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December  2008
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If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together
to collect wood

and don't assign them
tasks and work but rather,

teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Community is for us, a gift and a task. Marianists are very good at tasks. Too good! We travel many miles to gather and meet. We connect by emails and conference calls.  We evaluate past goals, and strategize future challenges. We make lists of tasks and parcel them out.

The support of community energizes us, but the burden of too much work and too few hands can overwhelm us.
Blessed Chaminade, Mother Adèle, and Marie Thérèse all had a greater vision that fueled their work, a vision of faith-filled women and men gathering together to build the Church and work for peace and justice in our world.

We are called to continually re-vision the Marianist charism to meet the needs of our present time and place. Our vision becomes an invitation to others to join us in our work.
As 2009 begins, our writing team in Spain continues drafting our 5th international document, "Marianist Lay Communities in the Church and in the World". This document will attempt to articulate our vision, a vision that acknowledges our unique gifts and challenges us with ever new tasks. 

Our 5th International Meeting of MLC in Nairobi in August will be a graced time to continue and affirm this vision conversation around a truly global table of participants.
My hope and prayer as this New Year begins, is that we will all take time to ponder the boundless potential our Marianist charism holds for the world today. And, as we go about our tasks, may we be nourished and inspired by our "longing for the endless immensity of the sea".

May the love of God, the peace of Jesus, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit guide us as we go forward in mission with Mary.


Isabella Moyer

Regional Responsible
North America, Asia,
Ireland and Australia

(Image of Stella Maris from the University of Dayton, Mary Page)
World Council Report


The November 2008 Report of the World Council of the Marianist Family
is now available online at



News from the Philippines


ALIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES is a wonderful newsletter full of stories and photos of the Marianist Family and their many good works in the Philippines. The joy and generosity of heart is infectious!
Alliance for Marianist Lay Formation


Back Row: Bro. Jack Ventura, Bro. Tom Giardino, Bro. Dennis Schmitz, Fr. Bert Buby, Brian Reavey
Front Row: Pati Krasensky, Isabella Moyer, Sr. Mary Louise Foley, Carol Ramey

The Alliance for Marianist Lay Formation (AMLF) held its annual meeting December 5-6 in St. Louis, MO. This was the fourth meeting of AMLF. Members reflected in thankfulness for the valued peer support and the inter-weaving of formation initiatives that has taken place since our first meeting in 2005.

A big thank you to Bro. Jack and the brothers of the Maryland Ave. and Lindall Blvd. communities for providing us with such wonderful hospitality!

Haitian Women Begin Formation

Haiti Flag
Sr. Marie Joelle Bec, FMI, Superior General of the Daughters of Mary writes:

"On December 21, three young women, members of a CLM in Haïti, will leave Port au Prince for Togo (Kara). They will arrive on December 23 in order to begin in a few months their initial formation as Marianist religious. The women are Rose Myrtha, Rose Guerlyne and Guerda. Please pray for them and for our Sisters in Togo who will welcome them!"

Marianist International Volunteers


Dear friends of the MIV,
Here's the last edition of our MIV Newsletter of the year 2008, in which you will find not only stories written by our volunteers in different corners of the world (Argentina, Kenya, Peru) but also the report of the people in charge of our volunteers about the difference they make in their missionary placements.
We hope you enjoy reading it, and please don't hesitate to forward it to all those people you may know who are interested in volunteering with the MIV.
Merry Christmas to you all!
José Luis Pérez
MIV Coordinator
December 2008

VLCFF Winter Courses

Via Latina 22 Online
Via Latina

The December issue of Via Latina 22 includes articles on

  • Perpetual Vows in USA and Togo
  • Superiors Named for Peru and Korea
  • Education Assistants Gather in Rome
  • New Oratory at Via Latina 22... and more.

Support Nairobi 2009



The next International Meeting of Marianist Lay Communities will be held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.  Approximately 50 delegates from 29 countries will be invited to attend. 

Because of rising fuel costs, travel to the meeting will be expensive.  Also, over half of our delegates reside in developing nations .

We are setting up a Scholarship Fund for Delegates to help with travel and meeting costs. Please consider donating to this fund.

Make checks to:  Marianist Lay Network and in the annotation line write "International Meeting Fund" and mail to:

Marianist Center
1341 N. Delaware Avenue, # 406
Philadelphia, PA 19125 USA


Are you a frequent traveller and would like to donate airmiles for delegate travel? Please contact NACMS intern, Ben Dougherty at


Thank you for your generosity, we will keep you up to date concerning the progress of the fund. 



Tony Garascia, MLC
International Organization
of Marianist Lay Communities 


Isabella Moyer, MLC
Regional Responsible
North America,
Ireland, and Australia

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