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May 2009
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S. Marie Joëlle Bec, FMI (Superior General), Fr. Manuel Cortés, SM (Superior General), Br. Domingo Fuentes, SM (MLC Assessor), and Anthony Garascia, MLC (President)

Dear friends,

This month, we have received documents from three branches of the Marianist Family: Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition, and Circulars from the Superior Generals of the Daughters of Mary and the Society of Mary. While these documents reflect the uniqueness and diversity of each branch, our common charism weaves through all three.

S. Marie Joëlle writes,

As heirs of Mother Adele and Father Chaminade, at the last general chapter we confirmed with joy: It is 'the hour' of the Marianist Family, in which the various branches are called to offer the Church our gift from God, Mary and to collaborate in her service. Let us dare to move forward together for the sake of the mission, each with respective vocations, offering our unique contribution as Marianist women religious." Chapter Doc. II 17 ff.

As we read, study, and ponder each of our unique contributions, may we continue to grow in family spirit, affection, and active collaboration!

United in prayer across the many miles,
Isabella Moyer

Regional Responsible
North America, Asia,
Ireland and Australia

Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition
Anthony Garascia


Dear Friends,

The International Team for Marianist Lay Communities is pleased to present the Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition. The Guide is a response to the Challenge of the 4th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities  "to integrate the documents from the past four Convocations into one document that would be the starting point to a guide about lay life."

We have taken certain key passages from our foundational documents that we think can help form Lay Marianists in the Marianist tradition. The four documents can be found at .

The titles of our foundational documents are:

The Identity of Marianst Lay Communities, Santiago, Chile, 1993
The Mission of Marianist Lay Communities, (Lliria, Spain, 1997)
Being in Community (Philadelphia, USA, 2001)
In Alliance With Mary (Bordeaux, France, 2005)

We have organized the Guide in sections and each theme uses citations from all four of our documents. After each section there are discussion questions that can guide individuals and communities who seek to be formed into the Marianist tradition. It is our hope that as the Guide is used, communities and individuals will help shape the future editions of the guide by submitting their own study questions and comments on the guide.

Please take time in reflecting and studying the Guide to Lay Life in the Marianist Tradition and help us share the guide by making it available to all who seek to understand what it means to be a Lay Marianist.

With Mary as our mother and first disciple and believer in her son Jesus.



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New MLC Japan National Responsible


The International Organization of MLC would like to welcome Mr. Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI as the new National Responsible for MLC Japan. In his professional career, Mr. Kawaguchi was a lecturer of German Studies at Gakushuin University, a reseacher at Munich University (by reseach schlorship of  Alexander Humboldt Foundation), and the executive director of Gakushuin School Corporation. He is presently professor emeritus of Gakushuin University

SeikoSakanoWe also wish to extend our gratitude to past National Responsible, Ms. Seiko SAKANO for her commitment and faithful service to the International Organization of MLC and the Marianist Family in Japan.

5th International Meeting of MLC
Nairobi, Kenya - August 1 to 7, 2009


The weeks are flying by quickly, and we continue to experience the power of prayer within our Marianist Family!

  • The organizing team in Kenya is busy working to ensure that every detail of the meeting will be taken care of.
  • Our writing team in Spain is collecting the survey data and preparing the first draft of our document, "Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and in the World."
  • Delegates and participants are sending travel plans. Once these have all been received, we will be able to anticipate our pro-rate amount.
  • Generous donations are being received to provide financial assistance to delegates who have requested it. God is good, indeed!

At this time, we are asking for nominations to the MLC leadership team, and suggestions for Challenges for the next four year term. Forms for Nominations and Challenges, and information on organizational aspects can be found online at our 5th International Meeting site.

Also, be sure to check out the growing list of participants!


5º Encuentro Internacional

de las Comunidades Laicas Marianistas


(Please send participant photos to Email addresses will not be included if requested.)

Online Community Friends Meet in Ireland

by Joanne McCracken

Susan Buckley and Joanne McCracken finally meet and pray in person!
Mellifont Abby, Co. Louth

Ireland is said to be a land  filled with  green fields, fairy hills and  holy places. It surely was all of these things for me, but the  most  delightful gift  of this trip was an opportunity to meet and spend time with the Marianist Community at  St. Columba and visit with Susan Buckley. Susan and I have been "in community" for four years as members of the OLRT online cyber-MLC, but had never met in person. Four days with Susan was like four days with  a cherished friend. Because of our community connection there was none of the usual awkwardness  that  occurs  when two strangers meet. We chatted  easily about kids, school, the Marianist world and life in general. The time went so quickly but ended with a promise  to  make this happen again...soon!


Joanne and Susan at Sallygap Pass, Co. Wicklow
FMI Circular 24


S. Marie Joëlle Bec, FMI  (Superior General) presented Circular 24 on May, 25, the Anniversary of the Foundation of the Daughters of Mary. Sr. Marie Joelle speaks of 'the hour' of the Congregation, and shows how it parallels with 'the hour' that faced our founders. It is to them that we look for both inspiration and practical models.

The Circular is available online at



 SM Circular
In Obedience With Mary


Fr. Manuel José Cortés, SM (Superior General) explores the theology of obedience in his third Circular, presented on April 12, 2009, Feast of the Lord's Resurrection.

The Circular is divided into three sections:

I. Obedience, at the very root of Christian life.

II. Living by and for obedience to the Word of God.

III. Seeking God's Plan together.

To live by and for obedience to the Word of God presupposes, therefore, that one set up one's entire life by active and attentive listening, as a search for and a discernment of God's will. The search, the listening, and the discernment are essential elements for living out obedience.





June Feast Days

George J. Cerniglia, SM (Assistant for Religious Life, US Province) offers this reflection for the month of June:

The month of June this year brings us significant liturgical solemnities. The rich doctrinal Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ challenges us to pause, listen to and contemplate the profound teaching of Jesus about the gift of his own body and blood as food that nourishes us toward holiness.


We also celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an event that felicitously unites this popular devotion with theological depth. It was traditional - and in some countries, still is - to consecrate families to the Sacred Heart, whose image they would keep in their home. The devotion is rooted in the mystery of the incarnation; it is precisely through the heart of Jesus that the love of God for humanity is sublimely manifested.


In addition, we mark the birth of St. John the Baptist, the only saint whose birth is commemorated because it marked the beginning of the fulfillment of the divine promises. His feast reminds us that our life is entirely and always related to Christ and is fulfilled by accepting him. "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30): the Baptist's words are a program for all of us.


At the end of the month, the church solemnly venerates the Apostles Peter and Paul. The feast helps us recall how these two served as models for the understanding of the early Christian mission. It likewise marks the close of The Pauline Year, during which we have highlighted Paul's contribution to the spread of Christianity in the first century of the church.


Via Latina 22 Online
Via Latina

The following articles are found in the May issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary:

  • General Leadership Assembly
  • Mixed Composition Consultation
  • First Vows in India
  • Prayer Request
  • Our Earth Community
  • MLC International Meeting
  • Inauguration of VOCSM


VIM Newsletter
VIM logo
The May 2009 issue of the Marianist International Volunteers program includes stories and photos on

  • New experiences in Peru and Malawi
  • A volunteer on his way to Argentina
  • Kenya and Peru, volunteers renewing their commitment...









Haiti Newsletter

Le P'tit Marianiste d'Haiti, Numéro 5, includes the following articles:

1- Editorial

2- Une tournée nationale sans précédent.

3- 25 ans de vie religieuse Marianiste.

4- La visite de l'Administration Générale en Haïti

5- La 4e assemblée générale

6- Les réactions

Br. Hervé Guillo Du Bodan
celebrating his 25th anniversary!

Support Nairobi 2009



The 5th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities will be held August 1-7, 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.  Approximately 50 delegates from 29 countries will be invited to attend along with guests and observers.

A Scholarship Fund for Delegates has been started for delegates who require aid for travel and/or registration costs.

Please consider making a National, Local, Community, or Individual donation to this fund.



Thanks to the MLNNA (Marianist Lay Network of North America), online donations to the International Organization of MLC may be made through their Network for Good account. In the PROGRAM DESIGNATION box, click "International Organization". In the DEDICATION box, you may specify if you want the donation to go to the general International Organization of MLC fund, or the Scholarship Fund for Delegates. International donations are accepted. All donations are in US Dollars.


Cheques and Money Orders in US Dollars can now be made out to

"International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities"

and mailed to:

Isabella R. Moyer
Box 395

Neepawa, MB
R0J 1H0



Are you a frequent traveller and would like to donate airmiles for delegate travel? Please contact NACMS intern, Ben Dougherty at


Thank you for your generosity, we will keep you up to date concerning the progress of the fund. 



Tony Garascia, MLC
International Organization
of Marianist Lay Communities 


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America,
Ireland, and Australia

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