace and to work for peace, not only abroad but in our own hearts, homes and communities.


Toward the end of July and into August, the Sunday gospels turn our attention to Jesus, the Bread of Life. The readings from the sixth chapter of John's gospel offer penetrating reflections on change and how Jesus helped his followers understand the change from earthly bread to heavenly bread. He stood at the crossroads of both history and cosmic transformation by his death and resurrection. He now stands with us as bread for the hungry, the friend of the poor and the source of healing and reconciliation.


We must follow him. This has implications for the present instability of the global economy as well. As we recognize more deeply that our global economy cannot (and never could) provide enough for all, the Good News is that if we truly experience one another as sisters and brothers, part of the same sacred body, all will eat and be satisfied.


During this month, the unit superiors of the Society of Mary throughout the world will gather in Rome for the General Leadership Assembly, the meeting held between General Chapters. Let us pray for our brothers as they, along with the General Council, assess the present situation and plan with hope for the future!




Via Latina 22 Online
Via Latina

The following articles are found in the June issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary:

  • Cause for Canonization of Fr. Chaminade: A Cure in St. Louis
  • Perpetual Profession in Congo
  • Mixed Composition Consulatation
  • Solidarity with the Poorest
  • 40th Anniversary of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
  • Marianist Volunteer from San Antonio working in Peru


NOTICE- Due to the International Meeting in Nairobi, there will be no GIFTS AND TASKS in July. Thank you!

Past issues of Gifts and Tasks are now archived online at


Gifts and Tasks is published on the last Friday of each month. We need local and national news, stories, reflections, and photos. Please send submissions and ideas for next month's issue to by the previous Sunday.

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