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July 2010
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Dr. Rita Hancock

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On the Radio

Dr. Hancock will be appearing on Klove/Air 1's "Closer Look" with reporter Jennifer James on Sunday, July 25th, 2010, 5pm Pacific Time (6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm Eastern).

The title of that show is going to be "Food, Faith, and Fitness."

Pies and July 4th Picnics

Are you looking forward to the classic American treat, apple pie, at your Fourth of July picnic? If so, remember what Pastor Creflo Dollar recently said on his Changing Your World broadcast. He said, "I don't want my life being led and directed by a pie. And, if you don't think food can do that to you, remember this whole thing started over a piece of fruit."

  On Independence Day, 2010, celebrate your freedom from bondage to food by eating modestly, and only when hungry enough to eat an actual apple that's NOT wrapped in sugar and pie crust. Remember, Jesus is Lord. Fourth of July picnic food is NOT Lord over you!

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Book reviews aren't truly objective unless they're written by the intended target reader (that's you!). So, if you have benefited from my writing, please consider sharing your joy with others by posting your own review of The Eden Diet on
Just follow the link below, click on the "Create a Review" button, which is halfway down the page and to the right, and then don't forget to sign in on your account. Otherwise, your review won't be accepted.
Here is the link in case you want to submit your own review of The Eden Diet:
May God bless you with weight loss and excellent health!
~Dr. Rita


As a thank you for your FIVE STAR review, Dr. Hancock will send you a...

Free Godly Affirmations Audio CD!

 If you have benefited from my writing and are willing to share your success by posting an encouraging review on, you will receive one, free Godly Affirmations For Weight Loss Audio CD as a thank you gift. Just contact me AFTER your positive and encouraging review appears on (via the email address rita dot hancock at and let me know which CD you would like and to what address I should send it.
What is the cost of encouragement? It's priceless.
(Quantities are limited to the first 20 reviewers, so act now!)


rita hancock mp4Now Available on

Dr. Rita's audio MP3 files are now available
for upload from!

  • A Battle With the Flesh
  • A Picnic At The Lake
  • A Walk On The Beach
  • A Walk In The Forest

Click HERE to download NOW!


~The Eden Diet in the Media~

  • June 7 - WGRC radio, Pennsylvania - 11am ET
  • June 7 - ABQ Connect Radio Show - Peter Benson - Albuquerque: 2 pm CT
  • June 15 - Spirit 105.3 Seattle (Scott and Sam Morning Show) - 11:30 am CST
  • June 16 - WBGL Morning Radio Show - Champaign, IL - 9 am CT
  • June 22 - Debbie Chavez Radio Show - 11:10 am CT
  • Sunday June 27 and Monday June 28 - Daily Oklahoman - Two-part interview, online reporter Sonya Colberg
  • June 28 - Interview with Dr. Veronica Anderson, on her show, "Wellness For The Real World"
  • July 6 - WBGL, Albuquerque, interview with Peter Benson
  • July 25 - Klove/Air 1's "Closer Look" with reporter Jennifer James
  • July 2010 - Dr. Veronica Anderson's radio show "Wellness For The Real World"
  • August 2010 - WATC TV 57 - Atlanta, "Friends and Neighbors"
  • Summer 2010 - Family Life Radio - Reporter Amy Phillips


 In Upcoming Eden Diet Newsletters:

  • Video link to Dr. Rita's latest TV appearance on The Harvest Show.

Other News:
  • Dr. Rita was a featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Christian Medical And Dental Association in Asheville, NC!
  • Check out Dr. Rita's new video on Yahoo video!
  • The Eden Diet gets rave reviews: SEE REVIEWS

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Rita M. Hancock, M.D.