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OCTOBER MONTHLY For Friends and Members of WWRL
Issue #44 - 2009
13 Grandmothers

The Grandmothers Are Coming!

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
have come together in unity to light the way for us
and for the next seven generations.
Come see and hear them in the premiere Puget Sound showing
of their feature length film:

  For The Next 7 Generations   
Saturday, October 31 from 3:30-9:30PM
at Harbor Well Being, 7195 Wagner Way, Ste 105
Gig Harbor, WA

Our own Elder, Sarah L. Blum will share her experiences with these amazing Grandmothers, their ceremonies and prayer plus show the film
so you can have your own experience
of each of the Grandmothers.

to share this Samhain event which begins with
meeting the Grandmother's through Sarah and the film
and continues with a potluck about 6PM and then
a drum circle to follow and time to consider the name
for our Woman's Way Red Lodge Mother Drum.

    WWRL members, elders, and youth $12 for half-event
$17 for full event*
General admission $15/$20*
*$5 of full event admission fee will be donated to the 13 Grandmothers
Click here to buy tickets now

christinestevens.jpg Beat for Peace - Spirit Drumming with Christine Stevens
Thursday, Nov. 5, 7-9:30 PM
Kenyon Hall, 7904 35th Ave SW, Seattle
$15 WWRL members, elders and youth
$18 general admission
Buy tickets at (info coming)

Christine Stevens is dreaming in a special evening for Red Lodge when she presents Beat for Peace on Thursday, November 5, 7-9:30 PM at Kenyon Hall in West Seattle.

Christine has traveled all over the world to introduce drum circles. In this evening grounded in spiritual drumming, she will share stories of her work with women around the world, most recently in Iraq. An informal reunion for old friends, a FUNraiser for new friends, this is our chance to witness our sister in her gift and work.  Join the fun and travel deep when we gather for drumming, singing, and an opportunity to experience the spirit of the drum led by a woman of great energy, broad experience and deep commitment to the power of the drum.

"Christine transports one to that rare and special place where words, rhythm, inspiration and, indeed, magic happen," says Richard Greene, host of CLOUT! She is a modern day troubadour, taking her drums all over the world to ignite people to the compassion and well-being possible through the shared language of musical expression. She has drummed with Fortune 500 companies, students at Ground Zero, survivors of Katrina in New Orleans, and women in Iraq. An internationally-acclaimed author, music therapist and inspired speaker, she is the founder of UpBeat Drums, offering programs for corporate teambuilding, diversity training and personal growth seminars. As Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs at Remo Drum Company, Christine has led music and wellness seminars in England, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

A long-time member of the Red Lodge/Long Dance community, we are thrilled to offer this chance to experience Christine's work together. Women and men, elders and youth, WELCOME!  Contact programs@wwrl.org for more information. Click here to buy tickets.

In This Issue
The Grandmothers Are Coming
Beat for Peace - Christine Stevens
Enter Autumn! West Gathering
Exploring with Clay
Blessing for New Drumkeeper
Welcome Goodenough Community
Letting Go
Enter Autumn!
enter autumn
West Medicine Wheel Gathering
10 AM - 10PM


Red Lodge Crones are calling us into the West at this
Autumn Fest!
Join us for:
Opening Ceremony
Potluck Lunch
Crafts Booths
 Choice of Workshops:
Drum with Simone LaDrumma
Sing with Kimber Godsey
Become a Juicy Crone (a workshop for perimenopausal women) with Red Lodge elders

Dinner catered by
Tere & Emily

$40/day, with dinner
$30 for the day only

Click here to register

Preparing Sweatlodge for Winter
sky through the lodge

Please join our sweat lodge work party
Sunday, October 11
Burton Hill on Vashon
9:30 AM to 3 PM.

 Bring gloves, hand tools (clippers, loppers, bow saw, hatchet etc.) and your own lunch. We'll do basic clean-up, split kindling, deal with wood and ready the lodge for winter. Dress for the weather. Click here for ferry info 
For for driving directions contact sweatlodge@wwrl.org
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play in the mudCome Play in the Mud With Me
by Jade Weinbrecht
Ten feet in the clouds, I walked away from my first clay class almost thirty years ago with a bag of clay and a fist full of tools, knowing that someday I would have my own clay studio.   Mustard Seed Pottery was planted in my mind and heart.

"The compositional spirit of clay is play", says author/potter Robert Pipenburg. Although play has always been part of my life, it was not the playful part of clay that captured my heart. Manipulating the soft clay was so peaceful, and as my fingers smoothed the surface of a ball of clay, I almost felt a part of it. No product was completed that day, but the process, this feeling of harmony, had my complete attention.

Now, I am more aware of Mother Earth and my oneness with her. As I throw bowls to hold food, I thank her for sharing herself and freeing a creative spirit.  Now, gratitude for the healing process and the knowledge that we are one both energizes and calms me. Sharing this joy with others has become a major purpose in my life.

Come, play in the mud with me. Get to know Mother Earth up close and personal.  It may change your life!           

Exploring With Clay
A Workshop with Jade Weinbrecht
Two Saturdays, November 14 and 21st  10:00-1:00
Plus a date in December (TBD), 1-2 hr.   Kiln opening, reflection and closure
Enumclaw WA
Fee:  $45
Maximum class:  8 participants
fun glazing
Join us in honoring Mother Earth as we explore and play with clay techniques for pinch, coil and slab pieces.  With creative consciousness, we will also create a collaborative gratitude bowl to be used at Red Lodge gatherings. With intent, we will celebrate the WWRL principles of collaboration, gratitude and generosity, willingness to play and  laugh at ourselves, as well as discovering how other principles  are being shared during our time together.

For  registration and further information, click here to contact Jade at exploringclay@wwrl.org

                  new drumkeeper Mary (center)
Blessings for our New Drumkeeper

After the Red Lodge Mother Drum called itself into being, a group of four women known as Keepers in Training (KIT) was vested with her care. Now KIT would like to share that a primary drum keeper has arisen.  With our blessings, we acknowledge the call for a keeper for the drum and offer our blessings to Mary Shackelford to step into this role. For the foreseeable future, the Red Lodge drum will live on Vashon Island with Mary Shackelford and Jim Burke and all the beings of their Burton Hill home.

In our hearts, we are all Keepers of the Red Lodge Mother Drum. In practice, an individual is needed to tend, feed and listen to her and to be available as much as possible to follow her call to share the heartbeat of peace, healing, and Mother Earth - the heartbeat that reminds us who we really are when we re-member our original instructions. The reality is that Mary has been living closely with the drum over the last year and has made a practice of listening for the drum's call to share her medicine. Now is the time to call Mary out and acknowledge her relationship with this drum.
With this transition, Mary and KIT envision the evolution of KIT into a Drum Lodge to offer support, guidance and commitment in the work of deepening relationship, caring for the drum and responding to her desire to share her powerful drum medicine. The members of KIT -- Paula Rathbun, Lori Kramer, Morrighan, and Leslie Chertok will form the embryo of this Drum Lodge for now, and more information about joining Drum Lodge will evolve.

Meanwhile, the drum is calling for her name, and there is momentum building to listen up! She will be at our Entering Autumn! Festival at Sacred Groves, Bainbridge Island, Oct. 3 and again at our Samhain Celebration in Gig Harbor on Oct. 31. At both times, everyone is invited to join in a collective listening to hear the name of our drum. Should a name arise, there will be a Drum Naming Ceremony. Be alert for details.

Honor, respect and deep gratitude to Paula, Lori, Morrighan, and Leslie for holding our Red Lodge drum since her birth. If you would like to request the drum's presence at an event, please contact Mary Shackelford (motherdrum@wwrl.org) directly.
                                                                                       -  Leslie A. Chertok and KIT

circle of alliancesWelcome Goodenough Community to Circle of Alliances
We are happy to acknowledge and honor the Goodenough Community's support and assistance with all the extras offered to Red Lodge through our use of Sahale, their beautiful retreat center. It is with pleasure and gratitude that we welcome Goodenough as our very first members of the Circle of Alliances - WWRL's membership circle for like-minded businesses/organizations.

We appreciate the energy exchange and support, and we hope that members of the Goodenough Community will be inspired to participate in many Red Lodge events. Check out their events too! http://www.aboutcommunity.org/

letting go Letting Go

I'm not ready to let go of summer, but the angle of the sun is already lower in the sky. On our morning walk, I comment to my husband that it's almost blinding. I feel the crispness in the air that tells me the season is changing.
Soon it will be that time of year to go inside; physically, psychologically and emotionally. I want to hang on to those dog days of summer as long as I can. I want to sit on my deck basking in the sun and the warm summer breezes. I just want to be outdoors and to be in my garden.

Before I have time to think about it, I notice I'm enjoying the shorter days. I'm sitting at my hearth staring into the fire, reading, spending more time writing and contemplating. During the shorter days I go into my sanctuary. I turn off the computer and I don't talk on the phone. I transition from my doing nature to my inner nature. But then the sun rises earlier, and I'm not ready to let go of winter.

Aside from my resistance to letting go, I can appreciate the transition into autumn and spring which brings my awareness back to this beautiful time of the balance in nature.

           - Pam Tillson
Upcoming Events

a cherry on topAppreciative Inquiry Workshop

with Bridgid Normand of the Parent Coaching Institute
10 AM  - 5 PM
Potluck Lunch
Place to be arranged convenient to majority of participants
Suggested donation: $10-$25

Is appreciation like a cherry on top?  Or is it truly an essential ingredient for building mutually supportive relationships?  Come explore and discover with us!

Dive into your own appreciative core and discover how to use it as a potent source of change in the world at a one day workshop with Brigid Normand sponsored by the WWRL Conflict Evolution Council (CEC). Appreciative Inquiry is a process that brings people together to learn and transform themselves, their relationships,their organizations and their communities through personal stories of accomplishment and aspiration.

Our trained presenter, Bridgid Normand describes Appreciative Inquiry as "a tool for deep
positive change and a method for articulating and reaching dreams!" She will introduce us to Appreciative Inquiry's 4-step process and walk us through a personal exploration of Generative Questions that elicit conversations of:
  • Novelty & Surprise
  • Reality Reframed
  • Building Relationships
  • Heart & Spirit Engaged
Conflict Evolution Council member Kim says, "This workshop will be a wonderful dose of opportunity for those considering joining CEC. The times we gather to learn together are sweet in many ways.  As we approach this workshop I'm stirred to encourage you to dip into the mix.. taste what's here for you."

To register, contact Christiann Howard at cec@wwrl.org
Please register by October 11.

South Sound Women's Drum Circle

otter woman2nd Fridays, 7 PM
Cedar Center, 906 Webb St. SE, Lacey, WA.
$5 suggested for facility rental + Hearth Fund donation encouraged
Open to all women
Contact Barbara at southsounddrum@wwrl.org

Join an intimate circle of women to drum, sing, and share ceremony, prayer, and wisdom teachings in an informal, friendly monthly gathering. Experience the healing power of working with a women's Mother Drum, hoop drums, rattles, and more and have fun connecting with other women through drumming. Bring your own drums and rattles if you have them. No experience necessary.

Visit our Online Calendar to browse or submit more Events of Interest

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1 Lodge Sister from Renton, WA

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