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February 2009
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40 Days

Dear friends,

In 2005, the SM Provinces of Madrid and Zaragoza began the Lenten campaign: Forty Days with the Last Forty. This campaign, initiated and coordinated by José Eizaguirre, SM, dedicates each day of Lent to one of the forty least developed countries of the world, according to the Index of Human Development (IHD) published annually by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). This year, the campaign is available in Spanish, French and English thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Marianist Family in Spain.

Each day offers a geographical, political and historical background to each country and a personal letter. A scriptural reflection and the opportunity to respond to the letter helps us to integrate faith and action.

My cyber-MLC, Our Lady of the Round Table, has embraced this Lenten project. In the first day, several of us wrote to Yaroub in Iraq and received personal responses. Today, we are united in prayer and spirit with Hadi in Afghanistan. Mary Gorgette describes the experience,

The 40 Days project brings global injustice to a personal level. Afghanistan is not just a desert where US troops fight the Taliban, but the home of Hadi, a 20-year-old boy paralyzed in a road accident when he crossed the border into Iran seeking odd jobs to support his family. The voices of God's children around the world call out for justice. We listen, and discern how to respond.

To the Marianist Family in Spain, muchas gracias! May you be blessed for your efforts to promote awareness, connectedness, and just action within our global, human family.

Here are the links to Forty Days with the Last Forty:



Wishing you a deep and prayerful journey this Lent,

Isabella Moyer

Regional Responsible
North America, Asia,
Ireland and Australia

Ash Wednesday in Australia

by Julie Aherne
MLC National Responsible, Australia

"Then the Lord was stirred to concern for his land and took pity on his people" (Joel 2)

Our lands here are paddocks of Ashes, and still 15 fires are still blazing. Thirty people are still missing, and 208 dead. Friday is going to be another 38 degree day, and still no rain.

Haiti SM Formators

Witnesses say the fires swept through the communities - of Kinglake (left) and Marysville (right) in a matter of minutes - giving residents little time to escape.  FROM

Dear Lord,

Shower our burning land with lots of rain,
have pity on your people, in their time of distress and sorrow,
Be with them and give them your courage and strength.

(Julie lives in Langwarrin, located 48 km SE of Melbourne in the province of Victoria where the Australian bush fires have been raging. She has been safe, but asks that we join her in prayer for all who have lost lives and property, who are suffering in the burn units, and for all who continue to fight the fires.)

Link to ABC News site for photos and updated information on the bushfires in Australia.

5th International Meeting Preparations - Nairobi and Rome

Haiti SM Formators

Lorna Mueni, Regional Responsible for Afrcia, and members of the organizational team for the 5th International Meeting of MLC met on February 15th, in Nairobi. They have been working for many months to ensure that all temporal and hospitality requirements will be in place when the participants arrive on August 1st. Lorna then traveled to Rome on February 17th to meet with the International Team of MLC. (photo taken by Lorna)

Haiti SM Formators

The International Team of MLC met in Rome, Feb.18-22 and continued work on the Nairobi meeting. Working groups were formed to finalize the following: the agenda, official meeting procedures, liturgies and prayers, writing team and document processes, past and future Challenges, translation team and equipment, communications, secretariat, travel information, and finances. (Photo taken by Isabella)

5th International Meeting of MLC - A Gift and A Task!

Haiti SM Formators

Ezequiel Reggiani, Domingo Fuentes, SM, Tony Garascia, Izaskun Arias (Chair of Translating Team), Isabella Moyer, Lorna Mueni, Ana Blázquez Ubach

It's exciting to see all the details of the International Meeting fall into place. We look forward to the warm welcome we will receive in Nairobi, the opportunities to meet and dialogue with delegates from around the world, and the multicultural presentations and prayer times. The anticipated GIFTS bring us much joy.

Yet, the realities of our financial situation present us with huge TASKS. With careful budgeting, our present funds should cover the on-site costs of the meeting. But, many of our delegates will require travel and registration subsidies.

This coming month, we will be actively soliciting funds from our Marianist Lay Communities and members of the Marianist Family around the world. We humbly ask for your generous support. 

On the last day of our meeting in Rome, when the worries seemed overwhelming, the first reading for the day reminded us that "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1)

With conviction we go forth in faith, trusting that God's providential love will guide us and transform all our hopes into reality.

Support Nairobi 2009



The 5th International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities will be held August 1-7, 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.  Approximately 50 delegates from 29 countries will be invited to attend along with guests and observers.

A Scholarship Fund for Delegates has been started for delegates who require aid for travel and/or registration costs.

Please consider making a National, Local, Community, or Individual donation to this fund.

DONATION UPDATE (Feb.26, 2009)

Individual donations: $590.00

Community donations: $1,000



Thanks to the MLNNA (Marianist Lay Network of North America), online donations to the International Organization of MLC may be made through their Network for Good account. In the PROGRAM DESIGNATION box, click "International Organization". In the DEDICATION box, you may specify if you want the donation to go to the general International Organization of MLC fund, or the Scholarship Fund for Delegates. International donations are accepted. All donations are in US Dollars.


Make checks to:  Marianist Lay Network and in the annotation line write "International Meeting Fund" and mail to:

Marianist Center
1341 N. Delaware Avenue, # 406
Philadelphia, PA 19125 USA



Are you a frequent traveller and would like to donate airmiles for delegate travel? Please contact NACMS intern, Ben Dougherty at


Thank you for your generosity, we will keep you up to date concerning the progress of the fund. 



Tony Garascia, MLC
International Organization
of Marianist Lay Communities 


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America,
Ireland, and Australia
125th Anniversary of Marianists in Hawai'i
by Kay Stone, MLC

Marianists from the Society of Mary, the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, and Marianist Lay Communities gathered on Saturday, January 25 to celebrate 125 years of ministry and service to the people of Hawaii. 

Our day began at Diamond Head Memorial Park where many of the members of the Society of Mary are buried.  About 50 of us joined in prayer and also visited all the Marianist graves, leaving an orchid lei and saying a special prayer on each grave. 

Later in the day over 400 gathered for mass with our Bishop, Larry Silva.  During the mass 22 new Lay Marianists made their commitment and then were joined by 36 current Lay Marianists who renewed their commitment for the coming year.  Many of the 22 new Lay Marianists are college students and members of our newest community.By the end of the day it was clear to all, Marianist and their friends, that the Marianist life is active, growing and well in Hawaii! 

A SLIDESHOW of the Anniversary Celebration in Hawai'i
is available at

 Marianist Lay Formation Initiative


Beth Wood, Anna Tusim and Jeannie Pinpin recently participated in the Marianist Lay Formation Initiative.

"Being in MLFI with others from various backgrounds, faith experiences and perceptions, different levels of experience with the Marianists, and those who have no groups yet, to those who are already in one - this helped be more open minded.  Best of all, in seeing where I am now with my community, encouraged me to take a step back and reflect on the beginning which was encouraged by those who are just starting a group; and learning to look ahead which was encouraged by those who have been with their groups for a while. It was equally a blessing and a challenge because it guided me in my community formation journey, but it helped me identify the things I need to step up to, in order to make my community a community.  Just having the various of areas of the Marianist community "spectrum" represented, helped me go back and look ahead to the different opportunities my own community can embrace." - Jeannie Pinpin


For information about the MLFI - contact Pati Krasensky at or call 215-634-4116

And check out the new MLFI web-site.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Archbishop Roussin
The B.C. Catholic, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, has published a moving tribute to Archbishop Emeritus Raymond Roussin, SM. Focusing on his "well established personal concern for the marginalized of all stripes, from the unborn to the homeless" the article describes the social justice focus and work of Archbishop Roussin.

"The legacy of this Marianist priest and bishop is that he truly listened to Mary's words: "Do whatever He tells you."

Friday Magnificat


On the first Friday of the month, members of the Marianist Family unite to pray the Magnifcat in support of justice and peace around the world. Dan Jordan (NACMS) and Sr. Estella Ibarra, FMI (GA, Assistant of Temporalities) are collaborating on the new series focused on Marianist social justice initiatives. The February issue highlighted the FMI REDS program in Ranchi.

This and past issues of the Friday Magnificat can be found on the RESOURCES page at




If you would like to subscribe to the Friday Magnificat, send an email to

Via Latina 22 Online
Via Latina

The February 2009 issue of Via Latina 22 highlights the ordination to the Diaconate of Simon Choi Kwangkyu,SM - Region of Korea, Sudhir Kujur, SM - District of India (Province of USA) and Stephen Wanyoike Mburu, SM - District of Eastern Africa (Province of USA) and other stories.

 Global Financial Crisis

Witnessing an extraordinary financial year 2008

Responding Prudently in 2009

Bro. Ed Violett, SM (GA, Assistant for Temporalities) has written an edition of "Three Offices" exploring the realities and challenges of the present Global Financial Crisis.

Past issues of Gifts and Tasks are now archived online at


Gifts and Tasks is published on the last Friday of each month. We need local and national news, stories, reflections, and photos. Please send submissions and ideas for next month's issue to by the previous Sunday.

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