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Don't Listen to Your Doctor(?), New Year's Rant,
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  Freedom From Dental Disease
February 16, 2009 

...welcome to another OraMedia Newsletter.

In December's issue of this newsletter, I told you that we were headed to Greece for the holidays and that I was concerned about the riots in Athens I had been reading about in the world media.

We did go and did stay just north of Athens in the posh suburb of Kafisia but we did venture into Athens regularly during the 15 days we were actually in Greece.

Regarding the riots, we saw none of it nor did we see any affects of any rioting, despite the fact that we were regularly downtown in the areas struck.  I did see one bank boarded up and a lot of graffitti, but then, there was graffitti everywhere, so I can't necessarily attribute that to any rioting.  Anyway, I would have to say that any concerns I had about our safety were unfounded.

There were riots before we arrived on the 24th and some episodes toward the end of our stay but it was nothing like the world media (the merchants of chaos) would have you believe - and have you believe further that Europe, in its entirety, was ready to explode in support of the Greek 'unrest.'

Of course I enjoyed the trip, did all of the tourist-y things you would expect; visited the Acropolis, stood on Mars Hill, walked through the ancient ruins of Aghora...  It was not uncommon to stumble across a dig while walking around Athens.  Unlike the U.S., these excavation sites weren't necessarily roped off to the public unless there was a real safety issue to the public or to that which was being excavated.  Otherwise you simply walked right into it and experienced that part of ancient history face to face.

Greece is like that.  People seem a lot more independent than here in the U.S.  The Greeks tend to do what they want, how they want.  Respect for the law seems lent to one's discretion, which was impressive in a way, when you come from the touted, most free country in the world.  I guess Greece has yet to catch on to the virtues of 'big business' law enforcement and judicial systems yet.

On the other hand, getting anything done through government channels can cost you with the palms which must be greased along the way.  Brings to mind Chicago...

I did meet with Aris Tripodakis, who is probably the the top prosthodontist in Europe, based on my internet searches.  In fact, we spent New Year's Eve with him and his family.  He is my cousin's brother-in-law.  He's an implant specialist.  Not that I have any real interest in implants or restorative work as a whole (we're more about prevention, you know), still it was interesting to discuss his views on his work, infection control and something else which suprised me: Gum tissue augmentation.

Through his work, he has found that under the proper conditions, gum tissue and connective tissue would grow back over the prosthetic, or implanted tooth.  Why did I find that significant?  Because the profession will tell yout that gum tissue and connective tissue cannot, will not grow back.  Dr. Nara always told me that, if gum recession was due to disease, the protential for re-growth (augmentation) was good when proper steps were taken to eliminate the cause of the disease.  The same goes for the connective tissue, lost due to decay from periodontal disease.

You learn a lot when you ask the right questions, then keep your mouth shut and listen.  Frankly, I am grateful he gave me the time he did, since he was busy hosting our elegant ringing in of the New Year.

That graciousness we enjoyed seemed to be everywhere we went.  Seems the Greeks ooze graciousness, almost to a fault.  My cousin, whom I hadn't seen in 30 years, her husband and family (7 kids) gave me a real lesson in hospitality and I am not used to being treated so well for such a period of time. 

You know the old saying, "Guests are like fish. After a few days they begin to stink."  Well, if that's the case, they quietly put up with the odor!

On with it...


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Debbie MandelWhy You Shouldn't Always Listen to Your Doctor
- Debbie Mandel
If you want to manage your stress and generate happy feelings, you cannot give away your power to professionals. Educators, doctors and therapists can reign in your spirit and inhibit your natural ability to come up with creative solutions. For example, the Journal of the American Medical Association cites that doctors are bribed by pharmaceutical salesmen who do not know much science, but are well-versed in marketing strategies. Some of the bribes are hefty and luxurious, like vacations, tickets to shows and dinners, and others are small gestures, free samples and pens. Nevertheless, a doctor overtly or subtly feels obligated to prescribe a particular medicine and you become the guinea pig. Bowing your head to authorities began at school where you learned the text and received a grade to ensure you performed according to standardized testing - one size fits all. However when you reflect on it, the more educated you became, the less creative your thinking, the less likely you could improvise and invent. Why? Because your mind had been confined by limited associations, shaped to conform.

I remember in graduate school many of my classmates suffered from Bright's Disease, or in other words, Straight A Idiocy. They would speak and write in as many syllables as possible to sound intelligent. However, often the communication was incomprehensible and could have simply been summed up in a sentence - if they really understood what they were saying. As for me, I learned what not to do! And perhaps, that is the key when you are stuck and have lost control: To approach a thing from its opposite perspective.

To manage your daily stress and feel reasonably happier you need to broaden your associations and liberate your mind from the blind respect you have given teachers, parents and professionals - people pleasing. Try to cross over to the opposite side and break with your original assumption to see it from another perspective. For example, a typical assumption might be that your doctor is doing the right thing to lower your cholesterol with a statin. Now look at this assumption from the other side. Your doctor is prescribing a statin to generate income because you will have to take blood tests and come in for frequent checkups. He is insuring a future cash flow. However, a healthy meal plan with lean protein, fruits and vegetables, plenty of fiber along with daily exercise does not generate any frequent doctor visits and more income, so statins are prescribed instead of a healthy lifestyle.

Be aware that there are so many miserable, divorced therapists telling you what to do to improve your relationship with your spouse; so many diet books out there to telling you what to eat and when to eat, yet Americans are fatter than ever. Everyone is trying to take charge of your mind and your money! How do you sort it all out?

Start reading life! Learn by listening and observing. Life is filled with inconsistencies and absurdities. These inconsistencies will help you understand the whole picture or at least know that there are other options to pursue.

Be aware of body language as well as what is said and not being said to you. Pay attention and keep asking questions about all the options. Don't feel intimidated by a lab coat or a degree.

Expose yourself to other places, people and cultures. Step out of your narrow context to learn new information and new ways of thinking. At some point you might intersect. For example, Americans are enamored with herbs and meditations from the Far East. The Far East is enamored with our radiation treatments and capitalism. An exchange of ideas can intersect and breed new possibilities like complementary medicine.

Take responsibility for your mind and body. You know how you feel and what you need to heal. Don't let doctors objectify you, decide for you and rush you out the door. Partner your own healing. Read about your symptoms. Let the doctor know what is going on in your life. Emotions can make you sick and tired. Get other medical opinions. Listen and make the decision that feels right to you in your gut. If it isn't working, get another opinion and do more reading; try something else. Most doctors admit that medicine is an art. Become an artist.

Keep in mind that people love to give other people advice because it gives them power and dominance, but these "sages" rarely take their own advice. This can only mean that the advice is suspect, or works in theory, but not in reality. Take back your power. You know what is right for you! Do you really need a nutritionist to tell you not to eat all those French Fries, a bucket of fried chicken and an ice-cream sundae in one meal, or do you know what to do? Do you need a marriage counselor to tell you not to always bring up the past every time you argue with your husband?

Get creative and use your imagination to find a personal, tailor-made solution to your specific problem. The answer might be counterintuitive or surprisingly simple.

Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life
by Debbie Mandel by Jossey-Bass
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Debbie Mandel, MA is the author of Addicted to Stress, Changing Habits: The Caregivers' Total Workout and Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker, a personal trainer and mind/body lecturer. She is the host of the weekly Turn On Your Inner Light Show on WGBB AM1240 in New York City , produces a weekly wellness newsletter, and has been featured on radio/ TV and print media. To learn more visit: www.



I agree with the opinions and advice presented above by Debbie Mandel.  I would also like to add that, contrary to popular belief, not all doctors are only out for the buck.  True, many doctors, simply by virtue of the fact that they hold the 'doctor' title and position, expect things to be a certain way or expect, perhaps, a lifestyle which reflects that position in society.  I'm certain that many have the patient's interest at heart while many are more concerned with the size of the portfolio or the golf score.  It's all relative.

In ANY trade or profession we have the same attributes.

I think the key to this article is your taking responsibility for the type of experience you have when dealing with others, be they medical professionals, chefs, electrical contractors, etc.

For example, if YOU can't effectively communicate your needs and wants, don't be too upset with the other person if they don't give a specific delivery on those needs and wants.

Perhaps Big Pharma is doing a number on the Docs, but I would venture to say they are doing a bigger number on... YOU.  Those of you who spend any time watching television or reading magazines know what I am talking about.  The drug ads are everywhere and you know they work! 

Why?  Because of the demand on the doctors FROM THE PATIENTS for the drugs promoted, based on the indoctrination coming from those cute little print ads and commercials.  ('Lunesta Challenge' my butt!  Can't sleep?  Try calcium and magnesium before bed time.)  Some drug companies are even promoting that their particular drug will treat symptoms which the drug is not intended to treat.  Doctors know that but the public doesn't, so we go to our physicians and make demands based on TV commercials.  It must be very frustrating to the MD or DDS but it must work - as a marketing tool.  Illegal?  Not as long as they can get away with it.  You know how that goes...  get fined a few million for bending the truth?  Its the cost of doing business.

The other culprits worth mentioning is the health insurance industry.  We all want health insurance but remember, in large part, the insurance companies dictate the protocol.  If the doctor doesn't follow the protocol, he doesn't get paid by YOUR insurance company.  So if you are looking for your doctor to provide an alternative treatment which is not covered, plan on paying cash for the office visit, if you can get an alternative treatment at all.  Think about it when it comes to universal, government-run (and in bed with the pharmaceutical companies) health care.  Looks like it is well under way due to the passing of the 'stimulus' bill, which our legislators probably never read.

My final point:  Did you ever notice that we have so many new diseases which weren't around 20, 30 or 50 years ago?  The article on 'disease mongering' below says it all.

Take to heart the principles Debbie describes above.  Work on your life skills.  Learn to communicate more effectively your needs and desires.  Communicating effectively also means listening effectively.  And above all, do your research and learn to discern between facts, opinions and generalities.  Pay close attention to what is being said, but pay attention to what is NOT being said as well.

See also, Dr. Patricia Loofbourrow's 'Talk to Doctors So They Will Listen'
$5.95 from OraMedia.

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Disease MongeringDisease Mongering
Bob Held, RealFoodNutrients.com

Mongering is where someone is trying to promote or sell something or some idea. In France it is against the law to promote drugs or medications on TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers or in any other fashion. Only doctors may recommend medications to their patients.

The reason that France has this law becomes very clear when you read the following taken from the BBC NEWS of 11 April 2006:

"Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned. 'Disease-mongering' promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild problems to boost profits, the Public Library of Science Medicine reported."

"Researchers at Newcastle University in Australia said firms were putting healthy people at risk by medicalising conditions [Definition: making something appear to need medical attention.] such as menopause."

"The researchers criticized attempts to convince the public in the US that 43% of women live with sexual dysfunction [Definition: the ability to have or enjoy sex is no longer functioning correctly.]."

"They also said that risk factors like high cholesterol and osteoporosis were being presented as diseases, and rare conditions such as 'restless leg' and mild problems of 'irritable bowel syndrome' were exaggerated."

"The report said: 'Disease-mongering' is the selling of sickness that widens the boundaries of illness and grows the markets for those who sell and deliver treatments."  

"Disease-mongering occurs primarily through pharmaceutical industry-funded 'disease awareness campaigns' - which are designed to sell drugs, not to illuminate or to inform or educate about the prevention of illness or the maintenance of health."

"Richard Ley, of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, said these activities are centered in the US where the drug industry has much more freedom to promote their products to the public."

As you can see, the old time "snake oil" salesmen have grown up into huge pharmaceutical companies. Today they create "diseases" to convince you that you need to buy their drugs to control these imaginary diseases.

From the Diabetes Hotline Newsletter Issue #15
Newsletter archives
Author Bob Held, RealFoodNutrients.com

Many thanks to Bob for permission to print and his patience with me...

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New Year's Rant
Tom Cornwell

I actually started this newsletter several weeks ago and it was slotted to go out at the end of January.  Several things put it on the back burner and sometimes that's a good thing, I suppose.  I bring that up simply because this is late going out and I apologize.  I always seem to have a lot on my mind and often the newsletter will get stalled because I want to include this or that news or point of view and I want to dig more into the subjects or opinions that come up.  I have a tendency to want to react, but I have found it is always better to kick back, take my time, verify things, etc.  The Rant...

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Granny Warriors
The Granny Warriors

I am guessing that hundreds of thousands of people passed the 'Warrior Wagon' RV in the past couple of years as the Granny Warriors were out campaigning for 'Dr. No' throughout the United States.

Linda Hunnicut parked this beast in my driveway in June of 2007 while down this way for a straw poll near Myrtle Beach.  Linda is quite a character but she's no fool!  She came up with a cook book full of recipes and wisdom from years long past.  When I got a copy and started reading, I couldn't put it down.  Get a piece of history by ordering "The Granny's 'Home Cookin' - 'Helpful Hints for Everyday Living in a Brave New World - From Two Old Birds (140 years of living experience)"   Only and appropriately $17.76.

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Hundreds Protest Global Warming

Freedom Force International

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