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Stages of Periodontal Disease - Where do you stand?
Bacteria and How They Communicate
  Freedom From Dental Disease
April 28, 2009 

...welcome to another OraMedia Newsletter.

Dr. Nara and his wife, Ruth, recently brought to my attention some information they had sent to me quite a while back.

This 'stages of periodontal disease' was something I had intended on adding to the site, but didn't.

Well, it is here now.  Please have a look and see if it applies.

In addition, my friend, Rimon, sent me a video on how bacteria communicate.

Who cares?  You should, since this is how they grow, recruit other forms of bacteria and colonize to form plaque and destroy your teeth and gums.

What principles can we cull from this to see how humans act similarly?

On with it...


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Moderate PeriodontitisStages of
Periodontal Disease
Ever wonder where you stood when it came to Gum Disease?

I've put together this chart and short article on the Stages of Gum Disease to help you in assessing your own state of health by visual comparison.

I do not suggest that this action replace the trained eye of the hygienist or dentist, but you may find it a helpful and motivating visual explanation of the progression of this nasty scourge, whether you are new to dental self sufficiency or on the way to recovering toward optimum oral health.

Entire article

What's Bugs Got to Do With It?

For decades we have been taught that sweets were the culprits in tooth decay and gum disease.  Readers of this newsletter know better...

Scientists for over two centuries have known that microscopic organisms play a role in the decay of tooth enamel and gingival tissue  Two of the problems they faced all of this time are:  exactly how do they thrive in the oral cavity and what they are actually doing to create these problems.

What has been discovered is that the acids produced by these organisms, along with the body's attempt to fight these organisms off, is the destructive action.  We know acids are not good for tooth enamel, for example, and many people feel that by simply not eating acidic foods they will escape the process..  However, often these acidic foods are neutralized when they enter the mouth, first of all, and secondly, we are not constantly putting acids into our mouths - such as input from and I.V. - so we can rule that out as a major contributor.

On the other hand, the guilty pathogens are constantly excreting acids and are much less obvious about it... until the decay has progressed to the point that its effects can be seen or experienced.

Dr. Nara wrote, several decades ago, that pathogens cannot harm you unless they are organized.   Since we cannot be so vigilant in keeping them from entering the oral cavity, we can be much more effective in preventing them from colonizing through our efforts and discipline in oral hygiene.

This effort MUST begin early in life.  The hygiene habits must be established and carried out throughout life as a preventive measure.  No amount of dental insurance will prevent it.  No amount of professional intervention will prevent it.  They only repair damage that was done or pay for the repair.  Even your quarterly cleanings DO NOT prevent the disease.  Only you have the power to stop further damage or prevent it in the first place.

Finally, when we talk about probiotics we know that some bacteria is beneficial for the body.  So how can they be good in one area of the body but bad in another??  When harmful bacteria colonize, they can actually enlist beneficial bacteria to join forces and aid in their destruction.  Not all beneficial bacteria will fall for this ruse, in fact, certain specific strains can be introduced which will wipe out the pathogens.  One strain may actually produce hydrogen peroxide, for example, which would be deadly to pathogens thriving in an anaerobic environment.  On the other hand, you couldn't simply swish some yogurt around your mouth thinking that you are introducing the right bugs to counter the bad.  Those good bugs could turn bad, even though they work well in the G.I. tract.  You have to be specific.

The video of Bonnie Bassler, below, will introduce to you the mechanics of communication between bacteria and why this is important to you right now.

-Tom Cornwell

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As many of you may know, this ain't your regular table honey.  Manuka honey is known for its health properties, well beyond those of regular honey.  Manuka Honey comes from the manuka bush, also known as the tea tree.

Since 2004, I have posted several articles about Manuka Honey on the OraMedia site.  If you aren't familiar with Manuka Honey, read more about this marvelous product via the links below.  If you are already familiar with it and want to try our new Honeymark Manuka Honey 16+, then order some right now!  Details and order information

Honey - Natural Treatment for Gum Disease

The Potential of Honey to Promote Oral Wellness

Bonnie Bassler Bonnie Bassler:
Discovering bacteria's amazing communication system

Here is a fascinating and very entertaining video lecture by Bonnie Bassler, molecular biologist, sent to me by my friend and customer, Rimon, who has taken the keenest interest in his oral health...


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